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I’m a plant murderer

It seems that no matter how I try to keep them alive, they keep dying :( I’ve tried succulents, palms, ferns, trees, you name it, they die.

Leader of the world

I have this fantasy about suddenly being deemed all powerful over all of humanity. And folks would be worried that this would lead to some sort of dictatorship. I’d go on tv and say “ This is my planet now”. That’s all I’d say. People would realize I’m just cutting a Roman Reigns promo, trying to get myself over and get rise out of them, and they’d soon know that things would be alright.

Slippery slope

Grown man, single, trying to stop cocaine use. 12 step programs haven't worked for me plus most rehabs are based on these principles - I've tried. Losing money , health and friends but the instant gratification to feel better keeps winning out . Any helpful thoughts much appreciated.


I have a Bachelor's Degree in English; I still don't know how to use a semicolon.

Don't live in the past

I used to stay in touch with someone from high school until I realized now that we both have nothing in common anymore. I'm all about pushing forward in life, but he clearly has a backwards way of thinking. All he ever did was bitch and moan about how much he hated high school and the people in it. Whenever I told this guy that I'm too busy living my life to be following what other people are doing whether they're guys I knew in high school or kindergarten, he just didn't get it. It's very exhausting to be around people from the past who are still stuck inside the past. Sure, everybody goes through hell in high school. There were some people that I could not stand, but I got over it. You'd think that some people would just move on when nearly twenty years have gone by. Not everyone. So I distanced myself from this guy and he is now cut completely out of my life. Now I feel more at peace and can finally move on.

Gifts From the Heart

I want to buy someone presents that doesn’t deserve them. I can’t help thinking of all the things they need and how giving them would make me feel good. I want to spoil this person but they don’t appreciate me so I just end up deeply hurt. I know I have to just face the fact that we shouldn’t be together but it’s hard. Christmas is a hard time of year to be alone.


I used to care so much about Christmas. Now I just want to make it alive to January.

Landlords Or Prison Guards?

I have rented in the city of Burnaby for most of my life, but never have I rented from a property management company as bad as the one I am renting from now. It seems as though some tenants where I live are favoured by management, while others are picked on constantly. Is this an apartment or a jail?

Kid pictures

I have a friend on Facebook whose 4-year-old kid smiles and makes eyes like Charles Manson. Serious serial-killer face. And it's not like the kid is not cute. He's a cute kid. But sometimes he looks at the camera and his eyes look soulless. It's really weird.

Enough with “bonus points” already

I get tired of reading profiles of dating sites where people try to manipulate you with “bonus points.” Since when did online dating turn into a fucking game show? I have a much better idea. If you want to date me so much, then how about bonus points for not being a self-absorbed stuck up, appalling piece of shit?


Exotic Princess Flying Into Firecrust

Woah girl.. slow down. You, gorgeous petite, dark haired goddess dressed in all black. Not sure...

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