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Unpopular opinion....

But why do anti vaxxer protesters or climate change protesters etc, live in a fantasy world & think they can change people's minds or save the world?

Society's division

I blame university students and recent graduates for all of the flame wars springing up in society now. It wasn't perfect, but society was not on an existential collision course towards civil war or economic break-up until these nut jobs used their social media influence to complain, whine, and cancel everyone they could. What losers. I hope they get their juste dessert.

Not understanding how to post-Covid it

I feel wrecked. I lost all of my passion and work sucked me back into the office commute exhausting grind. I have had multiple job offers and haven’t been able to accept them. I’m just ground down. I have no idea how to get my energy, motivation, and old positive outlook back! All I know is that my job and the people there are crushing me. I need to escape.


There are so many life lessons you can learn from listening to older music. I listen and learn. Bands have taught me things I know today. Those things I have been taught are still relevant today. THANK YOU ROCK AND ROLL!

I've made women laugh uncontrollably, and not at me.

I've sometimes told a joke, or played a tiny practical joke and I've made women laugh uncontrollably. Real laughter that went on and on until I was uneasy and concerned. These were pretty innocent jokes, like saying that the image of a chubby-cheeked child on TV resembled a young adult we knew; and, cutting out a rag and stapling a small orange bikini on a little stuffed brown bear that we had previously disagreed about its gender. And one or two other times. Three different women. No previous uncontrolled laughter. And all three women definitely thought the jokes were funny. At first I thought, this is great, they get my joke. But then, it was scary.


I confess that I'm mystified by all the loudmouth chatterbox idiots who, in spite of the scores of public places in this city that DON'T have live music which they could visit, insist on coming out to the all-too-few remaining ones in these pandemic times that still DO, and then proceed to yak away incessantly over the music, because I guess the people who paid to come out to hear some, you know, music, would totally prefer to hear stories from some stranger at the next table about how their neighbour is having an affair with the pool cleaner. Not to mention that it's also completely disrespectful to the performing musicians.

I want to

meet new people and they are trying but my defence mechanism that has helped me in the past are now not letting new people in. What does that mean ? How do I get past this ? Help !

Give your head a shake

When drivers or cyclists make remarks such as "if only those damn pedestrians would.........." I just laugh. We're ALL pedestrians ya buncha numpties. Whadidya fly to your bike?...or swim to and from your car?

I am not denying it anymore: I am autistic

No one would notice, I guess I've done what they call "masking". You know, something awful happens to your friend, and you feel it too, so you're just as distressed and express sympathy the same way. I've felt sorry for my friends, but as a child I learned not having an emotional reaction is inappropriate, so I've learned to physically show that I sympathize. I've learned to get excited when they are excited, and so on, so forth. I'm a bit deadpan but my sense of humour lies in dark themes and witty takes moreso than awkward or minstrel-like, and I think that's helped me appear as a normal person. I have epilepsy. I had a lot of anxiety growing up, and as I get older I experience panic attacks more often (but still rare). I was gifted. My father always suspected that I was little bit autistic. I was "rude" forever, even though I always meant the best, and I learned early on how language adopts connotations over literal meanings, and while I stumbled enough in high school, I mostly had that "dense" and "insensitive" talk obliterated by the time I was out. I was blunt and spoke "robotically" until it was pointed out so often that I was "too mellow" in high school, I learned I need to talk differently. So sometimes I can sound chipper! And I think that is instinctively me now, but it took conscious effort to get there. So I mostly sound like Aubrey Plaza, who does not sound wholly like a robot. I'm having a hard time with dating, but since I've admitted this to myself, I've found some solace. My autism has been mild enough that it never curbed me. I've been watching Love on the Spectrum and that show has been so wholesome. Maybe I'll meet someone who understands someday.


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