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Dear home-sellers / landlords

Please take note: a storage closet is not a den. A den is not a bedroom. A room divider does not take the place of an actual wall, so you cannot call that space a bedroom. If you’re advertising for long term tenants, don’t expect them to sign a fixed term lease so that you can jack the rent up every year without having to adhere to the max percentage defined under the RTA. If you’re renting out a suite in your own house, please remember that you have no more right to enter at will simply because it’s “my place”. Once a tenant signs a rental agreement that unit becomes their home and you must abide by the RTA. If you can’t deal with that then you’re not cut out to be a landlord. When advertising a unit located in your home, it’s relevant and helpful to mention upfront that you have a family of 10 living above the unit. Given that you’re expecting the tenant to live like a monk, that’s only fair, wouldn’t you agree? If you’re selling your home please don’t lie on advertising about the amenities or the square footage. Unless the balcony is actually included in the legal unit entitlement of that condo, you’re not allowed to include it because it doesn’t belong to the unit. Also, a 30 year old “spa” that hasn’t been operational in a decade cannot reasonably be described as an “amenity”. In conclusion, why not stop wasting my time and yours with false advertising and / or unreasonable requirements?

It's not a homeless crisis

It's a decision making and administrative crisis. There's more than enough money around to solve the problem and to keep it solved. Here's a country that has the resources to remove every single homeless person in Canada , house them in reasonable modular homes, feed them and look after their health. Like I said in a previous confessional rant, there's unbelievable amounts of money flowing into the coffers of all levels of Government and Crown Corporations, yet getting that money out into society in an efficient way is next to impossible. As it is, it's the individual City's problem and neither the Provinces or the Fed show any interest in developing a nationwide policy to fix things. They shovel money out off the back of trucks to places like The Portland Hotel Society and their ilk ( most do a great job but it's like running water uphill) and there is absolutely no improvement. Hastings Street downtown is a national disgrace and present attempts to clean it up are an abysmal failure. You can't fix this thing with the approach we have been using for the last 20 years. You need stronger laws that enable us to take people into care who can't look after themselves . We used to have that when Riverview was fully operational but since it was wound down, the helpless and the homeless and the mentally ill have had no place to live but the street. So now it's not only downtown but it's in Coquitlam on the riverbanks, in Surrey in the parks, in Maple Ridge, in Mission with tent cities. Just doling out money without some sort of target and strategy to reduce the pain has not worked and never will work

Any price is acceptable when you’re after LTR

Over the past 5 years, well pretty much since I came to Canada I’d dated 3 girls until I met my current gf who seems to be my fiancée pretty soon;) I’m pretty happy and thank you all for the congrats very much. So anyways at some point in a relationship (usually on a 3-7 month) I always put girls to tests. As you may have figured none of those 3 girls passed my tests except for the last one. The test included “a stranger in a sportcar”, “obtaining her text messages”, “becoming the best friend ever with her best friend” solely to pull out some info on the girlfriend and so on. Was it wrong!? I guess who cares?! I’d rather do that then will be screwed over one day by her. Anyways I told my current gf about these tests and the fact that she passed them. She was pissed as hell. But then she understood my concerns as she is from the same country where family values prevail over carrier or money. I proposed her last night after nearly one year together . She said Yes:)

Younger punks

Are pretty much nerds wearing appropriated punk style who will do anything that authority figures tell them to. PC-warrior punks are just crotchety yippie shits who will be drinking yuppie coffee in 4 years. "Can't do this! Can't say that!". What losers. Go fucken suck the teet of your future HR manager. Losers.

Pitt bulls are so safe

Which is why an infant in Montreal almost died, eh. You wouldn't keep a wolf, even if you trained it properly, so why would you keep a pitt bull? They are good for farm work. Not great everyday pets though.

The homeless & drug addicts in the DTES

For you folks live in your comfortable burbs or your affuent neighborhoods why do you bitch about the DTES residents or homeless or addicts when you never go there, it's not like you guys are experts are you you or shop there? I mean why don't you just shop in Richmond or North Van or Langley or Surrey there where you won't have to deal with the "riff raff"......arm chair experts lol

GS Alternatives

Are there any GS confessions alternatives that are unbiased towards men?

Bike Lanes...

... I am a cyclist, and I don't like bike lanes. They embolden the small percentage of asshole drivers to feel entitled to the road because "there's a bike lane over there." And many of them are simply to take away the most amazing routes, like 4th from Cambie Bridge out to UBC, that is probably the sweetest route out to alma---you climb a bit of a hill to get to 4th and Arbutus, but from there you essentially coast down to Alma. When there is a bike lane within a few blocks, asshole drivers expect bikes to take them. I don't believe in apartheid. Having bike lanes is one step closer to _requiring_ bikes to use them. Like on 10th now, the "bike lane" isn't even wide enough for bikes to safely pass. You can bet I am going to stay on the road where I can pass or be passed.

An idea!

I know how I can make freinds here in Vancouver, I'll just say I'm not from here & that I'm from some exotic country

Lighten up & light up & blaze

Now that weed is now pretty well legal here in Canada maybe we here in Vancouver will become less uptight & chill out be more friendlier, more relaxed & not bitch as much about stupid stuff

To all of those

Those guys who think, just because I posted myself on the beach “half naked” within first 3 photoes of my profile, that I’m a promiscuous woman I wanna say screw you. I’m an independent and strong woman

You don't.

What vision did you have of me? Mine was your success and happiness. It's fine, I can accept it.

No Fun Zone

I miss living on Paris and Asia and having a beer in the streets and watching the people go by. It was cheap and fun for me and my friends. Everyone knew each other and other people would swing by and say hello. It was sociable and apart of the community. Why can't Vancouverites behave themselves? Would that change if it became normal like elsewhere?

Vio Purifico

I had hoped to keep that dungeon my dirty little secret and my own burden of adventure. Imagine my surprise and concern when I found you spelunking. I know better than to doubt your courage. I hope you don't doubt my dedication, and that I'd choose coming back for you, say, 10 times out of 10. Pretty sure that's friendship, pretty sure that's love. My priorities have always been your well being first, it's always been the biggest fish. It's been hard trying to hear your voice over the sounds of battle and the terrible music. In my opinion, not easiest place for conversation. There's plenty of other beautiful scenery out there to explore, whether you want to see it together or apart. Nicer scenery for us to speak over I bet, or watch in silence. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think we've kicked the shit out of every monster in this place, and now we're just kind of showing off. I found the exit, I'll wait for you there, and I'll wait for your word. The big fish isn't that scary if you know it's weakness. If you need some time, and you need some space, but you want to talk; speak to me on the pier. You know me better than most, and you know what I'd say in the meantime. Some things will never change. And I still hope to hear from you sometime and know for certain it's you. Eh.. Now about that fish - Here's to new beginnings! :-)


My partner is emotionally abusive. We’ve been together 7 years and the abuse has been getting progressively worst. It comes in waves, everything will be fine and then he has an anger episode. He’s never remorseful or apologetic. I think I’m finally going to leave him, but I’m very scared. I have a hard time rationalizing my threshold for where I should compromise vs. what is unacceptable. I feel really unsure. I’m in my early thirties and the thought of separating is very daunting. I struggle with depression and maintaining support systems.


Solo Brunch with a Book

I was eating brunch alone at the bar, reading a book. As I left you stopped me to tell me that...


Savage Love: Men making mouth music mistakes

I was discussing my lack of oral sex with Sam and he said he’d be willing to “help me out”.