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Executives want to help, but they feel trapped

The further I go up the corporate ladder, the less I think any of this can be fixed. It's easy from the outside to pick a bad guy and think if they just stopped being evil everything would be better, but 90% of the CEOs I talk to want to do the right thing - but then always have to add "And of course cut costs / profit is the bottom line". They're not soulless, they're just terrified of they dont put the company first, they'll get fired, and a lot of them are terribly insecure. Fuck the people who complain about housing taxes tho. Nobody needs more than one home when the average person cant even find a shack.

We've Pretty Much Done It Already

Sure you rejected me. I guess. I mean you did cut me out of your life, marry someone else, have his child and never speak to me again. But I've been hard at work the whole time visualizing us having sex daily for years now and I have an exceptionally vivid imagination so there's really nothing that hasn't been fully explored even if we didn't PHYSICALLY do it. So, if you change your mind about things it wouldn't be a big decision anyway, so don't stress it, we could even fit it in during a lunch break or if we share an elevator.

I am totally going to UBC

To see Ben Shapiro! You little SJWs are weakening and cannot stop us! Hahahha! — a UBC alumni

BC Hydro Bill

I was watching the news and BC Hydro is going to charge everyone another $0.25/month to be put in some type giant pool of money to help those who are behind in their hydro bills. Seems like a good idea in principal but 1/3 of this money is going to be eaten up by their bloated bureaucracy to run this program. Then it goes on to say BC Hydro has increased its rates by 25% over the last 5 years which is far more than inflation and there are literally a huge amount of people making over $100,000 a year there. This is the same place that for years gave essentially every single employee a $1000 bonus for showing up. I think BC Hydro needs to clean their own house before charging the rest of us in some type of phony altruistic scheme because I can smell the manure a mile away.

You’re a coward and an awful friend.

You know you hurt her right? Instead of being an adult and telling her you didn’t want to be friends you just deleted her from your life. 13 years. I met you at one of her parties. She always had nice things to say about you and then you go and hurt her like this? It’s been a couple years and she still gets upset and she doesn’t deserve it, you do! You play victim and woe is me on your social media but you threw away a person who would have stood by you through anything. And the sad thing is she still misses you and would do anything to talk to you again. I however know you’re an asshole for what you did and I hope karma comes back at you for the pain you caused someone who had been nothing but loyal to you since the day you met.

Mister Rogers Neighborhood

Is now probably over run by empty condos shops that sell $7 bottles of organic jiuice & hipster tattoo shops like the DTES here in Vancouver

I don't know

I have a hard time telling if some people are just completely sadistic, or if they're just completely oblivious to what they're doing.

Monkhood Mistakes

After finding I didn't get much from casual dating or sex, I thought I'd give it up for a while. I chose abstinence for a long time, thinking it would help me see more clearly and be better able to focus on what I wanted in life, and helping others. I'd spent so much of my teen years and young adulthood chasing after relationships and sexual experiences that I thought I'd overdone it, and that maybe I'd given up too much of myself in that pursuit, and in helping the others flourish. But I over did the abstinence as well. It worked at first, but to my surprise, that later turned me into a fiend: I turned into a hater, thinking I didn't need closeness. And I grew dismissive of love, thinking I couldn't have it anymore. And I grew self-conscious, for lack of experience. More or less, my view on love became fatalistic. I've dealt with a lot of haters in the past. I always thought people hate because it's easier. I'm just baffled I did this to myself.

Plastic Straws

Are not going to cause an apocalypse

Not Sure

How to talk about someone that you're seeing to someone that you're in love with?

I learned something from TV

I've been bingeing an old TV show and in one episode, the characters are reminiscing about relationships they've had in the past where the sexual chemistry was off the charts. One of them mused that "we've all had a relationship like that" and how it burns hot and fizzles fast. It was at that moment I realized a relationship I had a few years ago which resembled that description was never meant to last. A relationship like that can't be sustained for long. I'm long done mourning the loss of that relationship but it was nice to have someone, even if it was a TV character, put it all into a different perspective.

At least one Vancouverite has proven to be as ignorant as some people think we are

On the morning of May 23rd I unintentionally left a pair of prescription sunglasses on the Knight Street (#22) bus. I know I left them on the bus because I had them when I got on the bus but did not have them after I got off the bus. When I realized what had happened I reported the "loss" to Coast Mountain's Lost & Found that afternoon. I have been to the Lost & Found at Stadium Station and phoned the Lost & Found several times. Sadly, these glasses have never been turned in. Why not?!?! These sunglasses are no good to anybody else but me. I doubt that whoever found them has the exact same prescription as me. I hope that whoever found them, and decided to keep them, suffers from blurred vision, dizzy spells, headaches & nausea. That's the door prize for wearing prescription glasses when you don't need to. These glasses originally cost me $730 and it's going to cost me $950 to replace them. So thank you to the ignorant person that found them for not doing the right thing & turning them in. You are a shining example of a selfish ass.


I feel like I’m destined to never have sex with another guy, after a difficult breakup with someone with whom I shared exceptional sexual chemistry. We were together for many years, and even though our relationship was turbulent, we were both turned on by the other. It was much more than sex though, but that was an important component of our relationship. Since I don’t feel physically attracted to the majority of men I meet, and since if I’m not feeling chemistry I won’t have sex, I think the odds are good that I’m cursed to never have sex again.

Fork in the road moment?

Haven't been to Langley in years because of some painful memories there. Part of me prefers to stay away and keep a far distance but another part of me says I should just go there and forget the past. Perhaps it's no good to let the past stop you but on the other hand some places just bring out the worst in you.


The SkyTrain from Coq

I saw you really dark long jet black I think , but you walked toward me . I wonder were we both...


Savage Love: Men making mouth music mistakes

I was discussing my lack of oral sex with Sam and he said he’d be willing to “help me out”.