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You don't.

What vision did you have of me? Mine was your success and happiness. It's fine, I can accept it.

No Fun Zone

I miss living on Paris and Asia and having a beer in the streets and watching the people go by. It was cheap and fun for me and my friends. Everyone knew each other and other people would swing by and say hello. It was sociable and apart of the community. Why can't Vancouverites behave themselves? Would that change if it became normal like elsewhere?

Vio Purifico

I had hoped to keep that dungeon my dirty little secret and my own burden of adventure. Imagine my surprise and concern when I found you spelunking. I know better than to doubt your courage. I hope you don't doubt my dedication, and that I'd choose coming back for you, say, 10 times out of 10. Pretty sure that's friendship, pretty sure that's love. My priorities have always been your well being first, it's always been the biggest fish. It's been hard trying to hear your voice over the sounds of battle and the terrible music. In my opinion, not easiest place for conversation. There's plenty of other beautiful scenery out there to explore, whether you want to see it together or apart. Nicer scenery for us to speak over I bet, or watch in silence. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think we've kicked the shit out of every monster in this place, and now we're just kind of showing off. I found the exit, I'll wait for you there, and I'll wait for your word. The big fish isn't that scary if you know it's weakness. If you need some time, and you need some space, but you want to talk; speak to me on the pier. You know me better than most, and you know what I'd say in the meantime. Some things will never change. And I still hope to hear from you sometime and know for certain it's you. Eh.. Now about that fish - Here's to new beginnings! :-)


My partner is emotionally abusive. We’ve been together 7 years and the abuse has been getting progressively worst. It comes in waves, everything will be fine and then he has an anger episode. He’s never remorseful or apologetic. I think I’m finally going to leave him, but I’m very scared. I have a hard time rationalizing my threshold for where I should compromise vs. what is unacceptable. I feel really unsure. I’m in my early thirties and the thought of separating is very daunting. I struggle with depression and maintaining support systems.

Japanese Cheesecake

There is this new place that sells Japanese cheesecake in Burnaby and has super long lineups. For those of you that have tried it, is it worth waiting hours in line just to get one? Is there somewhere else to get it? I walked by there yesterday and it smelled soooo good but I don't want to stand in line for hours. They should open another location so the wait time isn't unreasonable.

Vancouver is super competitive, but it's going to lose its talent

Vancouver is very competitive. I moved to another city and I'm having no problem surviving. I'm now in the top pool of talent in this new city, which is sort of crazy to experience. It seems like Vancouver's affordability pushed me out, so I'm going to laugh when the "best place on earth" becomes a talent cesspool of excrement where pale bucket boy is king.

Good Guy

I have been single for about a year and its really hard to meet guys here. It might be because I don't drink or do drugs so I don't go to bars. Just a cute guy with a good head on his shoulders with a big hearts is all I want. It doesn't matter to me whether he's a CEO or a Engineer. I just turned 25 and I have intense pressure from my Italian parents to find a guy and get married and have kids. Its literally non-stop. I just hope I can meet a good guy in the next year.


I am frustrated with how hard it is to get together with any friend for weekends etc. I guess this is how it is in your 30s when most people are settled down as many seem to be too busy to hang out. Many have partners so I know it's not possible to hang out as often as they have partners, but I'm finding this to be the case with new single female friends I've met too. I'm honestly getting tired of asking...... When coworkers ask about my weekend, I sometimes feel embarrassed as I often stay home. I want to do things, I've joined meetup groups, but many are activities I'm not interested in. (clubbing, hiking etc.) I've still tried though, and despite meeting new single women like me, I still have difficulty. I'm not really sure what to do. Although I'm looking forward to being off in the summer, I also dread being stuck at home, and only going out once in awhile. It does get me down, but I can't be the only one. As for dating, kind of given up on that. Finding someone compatible that wants a ltr is a whole other issue. I really want to just enjoy the summer, meet and spend time with friends, but it's looking grim. Any suggestions or ideas?

Wow. The CBC is broken

It's more like an advertising marketing agency, or arm of the government, for identity politics. That's dangerous.

Elder orphans

I feel so sorry for them. They're so lonely that they call 911 to have some social interaction. I definitely want kids and a big family as I never want my family members to experience something like this. It just seems to tragic. Only during our current time would something like this happen. Yikes world :/

My Brain Back, Please

Not to be overly dramatic, but I'm tormented. Did I ever stand a chance? Was it ruined from the start because I stood you up (because I didn't think I was strong enough to turn you down), or was there nothing ever there anyway? Obviously it's too late if there was anything, and since I spiraled downward it's probably too late for anything career related too, but I'd like to think it's not too late for me to live some sort of life somewhere where I don't have to fight battles in my head. I don't need my heart back. It's broken beyond repair, but please, I don't know how, but please give me back my brain.


I’ve been fantasizing about an anonymous sexual encounter to experiment with another man. I’m happily married but I keep wondering how it is on the other side. I sometimes really wonder how I can experiment safely and anonymously in Vancouver?


My confession is that anytime someone wishes me a "Happy FriYAY", I want to slap them. It was cute the first time but 47 times later....


Solo Brunch with a Book

I was eating brunch alone at the bar, reading a book. As I left you stopped me to tell me that...


Savage Love: Men making mouth music mistakes

I was discussing my lack of oral sex with Sam and he said he’d be willing to “help me out”.