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A rock and the right to face my accuser.

I've been talking myself off a ledge often lately. A proverbial ledge not a literal one don't worry this is not about self-harm. I keep telling myself throwing a rock through the window of a mansion that's been completely abandoned for five years since it was sold will not achieve anything. I keep telling myself that some lawyer representing a numbered company that owns the home might actually come after me for property damage. I keep telling myself there is nothing I can do to stop the neglect. I keep talking myself off the ledge and I keep succeeding.

Pastrami police

I feel like there is a law against pastrami in Vancouver. I hardly see it anymore. It's nice to run into it once in a while. It's a delicacy if eating the real stuff.

sigh... rejected again

I wish I could understand what it is about me, that seems to repel women


Ok I'm done with this. You get 2 15 minute breaks and a 30 for lunch. Figure you're smoke breaks into this. If you can't go more than an hour without one then that's your addiction not mine, so don't take it out on me. If that's the case then I insist on being able to drink at my desk so I'm not a total ass.

Stop the BLAME GAME... taxi drivers and call takers are people too!!

Sooooo tired of people shit&$#ing all over taxi drivers, call takers and the taxi companies!! Remember that YOUR government is responsible for the amount of taxi licences issued... Ergo the number of taxis on the road!! Time to quit bashing the taxi companies and start at the source! Not saying taxi companies are perfect but with what they have to put up with... People need to quit bashing them and take some responsibility... like the INSANE amount of trips made by taxis to 'no shows', which take time and money out the drivers and their family's pockets and which delays 'your' taxi from coming in a timely manner! Then because people sit in their cozy apts, to 'wait' for that all important phone call (as if it were a limousine service), to then put their shoes and coats on, wait for the elevator and all the while expect the driver to just wait there... Not getting paid... And assume that when you didn't bother to answer your phone that you are still coming for your taxi! Or like the INSANE no of calls to the call centre saying I missed a call from you...which was your ALL SO IMPORTANT CALL from your taxi to say it is there or almost there... Yay think you should just go down to get your taxi or wait a few minutes for it to arrive before tying up the phone LINES AGAIN and making new people wanting a taxi wait even longer on hold... with your stupid call! And then you have the AUDACITY to call AGAIN tying up the lines AGAIN to say you missed your taxi or your taxi DIDN'T COME (when it did and you were no where to be seen!) and with no sense of responsibility... demand that ANOTHER TAXI BE SENT RIGHT AWAY... OK YOUR HIGHNESS OR MAJESTY!! Or the number of call backs asking how long will my taxi be... When it's only been 6 mins IN RUSH HOUR since you called for one... OMG!! Or the morons who puke, spill, or otherwise debase the car... So now that car is out of service for you and the driver and his /her family who are losing their 'very' hard earned money!! And then there are those that think the taxi just sits and waits for their call ... to come right away and pick them up... REALLY? Or do you stop to think that there are disabled people out there that take a lot if taxis, who take longer to get in and out? Or do you think about the number of calls for emergency trips to hospitals because people can't afford ambulances because your government charges for them? Or about the number of wheelchair trips that take extra time to load and unload? Or the number of people who take taxis out of Vancouver, where the taxi isn't licenced to pick up any fares on the way back or make any money until they get back to Vancouver. Or the number of airport trips that take the cars out of the downtown area of Vancouver? Or the number of people who use taxis as mini movers throughout the month or end of the month to move their belongings because it's cheaper than renting a van? Or the number of drunks, and not just on the weekends, some who are friendly, but so many that are rude, lude, disrespectful and who DON'T PAY, then the police are called now delaying yet another car or multiple cars!! Or the drug addicts who may or may not be easy to deal with or who may or may not pay? Or the hundreds of people coming out of events... all wanting cabs NOW!! The number of people who PRE BOOK taxis (who also think that a car is just sitting around waiting to go pick them up at THEIR RESERVED TIME ... because THEY MADE A RESERVATION and have a plane to catch or a party to get to or a very important dinner or 'I'm going to be late for work' that's the best one... Like it's the taxi company's or call takers FAULT... GET OUT BED SOONER! And that the reservation just preempts anthing mentioned above and below that could delay a taxi... OMG give your heads a shake!! !! The fact that you're dealing with CARS... that break down, get flat tires, that need gas (have you seen any gas stations downtown lately?) or get into accidents, or construction, or traffic delays, or weather? The rude and downright nasty language and attitudes towards drivers and call takers is just DESPICABLE! Believe it or not these people are someone's Father, Brother, Husband, Mother, Sister, Daughter... Would you want your family member treated sooooo badly?? This is not aimed at you... but ALL who blame the taxi industry for ALL the problems,! PLEASE people think about the ENTIRE problem and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your part in the taxi problems in this city and REMEMBER that we can ALL DO BETTER!!!

Sitting alone

Sometimes sitting alone in the dark is comforting

Ask yourself this:

If you found out that the person that you love was going to die soon, or that you were, what would you regret? Would you regret never telling them how you really feel about them? Would you regret not being brave enough to be vulnerable? If the answer is yes to any of those questions, then what the hell is stopping you right now from taking that chance? You never know when your time is going to run out for another one.

Beating a dead horse. Again. And again.

Ugh, I'm so sick of watching movie trailers and/or tv series previews that, halfway through, use a child's voice mournfully singing a plaintive song (or, better yet, a nursery rhyme) while a montage of stills flits across the screen. It no longer builds suspense or helps to set the mood – it's been done to death. It's boring. It's lazy. It's so old that the horse has long since decomposed. Can we please try coming up with a new device already?


Has anyone else noticed how many people in this city can't maintain a meaningful adult conversation about something topical because they're so self-involved? Rattling on about themselves, no problem.

What If

I really like my best friend a lot and am considering telling him the truth before it's too late. He kinda saved my life months ago by giving me hope. I don't want things to be ruined between us if he doesn't like me back. What should I do?

I am really getting tired

Of having to use sign language, repeat myself numerous times very slowly just to clarify my request to retail staff who don’t speak English. Happened at a pharmacy today where I attempting to pick up a prescription. Are you serious, you’re dispensing meds to old folks like me and it took me 5 minutes for you to understand what I wanted!!

Throat punch horn blasters

I am not violent but every time someone rolls thru the intersection on the corner blasting their horn for no reason, whether it’s the middle or the day, early in the morning or at midnight - I seriously just wanna see someone throat punch these drivers. Seriously. Wtf!?

YEAH I’m depressed

Exercise and the gym are the only things that actually lift my mood. Drinking does nothing except make me broke. And hell no to antidepressants.

Xmas and holiday season

I think it's important to remember that this time of year can be an especially tough time because of family and for the lack of loved ones as well as financially. It should be more about spending quality time than consumerism, but...not quite the case. Due to extended family, I dread the holidays with the exception of a couple close loved ones. I just can't stand two faced, gossipy people. They treated me horribly for years despite my always being there for them. I finally just limited my interactions and going to family functions for my health. I admire my friend being able to get away for the holidays and she's lucky being able to afford to do so. She said that not being around family is something she's looking forward too as well. Also, it's a really lonely time for many especially seniors. If you know of a neighbor or senior that is alone, do a little something for them. This is completely off topic but if there are any readers that could suggest a depression support group, it would be greatly appreciated. This time of year definitely worsens depression significantly for me.


Pushing your cart madly at No Frills on...

Pushing your cart madly at No Frills on Sunday. Well, not quite as madly as I pretended you were...