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Cannabis Store Regulations

I'm reading an article on all the hoops dispensaries have to jump through, and one of the main hoops is logically their finances and making sure no money comes from organized crime. Makes sense. Selling of pot has always been criminal. That's the funny hypocritical sad part.... the amount of companies that use organized crime money is very high. Not just casino's money laundring, but crime money gets invested in companies all the time. Say you open a restaurant, you have a good idea and think you are on a level playing field as every other restaurant. that's cute. but completely naive. the amount of restaurants that "investors" is high. which circles back to pot shops. especially the ones who are doing things as legit as they can to legalized. there is less illegal money in opening a government operated cannabis shop then there likely is half the restaurants you go in. it's funny. well, not funny.

China's Social Credit System

There have been many reports in the news about China's new social credit system, and CCTV camera's that use AI and facial recognition, and how these things are being used to suppress groups that oppose China's government, and those that are not Chinese. Well... our governments are doing the same thing. The difference is, they are better at keeping it secret.

That time of year again

So I'm very, very faired skinned with nearly white hair. I'm like that all year, but the moment summer rolls around random people suddenly feel the need to come up to me and make comments about my appearance. I just dont get it.. Tell me is that not a bit rude?! I find it very uncomfortable being suddenly looked at like some kind of specimen just because the sun is out. And quite frankly, it's just so awkward. What the hell am I supposed to say to some stranger telling me how quickly I must get burnt. "Um... yeah... thanks for telling me I didn't already know that smartass..." seriously just keep your thoughts to yourself.


I was in a very safe marriage. Big house and a good guy but there was no excitement. I felt trapped. It was a life of excess but I wasn't happy. Money doesn't buy you happiness. I met an artist and he changed my life. He had this zest for life and excitement. I left my husband to be with this man. We were poor but so happy. Everyday was a new adventure. Don't waste your life with someone who is safe spend it with someone who lights your soul on fire.

The closing of the Cambie

I admit I haven’t been there for a while. But I’m bummed it is closing. Yes the bathrooms were sometimes in rough shape and the beer not so great, but the “come as you are” vibe and the communal picnic table seating were the best. It was always fun when I went and it always gave me opportunities to talk to new people way different from me. I can’t say that I’ve been able to have that random face to face conversation successfully in other Vancouver bars. The communal seating is a great leveller there. You can’t stick to your own group/clique. You get to meet strangers and have a chat which for someone like me, I love. For sure I’ll go to the Cambie before they close on Nov 30. I don’t care about establishments closing in Vancouver, but I care about this closing. Fancy, precious, new, trendy doesn’t impress me. Heart does.

Boo Boo

I left my money on the table at the Ivanhoe when I went to the restroom. Silly me.

More please

It doesn't really matter what it is, I just want more. To fill the void within.

I confess I’m a total gym rat.

And I just bought a condo with a fully-equipped, awesome gym in the building. And no one seems to use it except me. Awesome perk, my own personal gym, kind of a dream come true for a guy who has paid steep monthly gym dues, put up with crowded peak times for the past 20 years or so.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I'm leaving Canada. My flights are booked for August 1st. I'm scared, excited, and worried. But I've lived in Vancouver and Canada long enough to know how the system works here. By the way.. you don't realize just how enslaved you are until you try to leave.


Pulp Fiction employee

I was there picking in an order Sunday the 23rd. Afterwards as I was browsing you came out to...

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