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Maybe it's because of YouTube

But I watch these videos & yes I've been on a train only once in my 60 years (the Royal Hudson in the early 1980's in guessing) on trainhopping (yes I understand it's dangerous & illegal) & wish I had the guts to do it, to be free & do what I want but at 60 it won't happen, at least I can dream & watch the videos

My heart skiped a beat

An old school friend posted a class photo from 1968 and I immediately spotted a picture of a girl I went out with when I was 15. She was 14. If you can call walking around holding hands and finding hidey-holes to hug and kiss "going out." Tiny village, nothing else to do. But she lived in the next village over from where I lived on northern Vancouver Island and I already had a Saturday job doing minor editing and layout at the local newspaper so it was difficult to find time to hitchhike over and see her. Anyway, one Monday morning I was informed by another teenager that "So-and-so is beating your time." Apparently she was hangin gout and doing goodness-knows-what with this other guy. My heart sunk and I was shocked and saddened by this turn of events. First girl to break my heart. I liked her. So when I suddenly saw her photo 50 years later my heart jumped in my chest. I had never seen a photo of her before and I recognized her immediately.

Commercial Drive <3

The whole love of commercial drive is wandering on sunny days, wandering into the road way when the sidewalks are so crowded and checking to see if a bike is coming, a slow moving car. looking in a window of a shop that has some impulse purchase that I didn't need but now own. finding the restaurant I was dead set on completely full and it being okay because we can just keep walking and find another new wonderful sunny day hackey sacking brittania library napping type experience.... I don't know the future. Nobody does. I do know that my every loving moment and memory of Vancouver is sunny days, full streets and close proximity turning into busy nights, energetic thumping of music coming from night-clubs, late night kisses on the sea wall before watching the sunrise and doing it all again the next day.

Being my own barber

The one good thing that came out of covid was buying myself an electric buzzer. I now know how to buzz my head and trim my beard. It made me realize what a great life skill it is to have, especially since the barbershops have closed. Don’t see myself ever walking into a barbershop again. I’m pretty happy with the results and saving money on haircuts and shaving cream.


I know it’s stupid but I miss the astrology column here. I have no idea if I believe in it but I was somehow reassured every week to read it and now for months it shows the horoscope for mid-March aka when lockdown started. It looks so gloomy to see that date as the last one, like looking back in time at a world we don’t know anymore.

Lotsa' Work, Pal

I have a lot to work on, and I recognize that. I have a mental illness. I was diagnosed with it very late in life. But I'm not a bad person. I didn't choose to be this way. I have a lot to offer. Some people have more 'acceptable' challenges that are easier to understand. I won't name those more acceptable challenges, because that wouldn't be fair. But to the people who gave up on me: you got rid of the hard parts about me. But you've also missed out on the rest of me — and there is A LOT to the rest of me. I don't blame anyone for leaving me behind. But I do hope for a future where people are more educated and open-minded about the rainbow of challenges that humans face. It's not always pretty, but we're still individuals with stories and hopes and love. We need you to believe in us.

I am unattractive.

I am a male 44 and pretty unattractive. I have a beer belly, I am starting to bald, and I have odd toes. I will probably never get a girlfriend or a wife. I don't really want one either. I definitely don't want kids. I guess my looks are a way to never settle down. I don't want to either. Before the pandemic I was having sex with escorts every weekend. I love women and a variety of women is even more appealing. I have a big sex drive so if I can't attract women I will pay for it. It's a win win scenario. So I guess my lack of good looks created this odd lifestyle for me. I can only talk to one friend (who also does this) because everyone else frowns upon it. Which is also odd. Oh well that is my confession.

Minimal Zooming

If there are zero good looking people in the optional Zoom Meeting, I will not join. If the optional Zoom Meeting is loaded with brown-nosers jockeying for position and low on intellect, creativity and wit, I definitely won’t be joining.

K'mpec Said

"The Klingon who kills without showing his face has no honour." I feel similarly about humans that post photos of just the back of themselves on their dating profiles.

My boyfriend says he doesn't love me

After dating my boyfriend for 9 months, I finally had the courage to ask him if he loves me and he said no. I was obviously shocked and upset when he said that but when I asked if he's ever been in love before? He said no. He's dated so many girls before and not even once has he ever felt love for any of them. I don't know whether I should stay in this relationship just because he doesn't love me. He told me that he really likes me and I have a special place in his heart. But i still don't get why he's too afraid to fall in love with me.


Accidentally Unmatched :(

We've been chatting on Tinder for a few weeks You: a tall funny redhead from East Van (Nico...


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