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summer of sin?

You're so hard to read, and you drive me absolutely insane. I wish you'd just stop pushing me away, it's like the minute you started to feel what I felt, and we're starting to "catch feelings", you totally turned into a different person, to try to change your feelings... Ouch... And as if im still falling in love with you.

Loved reading

I hate fake eyelashes...... how come nobody can be identical anymore. How come everything is fake , has become fake; eyelashes. boobs, fingernails, toenails , faces, skin and the list is endless.... where did we go wrong.....?!? and when........?!?

No friend of mine

About thirty years ago or so, I knew a girl in my school who was a rebel through and through. She hated authority it seemed, skipping school at the age of 14, smoking, drinking and cussing, even having sex with more than one person in our school. When I asked her how she could do all this, she laughed at me. She also got away with stealing her parent's motorhome and crashing it into a boulevard, stealing native headdress bonnets from the Bay by putting them on and walking out, and leather coats and suits from other stores. I used to think she was brave, at least, because it seemed she never got caught and if she did get into trouble she rebounded quickly. Now with the internet I found out her uncle was a police officer and her father a politician, which may explain a few things. She also left Canada for the States for a few years and never has a picture posted on the internet. I no longer feel that she was really ever a friend, but what shocks me the most is that I never knew how she got away with everything and she never told me.

Ludicrous marijuana legislation

What irks me the most about the laws that will be coming into force are the laws regarding cultivation and possession of marijuana. It is really terribly difficult to understand why alcohol is available in unlimited quantities and indeed promoted heavily meanwhile the absolutely less harmful recreational or medicinal substance is demonized once again. It has been at least 40 years since I have gotten piss drunk, although I do enjoy a glass of wine, a beer, etc moderation is key, and while on the other hand just use medicinal marijuana for the most part, to function as a normal human being, use far more of it with less harmful effect. Overall health is good, no kidney problems, no addiction issues, no driving while impaired. Today's youth are enjoying the pleasures of people who for many decades stubbornly refused to quit smoking weed, always believing in the ultimate "good" or positive effect and seeking to increase that for the user by creating more useful strains. This should be acknowledged somehow in my opinion, by everyone who appreciates what is now coming to pass as some of the stigma may be removed. Can you imagine if the government tried to tell you how many beer or what type to buy? Or that you could not even make your own? It seems a monumental shame to bring about the legalization in this way, hope it changes.

Can't do anything

There is just nothing I can do to save save them from it. They have no idea what they've done, they have no idea what's coming, and I have no way to explain it to them. They are so screwed. They have no idea of how lost, without hope they're going to become. I shouldn't even care. They did it to themselves, all because they didn't want to listen. They are doomed.


As a fan of history I enjoy reading about the prosperity of ancient (and not so ancient ) cities reaping the rewards of their successful trading relations , the fabulous buildings , statuary , plazas . The residents enjoying the wealth so created and most of the citizenry enjoying the party. Here we are , a modern day gateway to the rest of the country and the USA . The port absolutely teeming with activity, cruise ships, cargo , containers , tourists. The airport full to bursting point What do WE get ? Well we get higher property prices and taxes , people unable to afford to live here, spartan and high priced public services and not a sign of all the money that's rolling in from the port or the airport. So where the fuck is it being spent, where's the benefits of a throbbing, dynamic, booming city to its residents. All we seem to get is a bigger bill in the mail every month, no benefits from the cascade of money that's flowing in. The dystery meepens


Every time your story paints you in a bad light, you go and you change your entire story. Don't keep trying to tell me I did something wrong. We both know you're a big nosed liar! And I guarantee that surround you know it to, they just don't tell you to your face because they don't want to have to put up with that indignant and petty side of you.

My little boy

My little boy is 5 years old and I’m starting to realize that my boy will be my boy. He loves dancing and singing more than sports and cars. I LOVE sports and cars and I used to dream of sharing this love with my son. But most of all, I love him the most. I’m not going to push sports on him and I’m going to sing my heart out with him like he wants me to. I’m just getting used to all this.


"Holden... Holden!..." I heard a woman calling her cat (I assume it was a cat, it was small and not responding what ever it was). I immediately thought of Holden Caulfield - who else is named Holden? I stopped to watch to see what a cat named Holden Caulfield looked like. She saw me looking.

Not White

Maybe they just ghosted me because they found out that I'm not fully white. I've had people before suddenly lose all respect for me, and looked at me as if I was beneath them the moment they found out that I'm biracial and not really one of them. That would suck if they were really like that.

Uneasy Question

I don't want to ask my friends if they are thinking about having a second kid because: a) I would think that they are crazy or greedy. b) it means they're gonna have to move far, far away.

Emotional Abuse

I confess that I have been guilty of doing this to my own children. When I think it of now that they are all adults, I wish I could go back in time and never do that; yelling from frustration, paying more attention to chores than to their emotional needs, generally allowing my own stress and problems and unhappiness to interfere with my main job as a mother. After so much time to reflect and so many visits to therapists, it's clear that I was simply repeating the pattern I was raised with, without ever being conscious at the time about what I was doing, and the long-term damage I was causing. I was emotionally and physically abused as a child. I had no real role model to learn from when it came to having a loving relationship with a parent. I was taken care of physically, but completely neglected emotionally, and verbally abused constantly. I grew up with zero self-esteem. I felt unloved by both parents. As a result, I've entered into multiple relationships over time with men who were also emotionally abusive and / or physically abusive, because as much as I intellectually knew that it wasn't acceptable, I was so used to be treated badly that I tolerated things I shouldn't have. I guess I was just so used to it, and I was so desperate to be loved. Emotional abuse is insidious. It will gradually wear the person down to the point that they are so damaged they can barely function. It leaves more scars than physical abuse, because they're inside where no one can see them, so often times people don't understand how much damage has been done to the victim. An emotional abuser doesn't behave badly in front of other people for the most part. They save it for behind closed doors. By the time you realize what's happened, the damage is done. Now I'm trying hard to recover from my latest emotionally abusive relationship, and wishing that I could really explain how bad it was, and why I've become so dysfunctional as a result. I have apologized profusely to my children, and hope that they never repeat the pattern like I did. I'm trying to move forward in my life, and now that I am aware of it, I hope to never become involved in that type of relationship again. Thanks for listening.

Poor travellers

I see tourists being scammed all the time by the weird balding short guy who hangs out around the skytrain stations downtown. I told a few people as I walked by from time to time if I saw them bringing their wallets out that he is a scammer but I’m scared now he might hurt me. Something about him pisses me off that he’s lived for at least 12 years scamming people. He tried a few times with me when I first moved here, always a different story to get some money. Anyways, if anyone is reading this beware of the short balding man, he’s a liar hahaha.

Other people's mail

I don't get much mail other than the occasional bill and various fliers. I have such an urge to steal some "return to sender" mail (especially letters or cards) open and read them just to get something different in the mail and to read about someones life I haven't done it....yet


Nice chat at the hive

I met you when you came to check on your friend's super cute dog. We talked about your...


Savage Love: Men making mouth music mistakes

I was discussing my lack of oral sex with Sam and he said he’d be willing to “help me out”.