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Other people's mail

I don't get much mail other than the occasional bill and various fliers. I have such an urge to steal some "return to sender" mail (especially letters or cards) open and read them just to get something different in the mail and to read about someones life I haven't done it....yet

Public hospitals

The biggest mistake the hospital ever made was to have COOs and CEOs running it like a business. If you ever why you are often hurried out of the hospital or discharged really quickly before you even can heal, look to the bosses. Don't take your anger out on nurses and other staff who work so hard to keep you healthy.

Poly isn't healthy or sustainable

I was part of the "poly community" for about 10 years, and: 1. It's kind of a cult 2. It was usually super misogynistic 3. None of the relationships I saw were healthy, happy, long-term functional. It's a great system in theory for casually dating ethically when you're highly independent, but every attempt at long-term /more serious I saw basically broke down into: 1. People who weren't right for each other but didnt want to be alone while they kept looking 2. People who were too dysfunctional for a relationship spreading that dysfunction out between multiple people so it was manageable 3. One partner who was an asshole who traditionally would have just cheated but instead gaslights the partner they dont respect into being ok with it 4. Couples who were super into each other using other people as 2-dimensional sex toys / free counselors

The state of the world

Why are we all FORCED to like everyone and everything about the world or we are bad people. Just because I feel I don't agree with national selfie day or any other day I have to keep it to myself or be told I'm a bad person... Example - I'm straight. I am SO happy to live somewhere where people can be in any type of relationship they want to be in. This makes me feel good that people can be in Canada and totally be themselves! Way to go human race. BUT - Just because you don't like someone of the opposite sex or YOU are confused about YOUR sex why does this mean I have to go to great lengths to "support" you? I read a post saying if a bakery won't do a cake for a gay marriage every straight person should boycott them. Why? They just don't agree with your lifestyle, big deal. Some people don't agree with drinking, or Islam or whatever it may be. It's ok. We don't all have to agree with what the other people or peoples are doing but if you're not hurting anyone else why should you be chastised for thinking differently.

Going Dutch

Just because you want to move on doesn’t mean all the things your did are forgiven. You think simply not talking to someone is the “adult” way to handle things. It’s simply the most cowardly way to ignore the ramifications of your own choices. Life goes on. But you will forever be remembered as a weak little person who could not think or act with decency or respect.

If The Cap Fits

I have other hats, but my favourite one is from one of those trendy but overpriced corporate cratfy beer places with edgy slogans. In the merhchandise section, I just put the hat on and walked out.

Spare Change

The only people I give money to on the street is people from Women's Rape Relief.

CBC is so strange these days.

It seems every single story is trying to convince us we should be overjoyed to pay more taxes and make less wages?!

Can't get over it...

Two years ago I was sexually assaulted. I went to the police and they did nothing. There wassnt enough evidence to lay charges so the person walks away. I'm haunted by what they did to me. I can't do things I love, i can't trust people. I want to get over it and close these wounds but I cannot. I tried to get my story out as a warning about this person but most people told me to keep my drama to myself and didn't want to believe me. What should I do? How do I heal?

Executives want to help, but they feel trapped

The further I go up the corporate ladder, the less I think any of this can be fixed. It's easy from the outside to pick a bad guy and think if they just stopped being evil everything would be better, but 90% of the CEOs I talk to want to do the right thing - but then always have to add "And of course cut costs / profit is the bottom line". They're not soulless, they're just terrified of they dont put the company first, they'll get fired, and a lot of them are terribly insecure. Fuck the people who complain about housing taxes tho. Nobody needs more than one home when the average person cant even find a shack.

We've Pretty Much Done It Already

Sure you rejected me. I guess. I mean you did cut me out of your life, marry someone else, have his child and never speak to me again. But I've been hard at work the whole time visualizing us having sex daily for years now and I have an exceptionally vivid imagination so there's really nothing that hasn't been fully explored even if we didn't PHYSICALLY do it. So, if you change your mind about things it wouldn't be a big decision anyway, so don't stress it, we could even fit it in during a lunch break or if we share an elevator.

I am totally going to UBC

To see Ben Shapiro! You little SJWs are weakening and cannot stop us! Hahahha! — a UBC alumni


The SkyTrain from Coq

I saw you really dark long jet black I think , but you walked toward me . I wonder were we both...


Savage Love: Men making mouth music mistakes

I was discussing my lack of oral sex with Sam and he said he’d be willing to “help me out”.