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To those contacts

Who post those feel good memes and videos on Facebook. Helping puppies, saving the environment, honourable political views. Here is your 'slacktavism' medal of honour. Slacktavism - actions performed via the Internet in support of a political or social cause but regarded as requiring little time or involvement. Thank you for giving insight into your well minded yet lazy persona. The lobbyists you have become.


On Friday night I was surrounded by beautiful, successful, and very accomplished women. We were all dressed up. We had taken the time and effort to put our best foot forward. We lamented about our dating lives and how difficult it is. Surveying the room there were maybe 1 or 2 men who had at least put on a nice dress shirt, sports coat, and dress shoes. The rest were wearing t-shirts that were 2 sizes two big with food stains and sports jerseys. Guys when you are out please dress up because it shows us that you can take care of yourself and are put together.

Drunk food

Big mac.... oh god, yes.... Why can't I say no? It's worse than cigarettes.

Stop projecting!

I’m beyond tired of being accused of judging someone when the person doing the judging isn’t me, it’s them! Just because you’re insecure about your own life, past or current choices, or appearance doesn’t mean that I am judging you! Stop apologizing every time I visit your house because you think I’m judging you for how it looks. I’m not. I could care less about your damned house or what you look like or basically anything else that you’re feeling insecure about. I love YOU. I only care that you’re happy with your life. What I choose to do in my own life has nothing to do with anyone else but me! I’m not interested in competing with you or anyone else. I truly could care less, because I’m just being the best me that I can be, and I don’t have the energy to worry about whether I’m “better” or worse than others. Remember that poem Desiderata? “Do not compare yourself to others, or you may become vain or bitter”. Exactly. Now, can we please just put all this insanity aside and get back to being family?

Ham and cheese sandwiches

Are exactly what I need right now. Good old comfort food! It feeds the soul.

XXS clothing posts

I wonder how many people can actually fit into these sizes of clothes? I see so many items for sale on the FB marketplaces. Where have all the people gone who wear mediums and larges? Hopefully these people posting XXS clothing have gotten too fat and now need to buy regular people clothing sizes!

Suburban jobs

I work in the suburbs but live in Vancouver. My office is one giant office that feels like a compound. They encourage everyone to stay inside by providing free food all day. Therefore you have a very insular office with no new ideas brought in. People stay for a looooong time, like 10 years or more. Like the air, it feels stale, stogey, and people form cliques that no one shall break into. The accountants only hang with the accountants, the hr women only hang with the hr women, etc. Myself I like more chaos. I don't want to listen to the hr women talking about their grey hair. I hate the pods of people that never go beyond the chalk boundaries. I miss the newness of ideas and different things and colour and life. Living in the suburbs must suck and working in the suburbs is just as bad. I work there for the high paying salary but the lack of life and spark are getting to me. Maybe it's time to work in Vancouver again where people actually want to go outside their office building to see life.

Cashier # 6

I was in a big busy store, patiently waiting in line, I am finally instructed to go to cashier # 6. Off I go but cashier # 6 not there, then I realised she was several feet away with her back turned scrolling through her phone. I consider myself to be a kind tolerant person but this really ticked me off. I wished I had a blow horn, I would have bellowed into it, would cashier # 6 get off her phone and do the job she is being paid to do.

I've been going down the Twitter rabbit hole.

Wow...there are some men hating women out there. Guys whatever you do...DO NOT MAKE SMALL TALK ON THE ELEVATOR!!! Stare straight ahead and be very robotic.If a woman is staring at her phone it's because she's tired of dealing with all the men hitting on her and it means BACK OFF JERK!!! so I hope this PSA helps.

Simple life

It's been years since I've posted anything on facebook. I truly miss the times before cell phones, the internet and social media, when you could spend entire days reading books or watching the clouds without getting bored and when you could enjoy life's moments for what they were, without sharing them with 500+ people. I guess I was born in the wrong decade.

8 months later

I ended a long relationship with a controlling narcissistic bully. The ensuing grief and confusion about what happened and how it happened is finally starting to pass, and this is what I’ve learned. Maybe my experience can help someone else. He loved me he said. For my beauty and brains, for my art, for my financial success, for my love of nature and animals. He loved my body, even it’s flaws. He praised me. We laughed all the time. We read each other’s minds and finished each other’s sentences. I’d never met anyone who made me feel so in love. Before long he was at my place all the time. But.....there were these red flags. He’d get really angry if I disagreed with him. He always told me how things should be done, but if I did the same to him he’d snap angrily. He bragged a lot about how great everyone else thought he was, and told the same stories about how many physical fights he’d won in the past, over and over. He needed constant admiration; either for his art, his handsome appearance, how funny he was (he was always “performing”), what he’d done for other people, you name it. Bit by bit he started criticizing me and undermining my accomplishments or my goals. He wanted me all to himself so he complained and sulked if I wanted time without him. Eventually my world was revolving around him, but it was never reciprocal. He spent time with his friends whenever he felt like it and I wasn’t allowed to question him whatsoever about what he did when he wasn’t with me. After a while he stopped wanting to go out like we had done, for dinner or breakfast or just antique shopping or basically anything else. We either stayed in or we went walking or biking, but that was the sum total of “going out”. I became so confused and anxious. Being with him was like walking on glass. When he shone his light on me it was the most amazing feeling in the world, but when he took it away it was hell. Whenever I’d get completely fed up and we’d fight, his reaction was extreme. Eventually he’d start the love -bombing again so I’d think everything would be okay. The up and down cycle was exhausting. I became depressed and anxious. My work suffered, my other relationships suffered, and I stopped even remembering who I’d been before we met. He continually built me up just to tear me down, until I was so broken that I didn’t recognize myself. Finally though, after seeing many different counsellors and being told by each of them that I was likely dealing with a narcissist, I researched it thoroughly and realized that I had been emotionally abused for a very long time. Somehow I found the strength to end it for good, and even though I’ve got a long way to go to recover from almost 20 years of torment, I can see the light and I know I’m going to make it. For anyone who might recognize your own relationship in what I’m saying, I can’t stress enough how vital it is to get help and get out, because these people DO NOT CHANGE. Everything will always be your fault. They are perfect in their own minds, and they will mess with your mind and your heart until you don’t know which way is up. Please listen to your instincts. Sorry for the long post!

Tired of useless crap at Christmas?

Buying eachother presents that will just go to the back of the closet then thrown away? Consider donating to a homeless charity or thrift shop. Your buck will go a long way and you never know who it'll help at the right moment. During your next trip to Costco get a few extra pairs of socks or toiletries & drop em off somewhere they'll be put to good use.

If only...

If anyone knew what I’ve been up to I’d surly be on the Naughty list.

Friday Mornings

Once a week, I get to say Fuck You to my alarm clock. It's the little things.


Salt at Bon's

There were two of you at your table. I'd met eyes with one of you once or twice so I...