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CBC's Stephen Quinn is a smug jerk

CBC's morning radio host has gradually revealed himself to be a sanctimonious, cynical creep. Listening to him in the morning is like playing Russian Roulette.

Attracted but not interested

I think my hot married coworker has a crush on me. Weird way to put it, but she is super flirty and I’ve now been trying to make minimal contact. I would never act on it and I try not to flirt with her to begin with.. but hey, that’s my confession. I try to hide from her even though I enjoy seeing her around.

too old? too anal?

I live in the Westend near a daycare center. I constantly hear a car doors honk to signal to the owner to absolutely ensure that his/her doors are indeed locked..twice a day, each day M-F. Where do these people live? that they just believe that their horns are music to other peoples ears? 7am-5pm. Do they not have other options such as a click or the ability to visually check to ensure their doors are indeed locked. I guess that these new fangled machines only have a haaawnk sound for those from outta town.

Poor little girl

I read that a 9 year old girl killed herself because she was being so badly bullied at school.. Her family had religious believes on suicide.. So for her to do that ,she must have been going thru hell.. With no way out in her poor little mind.. What the hell What kind of world do we live in? Think about your own child in these horrible government run daycares ( schools) you are sending them to everyday. Hope it never happens to your sweet child.. Hope What is wrong with people, So mean horrible ,nasty, money grubbing ,fake world we live in.. Its Sad Bloody Sad Does no body care anymore..

Stigma remains

I tend to agree with stopping the 420 event as its now to big, but every time I read the people truly pushing to end it, it's people who still want to roll back the stigma around it. My mom was like that for years. But she changed and realized at worst her child gets baked and watches cartoons before going to sleep and getting back up to go to work. But there are still so many of the mind frame wanting to remain steadfast that smoking pot is a horrible thing, a gate way drug, a vile evil thing that corrupts people. I'm glad the 420 event will continue if only for that reason. Every down vote is every reason I'm glad it continues this year.

So Tired Of Being Tired...

I confess that I have been living in the same complex for 6 years because nobody will rent to me because I have a 128lb bullmastiff. Since my good neighbor above me moved away we have had to endure some seriously bad behavior such as stumbling and stomping throughout the night keeping us up and messing up our work days. The last tenants which were a group of party girls were evicted from upstairs finally after a year or so but now there are a group of guys that are basically doing the same thing but worse. We were reassured by the management that they would find calm tenants. Feels like we're back to square one! Now I have to complain about this obvious horrible behavior without sounding like it's us, which it so isn't! Any advice clever posters???

Dirty clothing

This is embarrassing: I can't remember the last time I did laundry ,and had clean clothes. What happened,? Am I getting that old that I dont care, or is it something else? How do I get back on track. Im a decent guy...

Thats It

I just turned 30 and I think I need to find a nice man with a decent job to settle down with and start a family. I will no longer date bartenders, bouncers, or actors. Hooking up in my 20's was fun but that chapter of my life is officially over. I no longer party or do any drugs. Turning 30 has changed my life for the better.


Parthenon Greek Market

You were a tall redhead with a septum ring and I was a short girl with a shaved head and a red...

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