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An important lesson

Don't butt into something between 2 people that has nothing to do with you, especially if one of those people is extremely obsessive and revengeful. Actually there are several people who will be suffering and only one of them is from here. But one of them is going to get it the worst.

Is it time to shit a brick?

Banks are collapsing and inflation is ongoing. By putting money into the system to bail out banks, it adds to inflation. Further, AI is just about to start replacing jobs-- even high paying tech jobs. Real estate is out of reach for me to place my money safely into. It seems like the only people who are safe are people who paid off their mortgages. Meanwhile, we're increasing immigration to levels that our Canadian housing system cannot handle. Am I the only one seeing this as a bad situation?


People always harp about how the Bible says this or the Bible says that. Who cares? Does it really matter what the Bible says? The Bible says a lot of things. I’ve got no time for it. I can’t be bothered with that sort of nonsense whatsoever. Boy, talk about boring.

Can’t live with them…

…don’t want to live without them. What a dilemma. How sad it is for two people who are miserable without each other and yet still can’t find a happy medium so they can be together. I just wanted fairness and respect, and I felt used instead. My life is one of existence now, where I just go through the motions day to day, with rare moments of joy. He says it’s the same for him because neither of us feels whole without the other. But I can’t ever go back to how it used to be, and I don’t see any change happening unless he realizes that’s his only option. So we stay apart and remain in this limbo half life instead of growing old together and supporting each other with grace. So sad.

All Our Tears

Say the words. But where Are the words? I did not have them. They come in and out of mind like shadows; Koi fish barely nearing the surface in a rain dappled pond at dawn. Why didn’t I say the words? Didn’t I know? Like attempting to grasp such a fish barehanded, Even knee deep in water I failed to take hold and fully fathom; Viscerally own those sounds that are born from deep knowing. I did not have the words. I could not express what was so deeply entombed within. Drowned below in darkness, stifled screams. No, we must have peace here yes? Stay nice and quiet. Compliant. Do. Not. Resist. The threat of livelihoods held at our throats. Yet now, only as I come to surface To breathe. To know That you were drowning me all along; Standing above my shoulders to keep yourselves afloat. How could you? Yet you were drowning too. Held down by yet another. Why were we in water to begin with? All our tears.

When girls check men out

A woman was staring at my chest today... That was interesting. People with big chests of any sex seem to just get a lot of attention from the world. It's an interesting fate.

I'm a guy who likes

it when women slap my ass. Why are these women so rare? :-(

Best day at work

My workplace is typically boring, but I saw a catfight between co-workers and it was really the highlight of my week. I don't know how I got sucked in by this. It seems so juvenile and I should be beyond it. It was as if a bumble bee took the attention of a full room after flying in during a presentation, but it had the intrigue of human drama.

Pay attention

My confession is that I’m finding it really frustrating to listen to people ranting about how awful someone is when I know how much that person has done for them. Why do some people only notice the bad stuff about other people? Like they completely forget about all the good things and focus only on the bad things like when that person didn’t behave well or something. I try to be a good listener and remain neutral because I care so much about all of them, but sometimes I want to shake them.

Artist studios

It's kind of cool how they're going under since they're all part of the neoliberal hipster world nowadays. Nobody can afford your art either :)


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