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Fucken roommates

They're using Evo regularly just to use short grocery trips a few blocks away! Fuck... I washed my clothes and had a shower after using Modo once... and I hope I don't have to use it again until this is all over. Self-isolating with roommates is impossible without making things unpleasant it seems.

All my wishes came true!

For years, I scoured headlines hoping to one day see news of a global calamity that would upend daily life as we know it. Last month I got my wish! Since Covid-19 and the idea of social distancing has taken hold, my depression and anxiety have eased considerably, and I feel better, mentally and emotionally than I have in a decade. I like the empty, (mostly) quiet streets, being able to hear birds instead of traffic, and having people at more than arms length. I know this’ll sound awful to a lot of people, but the pandemic is alright by me!

Ugh so mad 3am

It is 3am. I am almost wide awake. New roommates moved in... just a stressful change. Getting new roommate next month too. Roommate is travelling so I have to deal with sublets... They're destroying the social distancing so it will affect my ability to visit my parents. I want to move out. Worse part is, I suspect I will get evicted once the roommate comes back because it must quarantine itself. What a shitty hand. I also hate my job and want to leave it but I am glad I have a job for now too... ugh.

It's Not A Myth

Wow. People *really* aren't respecting the physical distancing thing. They're even making fun of it. Tonight I braved my local cold beer and wine store for the first time in a while. They were only letting one person in at a time -- no browsing. I was so glad to see that. But while I was lined up outside, the young couple behind me kept creeping closer. They were only about two feet behind me at one point. And I could hear them laughing and talking about me and all the others who were, as they put it, "paranoid." Then there were all the jerks who brushed past us within inches on the sidewalk. Guys, the streets are empty -- walk around and keep your distance. Honestly, it's far more stressful going out to grocery shop or buy the odd bottle of wine on a Friday night than it is to stay isolated indoors. The idiocy and unkindness that I experience in public these days makes me feel hopeless.

Eyes Wide Shut

This Covid-19 pandemic feels like a bad dream because we live in Vancouver, the lower mainland, Lotus land, Hollywood North so bad things never happen here. I'm hoping eventually I'll just wake up, have breakfast, and go to work just like any other typical weekday here. But the bad dream is a long one so I realize I better get used to it just in case it's real.

I pray

Some of my friends are genuinely scared. They suffer a fear of a future full of uncertainty and no way out. I feel helpless. They're so wonderful and I can't do anything to help them. I can't handle it any more than they can, but I'm not a stranger to this so I'm over the fear part. For them, this is foreign and quite scary. There are no plan Bs in sight. And they are too good of people to go through any of this. Being poor...being poor. How I wish to be so utterly rich. Like, obscenely so. It really is the answer. Of course for my comfort...and now even more to be there for the same people who have been there for me when I fell into misfortune. I look to the sky, searching. Servants of the creator, I ask for the most benevolent outcome to make me immediately very rich now. I have a lot of love to reward. Please and thank you.


Buttermilk fried chicken, followed by matcha ice cream atop blackberry pie, a few kiwis, some Gruyère, all washed down with a cold jug of watermelon wine or half-priced opalescent apple juice.

Friend or foe?

With this 6 ft rule, it feels like everyone I approach at a distance could be a possible enemy. What a strange vibe when you have to go out .

Fearing the worst

I feel like the US situation with COVID-19 is going to be desperate and violent. You have people there unemployed with no safety net, no healthcare coverage and access to guns. Even in the best of times, I don’t know how Americans can endure their country. What will happen when masses go hungry with no social services? It’s a powder keg situation and it’s going to be dreadful. I used to drive to the USA regularly for road trips but I don’t see myself driving down there for the next 2 years.

Only Child

Used to isolation since birth. This is nothing new.


Hey, my eyes are down

I’ve seen you, and I feel you’ve seen me.. ...

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