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For Most People

Voting for Green candidates for the first time would hardly count as a confession. Instead, it would be a mere detail. For me, however, it took a number of epiphanies to achieve this paradigm shift. The behavior of the provincial Green caucus also helped. It felt good and the right thing to do. Of course I supported my own tribe too. I hope they all win.

Am I wrong?

Scenario 1: Woman in 4 year relationship with man, they get married--he falls out of love, wants a divorce. They separate and live apart for over three years. They meet one last time to sign the papers. She purposely gets him drunk in the hotel lobby so she could sleep with him and get pregnant. (She planned everything out down to when she was ovulating) Her plan works and she gets pregnant. The ex-husband and wife are on opposite coasts. She tells him about the baby after the baby is born, keeping it secret the entire pregnancy. Baby father clued into her plan and wants nothing to do with his ex-wife. Baby is growing up fatherless. Scenario 2: Woman who is desperate for a child (and not husband) is worried her time is running out because she's already in her late 30s, the catch is she can't afford a child on her own. So she online dates like crazy. Finally finds a guy to date. Treats the guy like crap, tells people she doesn't like him at all and is just using him to finance a child. They get married within a year. And now he pays all their bills while she stays at home with the baby. Brings baby into a toxic household with constant fighting. I don't consider myself a judgemental person, but I could not support either of these women and had to distance myself very quickly out of their lives. Was I wrong? Disclaimer: Both women told me this first hand.


It seems the people who got fired or left on their own now overpost in social media. Do they overpost because they have a lot of free time on their hands, or because they feel completely worthless and need external validation “likes”, or don’t want to be forgotten? I would think that if you got fired or quit, you’d either be laser focused on finding your next gig, or working hard at your new place. Not posting multiple times a day, everyday, on mediocre shit. It seems to be more humiliating to show up too much online after you get fired; it’s like a cry for help in the wrong outlet.


I'm a 40 year old female. I walking down Georgia Street tonight, on my way home and heading to Burrard Station. Three young men were behind me, chatting about something. I didn't tune in until I heard one say, "The older looking girl? Not old but she's 19?" I laughed to myself, realizing just how young these kids were to think that 19 looked old. I kept walking. Then I heard Guy 1 say, "Yeah, she was my neighbour in Mexico. She's a slut." My ears perked up. Guy 2 said "Yeah? Like she's easy to fuck?" Guy 3 laughed and said something I couldn't make out. Guy 2 laughed with him, punched him on the shoulder and said, "Yeah, me first, then you, right, man?" Guy 1 kept talking about how slutty this girl was. I was horrified and I wanted to tell them to stop talking about this girl like that. But I didn't because I was afraid. I noticed Guy 1 was holding a bag with a six pack in it, three cans missing. I decided to keep my mouth shut and kept walking to the skytrain. They walked a different way from me eventually. That poor girl. I hope she never meets up with them.

Stupid elections

There are too many candidates running for mayor. This is causing a lot of confusion for some people. There should be a limit of how many candidates can run for mayor. I say 3, not 7. Honestly I don’t care who wins or losses anymore, they’re all full of shit.


I googled a professor that I knew in university many years ago because I was curious to see if that person was still teaching. From what I found out, he retired a few years back and then passed away nearly six months ago. Didn’t know what to say...had a shockwave sizzle right through me as it’s always a shock when somebody dies. Especially if it’s a person you know personally. Goodbye professor, may you Rest In Peace. Amen.

To my whatever you're suppose to be...

