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Some weeks ago I passed by the place where my old neighbour lived. Then I found out that he died six months ago. Don’t know any details. I’m beginning to wonder if the next person that moved in has seen his ghost.

Dating Culture

I have never had any trouble meeting men in the City. I mean they make up 50% of the population. Of course I put in some effort. I go to the gym 5 days a week and dress professionally. I get asked out at least twice a day. If I find a man attractive I will flirt with them. I have standards just like everyone else. I am from Poland so I don't play games. I only date one person and I am very upfront of what my expectations are. If you aren't looking to get married in the future or have children I won't waste my time on you. I just don't see any problems with the dating culture here and I think maybe some people are just anti-social or don't put in proper effort to attract anyone.

“Nice” guys.... a ridiculously common comment in this forum. The assumption is that in order for a guy to be “nice”, he must also be unattractive/very average in looks, intelligence, and earnings. What a complete crock. I’ve met and dated men of varying levels of attractiveness and wealth, and I can say with certainty that neither of those attributes has anything to do with how “nice” they were. In fact, I often found that some of the least attractive guys were also the most bitter and obnoxious ones, who had a ginormous chip on their shoulder because they got rejected by many women. They likely got rejected as much for having a lousy personality as they did for not being good looking or rich! I’ve also been with men who were attractive, had a good income, and who were also very nice. It’s such a tedious stereotype that the only nice guys are also the least attractive and have the lowest incomes. Nice try.

Main and Broadway, RIP.

I wish everyone who preaches to love Mount Pleasant or wears East Van represent type shirts, had bothered to show up any time at any Vancouver council meetings about the skytrain prior to 2017... I am mad at every person who spent more time on an American Election in 2015/16 that meant nothing in their day to day lives than they did paying attention to the redevelopment of their own damn backyard. Anyways, soak it in while you can, like the loss of the iconic Foundation... soon goes our community.

New Topic Please

I get annoyed by people who constantly have to state the obvious and comment on my appearance.

My luck is

Changing. Whooof finally My oasis!! Think it's looking good. Grey skys turning blue baby. When you least expect it:)

Red Flag

I should have known something was up when I saw them accept the server's number.

Dinner and a show

Nothing like going to my fave pub for a quick dinner on my own. Then being chatted up by a colourful, slightly inebriated Aussie fishermen. Well at least I learned how Australian football came to be. Who said Vancouver isn't fun?

Women in the NFL

Why is this a story. This is stupid. Currently there is a viral video of a woman's national soccer team player kicking a 55 yard field goal. Our beloved Lui Passaglia was not some great football player, he was simply a guy who could kick a ball long distance consistently. Hence he played for like 25 years. BUT OH MY GAWD SHE'S A WOMAN! For all the white knighting feminism right now, this story is beyond stupid. The chances that a woman's national soccer team might fit this role of accuracy of a kicking a ball better than her male counterparts is not science fiction mumbo jumbo, it's pretty damn logical. She has been professionally kicking all her damn life. It is 2019 yet I feel like I am understanding the logic of society of a time when woman were.... gasp.... not allowed in the sciences... or to vote.

There is nothing

I can or ever will do. I'm a born loser unwanted and unloved. Nothing has ever worked right. I look forward to death's sweet release...



You: Green Chuck Taylor's. Me: Burgundy Chuck Taylor's. I wanted to chat further &...

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