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My mustardy amazon experience

They threw two giant containers of mustard over my fence gate instead of opening it... This happened twice. They exploded each time. They refunded the mustard twice as well. I wonder what's going on in this crazy Amazon world. Instead of delivering the package, they would rather destroy it and refund it because of a greater profit margin. Hooray :-) I'm not too sure what would happen if they delivered KFC chicken, but it would be quite a unique delivery experience. Bucket of chicken everywhere on my lawn!

Plan B

Originally I thought that if my industry collapses due to a transition to A.I., that I will return to til the earth and work on a farm. But now the spectre of crop failure is real. The BC Okanagan grape crop is decimated. So now I have to conjure Plans C, D & E. The future is f^%ked.

My dream farm life

I would live on the fields in the green meadows milking cattle. They would sing "mooooooo" to me, and I would play songs for them with my harp. I would then go to the farm and find myself a delicious chicken to eat. I would go yum yum yum and sing it a song and blammo! It would become my dinner. I would roast it up in a big pan and share it with all of my farm friends. We would go drinking and sing lots of folk songs all night long.


I know that the world seems as though it's gone to hell in a handbasket. However, for those of us who've been around for over half a century, I can safely tell you, things have always seemed that way. Nevertheless, I encourage all of us to have gratitude and hope. Yes; wars, genocide, inflation, pandemics, murder, cruddy politics.... they're all ugly. But it all comes and goes. This too shall pass. We mustn't fret over what we can't control or dwell on yesteryear on what ifs. We must be thankful for what/who we do have in our lives now, no matter how meagre. Complaining, doom scrolling, hating those who think opposite us, and living in fear isn't getting us anywhere. Regardless of what deity/ies you worship, or don't... every breath we take is a gift that can easy be taken away from us tomorrow, or half an hour from now. We've got to all learn to get out of bed and slap a smile on our faces to greet the new day. No, life's not all a bed of roses, but we still have the power to create heaven or hell on this Earth, so long as we take charge of our own individual mindsets first. I still have hope. It's keeping me going.

Why is it

Every aspect of human life now has toxins added to it ? Everything ! You trying to get rid of us ?

Gen Z

It's so sad to watch them perform stunts like jumping over roof-tops all for clicks and you know they have about 5 years max left on their life. That's a very desperate and anxious generation.

Stoner Tollkeeper

Over the last couple weeks I've heard this guy at Broadway and Commercial Drive shout what I think is "BREAD! WEED!" at people crossing the street over to the north east corner of the intersection. It got me thinking about baguette-sized joints and it made me laugh. Bread-weed.

I cofess, Im not religious

But maybe an apocalypse style nuclear armageddon would just be better than everything going on now. Trump running in 2016 literally made me throw out my tv. The rise of fascism and stupidity seemed to really kick into gear then. Who knew the devil would wear clown makeup while pursing his lips like he thinks he's a super model? Freaky times. How about a magic bullet or two when we really need one? Putin/Trump '24 campaign slogan; "We'll be smiling like twits while we grab you by the ......"

Can’t believe

Someone would drive 200 kms to get laid, but if you have no other options what’s a girl to do!


You brown toque and mustache on new west...

You complimented my green earbuds and earrings at the new west skytrain Station while waiting for...

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