You keep dealing with what's about you, and I'll deal with what's about me, starting with I forgive you. I hope you'll be okay, and that you make it there someday. - Just Another Guy

That's just my opinion

Y'know why there's no jobs after you get out of school? Because someone else did the same thing before you...and someone before them..and someone before them... What I'm trying to say here is that the type of job hasn't changed but there's not enough positions to fill with how many people are now ticketed or 'degreed' for a certain field. Robots are taking over many jobs that people used to get paid to do years ago yet you can still go to school and become one of those people who can't get a job because of robots. STOP going to school. Not all of you...but some of you. In your 20's you should be starting low like everyone else and work your way up to something. There's high demand for jobs but not enough fields to accommodate....because everyone wants to do the same thing as the next person. Not enough choices left out there for work in those high paying fields. Labour men are going to be the richest in the world in the future....because not many people right now want to be able to know how to fix things or lift a finger to get paid. This has a lot to do with technology. Technology is taking jobs away. It's a necessary evil you could say but that's only because we are so used to it. Thirty plus years ago we humans were fine without all this were plentiful. Today....all you get from life after schooling is 100k in debt and no jobs. I would have loved to go to school for something but it's not worth it. I'd rather go to school and learn psychology plus others to upgrade my knowledge of the world. You don't need to go to school for a specific job you want...a person gains skills without schooling. If a company want's degrees and tickets to hire that's fine...but some other company will hire you for just the skills you acquired in life...and you can probably do some things better than a person who went to school to get that job. School is a money grab. Stop giving them money. Loosen your grip on technology and try to use your hands for something else. Pick up a screw driver and mess around with it sometimes. Learn how to measure or even what a P trap is. The world needs more people to fix broken things for a reasonable price. Especially in this tech world...lots of electronic devices out there that cost a lot of money to fix by outside help....why not learn how to fix your own electronics? I have saved thousands of dollars by fixing my own devices. That's money that stays in your pocket. I assume a lot of you will disagree with this but that's fine. You have your opinions too....and I'm sure I'll read a few of them in a couple days.

Turn down the soundtrack

I’ve just noticed the relief I experience upon exiting a lot pubs and restaurants - because I don’t have to yell over the music to have a conversation anymore. I get why the music is loud at night clubs, but why it needs to be like that in places where most people gather to talk escapes me.

Can You Please...

Just stop popping into my mind while I am trying to do serious work on a massive deadline. Can you please just stop interrupting my mental productivity with flashes of your charming, cockeyed smile. Can you please just stop drawing the blood from my brain because I need it right now to think worky work thoughts. Please? Thank you.

Dear Red Pricess

I confess I'm a coward . No doubt it's true . The last whatever the (bleep) that was with my ex , well served as a very important lesson on what love wasn't . I should have … no actual I did learn a lot . I know 100% what happened with you and how I feel ,It's so much more electric . At first I would have never thought I would be professing my love for you to a posting board . See I didn't pick it , it picked me . It being love . I've decided that something as special as the feeling I get when I see this finally resolved . Well that is worth the fight . I know where we are now is my fault . You didn't tell me anything but you were honest . I appreciate that you tried to move things along ,very brave . I wasn't ready in that moment and that unpreparedness is going to cost me . So Princess I will let you sow your royal oates . I made it 3 months when I was trying to forget you and the castle . I'll be here .. ya know until I'm not .

Talking sh*t

I have a friend who talks serious shit behind our mutual friends backs every time we get together, like really mean spirited stuff. should I assume they’re doing it to me as well? Or is this normal...? How do I shut it down?

Need to wait

I confess that I met this amazing man we both saw each other and there was sparks,so we meet days later and have a great first date.Untill we make out in his car and due to that time of the month I can’t go all the way with him.i didn’t think I need to tell him why I couldn’t have sex with him as it was our first date but made plans to see each other in a few days.yesterday was in his hood and called to hook up and no answer .I wanted him so badly and was ready now but nope no reply.I confess sometimes a man needs to wait a few days for us ladies and not take the rejection so personal.

What is friendship anymore

Got totally ghosted by a friend of over 20yrs for over a yr now Not sure exactly what happened just stopped responding to me Was there for this person for yrs Would think that a person would tell you in the very least what you did wrong I sure invested alot for them to not even confront me

Temporary confidence boost

Today a woman gave me flirty eyes and smile. The bonus is she was truly gorgeous. First time in a while. It felt really good.


Nicest Guy In The Lime Green Helmet

I was lifting my bike onto an EVO near Main & Terminal after bending my wheel frame. You rode...