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I feel like a drunk

When I wake up hungover on Saturday and Sunday. What a waste of a day.


Unfortunately I take transit everywhere. While on the bus I always look out the windows if I can to see what’s happening on the street. The warmer months bring scantily clad women out which gives my eyes some candy to look at while I whizz by them. Do you know what I see other people doing on the bus? They have their head buried in their phones and miss all of these opportunities to stimulate themselves. I’m so glad I’m not one of them.


Like many single women, I'm frustrated and have no idea why dating is so hard here. It's really hit my self esteem hard, and made me feel unattractive.... I feel like I'm hideous.... I'm petite, slim, and even have had close friends say you're such a nice person, and pretty, just keep trying and not give up. I've taken long breaks from dating to focus on myself and due to bad experiences though. Im not looking to have kids and ok with not getting married. I think most men want kids so that's tough, and I'm more physically attracted to white guys (I just feel indifferent to Indian guys etc.) so that's probably another tough thing that makes dating harder for me. I'm approaching 40, and never thought I'd still be single. My friends say not to give up, but I have many times. I get so much pressure to get married, especially with a number of weddings coming up again from family and I'm frustrated as they don't get how hard it can be, and I don't want an arranged marriage. meeting someone for love that is compatible, and a good person looking for a ltr where there is a mutual connection and attraction seems impossible in Vancouver. It seems they're all taken though at my age. I did meet a really good guy last year, but realized it was more of a friendship, and couldn't see myself with him as a long term partner which sucked...... I've had only a few relationships and due to long distance (I can't move to the US) they didn't work out. I wish I could just be okay and turn off the desire to meet someone special and have a ltr like so many people I know. It'd make life so much easier. There's no off switch though. I spend time with friends, do things I enjoy, have career goals, and think it's important to have this with or without a partner. I don't want or need to be with a guy all the time, and think it's good that both people have their friends, and time separately and not be joined at the hip. I find couples that only see each other and neglect friends etc. strange, but to each their own. So what do I do? Reconcile and try to accept being single (more women doing that) or keep trying to date and get nowhere as I'm not sure where or how to meet potential available like minded guys? I'd appreciate constructive, tactful advice. I've seen people be so mean to each other on comments online, and hope someone can maybe give some good advice. Thanks.

Don't give up.

I was raised with every possible opportunity in the best family imaginable. I went off the rails - lost my way in my late 20's early 30's. I thought it was over at this point - too late to make up 10 years of lost time. I now have a very good career, climbed the corporate ladder very quickly and am married to the woman of my dreams. All this in the span of 3 years. Luck? Absolutely. But luck only brings you so far. Keep pushing, despite how bleak and hopeless the situation is. As cliche as this post is, just remember we're all 'strong' at something. Harness that strength, learn how to show people why its valuable - and maybe one day, you will be the one sharing this story.


I got tired of being pressured to "fit in" and trying to live up to the status quo. I like my life the way it is and I've learned to embrace my individuality. If only people would just chill and not be so caught up egoic pursuits. Caring about what others think of you is a superficial way of thinking. There are bigger problems happening in the world.

so tiny

Just had my left ear blown out by some tiny dick on a motorcycle. All my life here I have been fucking violated by the exhaust bursts of some useless manchild with gargantuan overcompensation issues. Every ten years they write articles and politicians mumble and nothing ever comes of it. The current fine is $109. - a complete joke, especially when one knows that many police are bikers too and aren't likely keen to enforce the bylaw. A City candidate might win support with a promise to end the scourge. These people illegally remove or add components to produce the noise, they know they are breaking a law. The fine should be $2000 and be enforced, because we know anything else is more bullshit.

I am sooo hungover

In another country. Ugh. I want friends and sleep. I’m basically an adult baby.

I stare at people

And make eye contact as I pass by. I know that it’s a thought-crime, but call me old-fashioned.


The death of 80% of my socks. What the fuck

my current gf

recently said that she hasnt been experiencing much of orgasm with me said I have a "not big enough" D. When having sex with her I feel like a sparrow an a garage. She also said she had little over 20 partners by her 29 years. I didnt say anything...Sincerely, a guy with a small D but big heart

Letting go

It always seems so hard to let go of the past and old memories keep resurfacing. I miss you more each day only hoping that you are happy and growing in your life. I have tried blocking but still cannot shqke the feeling that i will see you again one day. I just know you are better off now

Try to be a good person

It’s easy being an asshole. It takes some effort being a decent and caring person.

My kingdom for the guts and this couple to leave... I can sit beside you. This beautiful vision of blonde locks w a kiss of strawberry. That and the guts to actually speak to you if they do leave. My kingdom for a real conversation in our paradoxical world where we are hyperconnected virtually and our hearts.

Feeling blessed...

I love my life. Perfect husband, perfect kid, perfect guy friend, very chill job, and some interesting but fun friends that helps me grow everyday. I have it all but for some unknown reasons, I have never expressed it to anyone! I am afraid to sound obnoxious to one’s ear if I share that kind of there. Thought the universe should know it in written as well :)

Stop Staring!!!

Everywhere I go, people stare at me. It’s weird. Even if I look right at them they keep looking at me. If I look long enough they’ll look aware but I can feel their eyes on me all the time. I hate it.


Girl with the Moth Neck Tattoo

We were both on the 99 B-Line bus heading west bound. I commented briefly as to how I thought...


Savage Love: Micro-infidelities and other toxic concepts

We are living in a culture that defines absolutely everything as cheating.