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Isolation... How does this work?

Looking down from my Burnaby apartment (cel) and seeing construction workers eating lunch together/gathering at the bus stop every day this week. How does this all work if we are not all contributing? What is the urgency in finishing these high rises as no one is going to be able to afford them?

Look, Amazon

I appreciate the deadline and the risk but if you buzz everyone in the building to come to the lobby at the same time, you are NOT helping social distancing. Bring it to 2 metres from the door, thanks.

Less pollution... wonder... less CO2?

If half of humanity is staying home, and it is sort of working, I wonder if we have a viable option that we can explore to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and CO2. We still need to find jobs for a lot of people... but I wonder if our global footprint is far less this way, or if it still results in the same. I think driving less certainly helps.


I know this man who refuses to change the toilet paper roll and he’s the one that uses it most


Oh help. Damn no one cares. Virus or not. True colours True colour shine thru Tic toc Tic toc

Holy shiaaaaat!

A new economy is emerging, as we are seeing that there are millions of better ways of doing stuff. Yeah, we don't have to physically be at work for starters. Fuck the man!

So glad I moved out

I was stuck in a house with alcoholics and only had a small room. TV would be cranked until 3am, etc. SO GLAD THAT I MOVED OUT BEFORE THIS CORONA SHIT WENT DOWN!

Vancouver Businesses

Any ideas for creating a place for which to promote businesses who are being great during this pandemic- when this ends we will be able to use our dollars to help keep them in business .. Also- I've heard some pretty shitty stories of businesses and think there should be somewhere to let people know so they can also think twice about who they choose to support .... Any thoughts/suggestions?


Howe am I supposed to get my hair cut.............i don't do long hair.


I've lost myself in the rat race these last few years and now, being forced to be my own and only company, am starting to remember who I really am.


Hey, my eyes are down

I’ve seen you, and I feel you’ve seen me.. ...

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