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Skytrain rant

I was sitting on the skytrain yesterday during the busy commute. It was one of the newer ones where there isn't one long bench, just two-seaters. It was packed, as it always is, and I was in the middle seat so I couldn't really see behind me. I was reading my book and was plugged into my music but I heard a loudmouth on his phone, f-bomb every second word, but he seemed to be having a very interesting, heartfelt conversation with a friend about how another friend was a dick. It was like listening to two girlfriends talking about a backstabbing girlfriend, but it was a dude. Anyway, I tuned into his conversation every now and then but because it was so one-sided and so profanity-laden (that it just sounded nonsensical), I finally stopped listening and read my book. But then, all of a sudden, I I heard the loudmouth say, "Thanks, you f-ing jerk. Three stops. I've got a f-ing broken leg and no one f-ing offers me an f-ing seat? You're all too busy staring at your f-ing phones. Yeah, I see you. I see you too, on your f-ing phone. F-you!" He continues to rant on and on about this for the next three stops. First, I'm not condoning people not giving up their seat. They're assholes and they should have. Maybe it was because he was on the phone, cursing his life away that no one wanted to offer him a seat, I don't know. But the way I see it: if you have a valid reason to need a seat and no one's giving you one, goddamnit just ask someone. Go up to the able-bodied person in the seat reserved for people that need it (such as someone that has a broken leg) and ask them to vacate the seat. But instead, this guy just passive-aggressively rants for 20 minutes about what assholes we all are. Grow a pair, buddy or shut your hole.

Rat In Soup

If you don't take it as your Band name I will!

First timer

Was laid off for a couple of months because my job was seasonal. Thought a bit of time off would be great but to be honest I almost lost my mind and my motivation.

Celibacy is safe and lonely

I do and have gone years without a sex partner also dildo's don't entice me. It seems religious and spiritual yet I'm just afraid of misery after so many drunk attractions. Should be fun though after abstaining. I'm looking for Latino I'm an Irish Catholic woman. So perhaps I'm a good girl..good and bad being only words...?

i don't know what a hipster is

this label is so pervasive in our society and often carries a note of disdain/condemnation, but is there any clear definition? is a guy with a beard/fitted pants/leather boots a hipster? is a person who wears wide-legged flood pants and skate shoes a hipster? is someone a hipster for dying their hair or wearing a beanie? do you reckon 'they' all only listen to a certain type of music, or share specific pastimes? so many different styles and tastes get shoved under this one misnomer. it seems like a word that is simply used to describe "someone who makes me uncomfortable because they don't dress like me and my friends".

Orwell was right on he just got the name wrong...

When I read 1984, I thought Orwell was too negative and that our society would prevail in a positive way. Turns out that he was right, however instead of the all seeing, all knowing, omnipotent "Big Brother" controlling everything it's cellphones & the internet...........sad but true.

Cannabis smoking in Pot-couver!

Now that cannabis is legalised here does that mean you can smoke everywhere, around kids in the street etc. I don't get that part! Why are there no cafes here (like in Amsterdam) where you go especially to smoke it, instead of smoking everywhere you feel like. First thing in the morning I don't want to choke on your trails of pot smoke (vapour scents too, are just gross). I don't always see you with your joints until I'm suddenly inhaling your trail, and it bothers me. Just try to be a little more aware of others around you. It seems since being legalised many people just light up any old where they like. Not everyone likes the smell or wants to inhale. Remember there are kids, pets, older people about not just you! I used to be a nicotine smoker but one thing I did try to do was not smoke around and all over people and I made sure when I put it out it went into the bin.


If you want to find out what kind of person someone is, ask them if there’s anything in their past that they regret. One of the red flags I ignored with my ex happened during a conversation about regrets. I told him that I rarely do the woulda-coulda-shoulda thing, but if I could do some things over again it would have to do with people and relationships; not saying something that hurt someone, etc. His response was all about money. At the time it gave me a chill. I even asked him if he ever regretted the way he treated any of the women in his past (too many to count), and he looked so confused like it had never occurred to him, even though he’d told me several stories about things he’d done that were obviously nasty. As it turned out I was right to have that chill, because when we broke up the only thing that he was upset about was money. Not one word about hurt or any emotions except anger. So pay attention to those kinds of warning signs, because they will illuminate a person’s true feelings.

We drifted apart

We were friends since middle school. We moved to different schools /cities and we lost touch. Even when we were in the same city we didn't hangout. During the "friendship" I always felt like they were just someone I didn't really know, just someone I saw once in a while, or someone who pressured me into hanging out. When we did hangout they made it seem like I was the one begging to hangout with them, when in fact it was the opposite way. People would say "oh your the friend that tagged along to ..." I hated that others thought of me like that, I hated that they made others think that. Why couldn't just say this is the friend I asked to go to .... Since then I don't care to see them, message them, call them, etc. We drifted apart, please just let the drifting apart continue. If I want to see you / hangout with you I would put the effort in. But I don't. In my book this chapter is closed and I have moved on. I just don't have the heart to tell you straight to your face.


I saw you in Hub Bub

You were standing next to me in the waiting line. We shared a few glances but then your order...

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