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You know what ?

I think Jim Patterson should run for mayor. :)

Masks and six foot rule

I use an elevator everyday and still people bound into the elevator instead of waiting till you have got off the elevator using the six foot rule.just look at the USA statistics people .

Blew It

Today I had this (seemingly) great plan to tell my crush I've been into him for a while. But then I forgot to bring along the baking I had made for him and chickened out. He's moving jobs and we won't really talk much going forward, so there's a good chance that was my last shot. But hey, I guess next time I'll know to speak up sooner.

Masks on transit!

It's not hard to find face masks anymore, nor are they expensive. And TransLink has handed out thousands of them for free. Why then, when we're trying to stop the spread of a deadly virus, are the MAJORITY of public transit riders not wearing one? It disgusts me. I take the bus every day, and on countless occasions I've been the only passenger wearing a mask out of about ten others. In those cases, I feel like taking the damn thing off — but I don't, because I know that I'm doing my part, and the world needs more of that. And I'm clinging to the hope that by wearing a mask, maybe I'll inspire at least one other transit user to do the responsible, respectful, and intelligent thing. Get it together, folks.


Nobody yet understands the hurting this virus has laid on sociteys psyche.this virus has pushed us over the edge.destroyed lives family's,faith in anything resembling normality.wear a mask,don't ,six foot distance ,don't ,stay behind the line ,don't.we are social animals who have thru corona virus lost our sociability.god I miss hugging my grandkids

What is the point

I spent over an hour on the phone tonight with a loved one who lives in the US. This person talked the *entire* time about Trump. Didn't ask me how I'm doing. Didn't congratulate me on my new career. What is the point of engaging with one another if we don't have real conversations? What is the point of any of this unless we lift each other up, pay attention to one another? Please, don't talk my ear off about how much the world sucks. I read the news; I know how much it sucks. Ask me what I'm doing about it. Tell me what you're doing about it. Learn about me and my life, learn about the people I'm trying to help. Otherwise — what is the bloody point??

My Gf Left Me During Covid

This began a spiral that ended my relationship and subsequently my old life. Sometimes I miss her but I know that right now I am the best version I have ever been. I still struggle like everyone else and have off days but god damnit when adversity strikes I just seem to have a knack for picking myself up, dusting off, and reincarnating myself. The only thing I am still upset about sometimes is that she dumped me over the phone. I may be a lot of things but I never deserved that. I suppose everything is exactly as it is meant to be in the end.

Public Bathrooms

Gives me another reason to hate people, at least other men. Who the fuck gets off on leaving urine on the toilet seat for the next person to enjoy? I certainly don't. As someone with a penis, I think there should be some contraption in public bathrooms that cuts your dick off if you leave pee on the seat. Yup, that's my confession - I think some of my fellow men should be dismembered for their lack of hygiene. What use would a penis be for them anyways? That's the fucking truth.

Nothing left

If I disappeared right now the only people that would notice would be my boss and my landlord. I make money for the former and give money to the ladder. It really seems like my only value is as a tool. I'm a tool. It's not worth living for. Everywhere I go i'm just an obstacle for important people with clearly important things to do.


Tofino surfer guy driving grey truck with...

I was one car ahead of you driving a Red PT Cruiser from Tofino to Port Alberni on June 30 in...


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