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Tell me how you really feel.

I’ve been having some issues feeling close to women. I decided to be completely honest and truthful with the women around me. I thought with all of the societal progress people have been trying to make that I could really say how I felt. Big mistake. Looks like I’m going back to strong and silent again.

I hate fake eyelashes (there, I said it)

Why do women wear these? You need to glue shit onto your face to feel acceptable? You can’t leave the house without your face wigs?? I look over beside me in the lineup and a woman has these 1” long falsies. It looks phony, it’s beyond obvious and it’s some adherence (pun intended) to a look that I just don’t get. Seriously, go natural and lose the glue. You will look so much better, and will be free of this artificial garbage.

The problem with trade

People sit around the table , the Japanese , the Canadians , the Chinese, the Americans, the Euros, the British. They hammer out deals amongst themselves through hard negotiations , sign the papers and walk away with the best they can get. Then come the lawyers who rip the papers apart to find every loophole possible to skirt the initial foundation of the deal. They'll find a way to say Bombardier is not Canadian just as easily as they can find a way to say that Mcdonalds is Scottish. Is a duck still a duck if it's feet are chopped off? Is a car still a car if it's brought in in pieces. Is milk still milk if it's broken down into its components . Who collects the taxes if the server is in the Cayman Islands? What is untreated timber? I could go on, but there's not enough room. Gradually the exploitation of these loopholes decimates the intent of the original agreement, and what was considered fair at the outset becomes a sinkhole for one side or the other. I hate to paraphrase him, but Stalin said that nations can't trust one another to do the right thing , deals have to be looked at all the time and reset if necessary... because Governments change! That time for a reset has come for NAFTA , the WTO and other major trade agreements. Trump is taking the proper stance in my view!

Only Explanation

I own a house and a few apartments make over six figures and I can't even get a date here. Only explanation is I must be extremely ugly with a bad personality.

All for settlement court money

For the ethical reasons, except I don’t think we can afford this. This is like social justice communism of some sort. Are we just going to keep on handing out money to people in the future as ethics continuously change through time?

Are SJW happy?

Why do they want to destroy one culture’s way of living to build their utopia?

Celebrate bravery

It is right to celebrate the bravery of soldiers who fought in battles especially in the World Wars. We should also celebrate the bravery of ordinary civilians who lived through these wars and survived, especially in occupied countries.

Bus Line Cutters

There are a couple places where people line up for buses. One being at the ferry terminal. It's unbelievable when people see a line extending far down the block and walk directly to the front, and get on in front of everyone who has been waiting. How are these people so entitled?


Distance pricing is punishment for those that can't afford to live in Vancouver but still work there. Thanks .


No-one "deserves" a relationship, so stop bellyaching about not having one and work on your Selves, especailly if you think you need to have kids to be fulfilled in life.

To deadbeat on Father's Day

I am sickened every time I see you post about being a dad on social media. I wish I could post on your wall, on a real wall, on a billboard, or anywhere at all the things you have done to destroy your children. How you told your eldest to drop out of school at 16 to help you pay rent in an apartment you couldn't afford. How you have manipulated and abused all of your kids mentally. How you have only seen your youngest 5 times in 8 years. How you have destroyed their self-esteem and their understanding of what a good man or a loving father should be. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back on your social media. Tell everyone how much you love your kids. Yeah, those kids you haven't seen or spoken to in years. I hope smart people can see you are nothing but a deadbeat man-child, and I hope and pray Karma hits you hard.

Prayer for Love

So this may sound crazy, but my mom who is very religious (Sikh) often tells me that sometimes when we want something and god isn't giving it to us, god will listen to the prayers of others. In other words, a complete stranger can connect with god on your behalf- its like the stranger is a liason or a good luck charm. I would like to ask you wonderful strangers out there to pray for me- that I find love and happiness. I know it is selfish, but it would mean so much to me. I am currently suffering from low self esteem, body image issues, chronic pain, depression, work stress, financial stress and terminal illness of a loved one. I am broken and need help. I am a 29 year old single female, who has never dated, had a boyfriend, anything. I am kind, have worked hard my whole life, contribute to my community, and treat others with respect. I feel so lonley, I want nothing more than to find peace, love, confidence, happiness and a spark in life. Please pray for me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. -N

I am Not Rich

I own two houses with assessed values of 4.5 million and 2.7 million. I am sick and tired of people in the media portraying people like myself as wealthy. I have worked extremely hard for this. Working 7 days a week at two jobs with no vacations for years. Most young people have no idea what it takes to own property and save vast amounts of money or how much you have to sacrifice. You have to sacrifice vacations and going out drinking with your buddies. I see you on the weekends drinking and in the morning driving around in expensive financed cars you can't afford wearing designer clothes bought on credit. Young guy at my work is driving around in a brand new BMW and drinking expensive $5 coffee everyday and eating lunch out everyday and going to clubs on weekends and running up bar tabs paying one credit card bill with another credit card and he has the audacity to say they are entitled to own houses without putting in the work. He's getting evicted from his rental and he doesn't even care. Bragging to his friends about how the landlord can't touch him for six months and how uncool the landlord is. If you are a young person and are not working two jobs 80 hours a week then you can't complain about housing because you aren't putting in the work like we did.

Not a hot hiker

How do all these girls on instagram manage to take selfies of themselves mid-hike where they look flawless and model-like? I always feel and look so disgusting during a hike that the last thing I want is for my photo to be I'd rather focus on the scenery, not myself.


95 Mornings

You take the 95 to downtown in the mornings, head to toe black always, skinny black pants, black...


Savage Love: Micro-infidelities and other toxic concepts

We are living in a culture that defines absolutely everything as cheating.