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I just want to apologize

To all the people who come here and post confessions about difficult, painful, sensitive subjects like depression or loneliness. Some comments are kind and helpful. Other comments are deliberately hurtful, cruel trolling. Sad how some people feel so low about themselves they need to add to some stranger's pain. These trolls must be truly miserable. Strange how this site fails to screen out the troll comments. This should be a safe corner of the internet for subjects too painful to discuss in real life. To the ops I'm sorry for your pain and I hope you're able to work through it.

What ?

Your know if there was no more homelessness and people in need these useless organizations would become obsolete ! Think about that. Just like if they found an actual cure for cancer they would not make billions of dollars each year on pills and treatments that are only Band-Aids to making more money off of sick people !

I like you

I like to write modern poetry and sci-fi. I am not very good. One day about five years ago I decided to try a murder mystery. I had the outline, the basic idea for the three acts, but needed a perfect murder. I was stumped for a year. Then I came up with a murder, so simple, so clean, so easy and so totally unsolvable that I will never, ever write it down. It's because I like people. It would start a tsunami of murders, I kid you not.

Love having boundaries

I’ve been at a new office for a few weeks only. I’m not here to 1) talk about my weight 2) discuss my age 3) give colleagues reassurance that they don’t need Botox 4) discuss where I shop 5) hear about your mood swings I’m here to get paid to do what my boss tells me to do, full stop. I’m here to make money only. Don’t get the point of the workplace confused.


The three grocery CEO’s brought before the government for questioning about the massive profits they have made did not convince me of their innocence. Not one bit. They claim that they’re not profiting from food, but from the other goods in the store. But even if that was true (which I don’t think it is), they’re still making huge profits from everything else consumers need! If they were in any way decent human beings, they’d reduce the prices of the other goods to balance out the costs of the food items. They’re scumbags making ridiculous amounts of money off of the backs of the people who depend upon their stores for their basic goods. They have lost any credibility whatsoever.

Typical BC government policy

Walk back on your words after implementing your Covid policies then change your minds without realizing how much damage you’ve done to your reputation. It’s all right cause you offer free counselling to employees struggling in the workplace and constantly remind staff that bullying won’t be tolerated yet the Employer is the cause of all this toxic bs. Best place on earth where ideas don’t work…

Work on that s***!

Have you ever noticed how people’s weird behaviour gets progressively weirder the older they get? I recently ran into a friend I haven’t seen in a few years and we decided to get together for lunch. She always had some weird and annoying idiosyncrasies, and that was one of the reasons why we stopped hanging out in the past. During our get together it became clear that not only had she not done any work on her behaviour, it was worse than ever. Like obsessing over minor stuff that most of us just shrug off, being really controlling about where we parked, etc. Just generally annoying habits that are really off-putting. So we probably won’t be getting together again much and that’s sad because there’s a lot of good things about her that I like. But all I remember from before is that her behaviour was just so irritating that it overshadowed the good things and made me not want to be around her anymore. So people, work on that s*** while you’re young! Don’t let your obsessions become so annoying (like people who announce their diet preferences to the world and talk about them incessantly for example) that no one wants to hang out with you when you’re older.

A blessing

Thanks for walking out after I disclosed my clinical depression diagnosis. I hid it well for years until I just couldn't any more. You behave as though it's a contagious plague. I think you did me the favour of showing your true colours.

Death by snow/rain/sun

I admit reading the news of people getting killed by weather events is shocking. You can live a full life and then without warning, have it all end if it snows too much (California), rain too much (New Zealand, Bangladesh) or heats up too much (Vancouver heat dome). Death by weather on obituaries. Lately the seasons give me pause rather than joy. Will I avoid the early debilitating pollen this spring? Will we have another 100 day drought or be covered in wildfire smoke in the summer? Flooding in the Fraser Valley in the fall? I feel uncertain about what come may.


It hurts a little less if I delete our text conversations. It would be less painful to have zero friends than the few I do have.


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