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Still its you in my heart

I still remember that rainy morning, when i woke up only to find out the reason which eventually ended up my relationship with her. I spend the 24 hrs in isolation at hospital and seeing me in misery she came back to me. It still didn’t worked and everything was destroyed but on diwali night when i came to her she was with that same men. I still did what ever she asked for, meetups, trips, calls. We don’t talk to each other now. But i don’ think that i could just move on. I still love her and thats what I promised her once. WE SAY TIME HEALS BUT REALITY IS THAT THE FACTS REMAIN SAME WITH A PLACE LEFT EMPTY IN OUR HEARTS and me writing my confession tells it all.

Sick of construction

For the last 2 years, the office building I work in has been sandwiched between construction sites, including construction that directly affects my building. The noise has been constant (my work issued us crapping noise-reduction headphones) and there were new sidewalk and road closures almost daily. Now working from home, I have to deal with more construction. Firstly, the water pipes in my condo building were replaced over the course of five months. Another building two down from my residence has on-again, off-again construction for the past four years. They managed to start the main project of adding two new stories which involves riveting many, many steel beams. All of this noise is on top of the garbage trucks that seem to mostly run between 10pm to midnight and 5am to 10am every day and the local unhinged population who seem to need to yell at everyone and everything. I am so sick of noise. I just need it to go away.


I’m friends with a vast number of people. And I discovered that these people are all linked on social media, and they completely talk shit about each other behind their backs! Just because you “follow” or are “friends” with someone does not mean a thing. A male was ridiculing a video posted by a female to me. Another female was sending screenshots of another female’s posts and laughing at them. I absolutely do not trust these people. They might “like” what I post but the chances are high that they’re laughing at me too. There is so much jealousy too. If I post something, people will try and bring the attention back to themselves on an unrelated matter. Such a quagmire, this social media thing. It’s probably one of the most constraining things out there.

Bye bye Stanley Park

Even though I live in the West End, Stanley Park is too far to walk to, except maybe Lost Lagoon. I don't own a bicycle and, due to health issues, Third Beach and the North side are just too far away. Besides, my elderly parents would never make it to the Tea House anyway, even if we had all day. It's no problem really. I just drive to Jericho, Spanish Banks or Trout Lake instead. Thanks to the parks board, I'm a tourist in my own city. I'm looking forward to the day when they outright ban cars from the city, at which point I'll just move to the Okanagan. You guys can just ride your bikes around the homeless camps and enjoy your green economy. Good luck!

I'm so attracted to a woman

And just my luck to be sitting there not paying attention when she walks past looking so damn good. Luck why has thou forsaken me? Right when I need a break.

Party zone

I get that restaurants with limited indoor seating now have set up patios to compensate. But now it looks like there’s a street party going on every night as crowded patios line the sidewalks. Obviously a well-intentioned move, but the optics of the end result is a bit off.

Airborne high anxiety

I have to fly to Ontario in a few days due to a serious family matter, and my anxiety is through the roof about contracting Covid19 on the plane. Air Canada is refusing to make even casual face coverings mandatory for it's passengers! In a plane full of recirculating air! I think this is incredibly irresponsible of them. It's bad enough that they are filling in the middle seats again, but now I have to deal with the possibility of being surrounded by a bunch of virus- spewing morons as well ?? This means that if I want to keep myself and my family healthy, I'll have to wear a high-end N95 type mask (not very comfortable) continuously for at least five hours. Who exactly is guiding Air Canada's medical policies these days, the orange man in the white house? What a terrific job he's been doing ... Wish me luck.

I like to fuck around

Someone I work with knows I post on here. What he doesn’t know is that I have known this for awhile. I also know he’s on another site I used to be on many months ago. I like to fuck with him. I say certain things that might be a close Reference to a post here to see if he figures it out.

Are we a paradox

Just finished smoking a joint, and had a thought about blackholes in space. So what if all these blackholes throughout the universe are just pulling all this matter and energy into a single point in time and space. All this matter and energy explodes in the past causing the big bang leading to the creation of the universe. Perhaps we have all lived and died all our lives an infinite number of times. Deja Vu prophetic dreams and visions people get sometimes.


I can’t imagine being fat. I’ve gained ten pounds during quarantine and I feel awful. I need to get out more but I’m depressed so it’s hard to get motivated even though I know that’s the only thing that will help my depression and my waistline.


Spin class beauty

You were in my spin class, front row. Shoulder-length black hair, it was down when you walked in,...


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