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My kingdom for the guts and this couple to leave... I can sit beside you. This beautiful vision of blonde locks w a kiss of strawberry. That and the guts to actually speak to you if they do leave. My kingdom for a real conversation in our paradoxical world where we are hyperconnected virtually and our hearts.

Feeling blessed...

I love my life. Perfect husband, perfect kid, perfect guy friend, very chill job, and some interesting but fun friends that helps me grow everyday. I have it all but for some unknown reasons, I have never expressed it to anyone! I am afraid to sound obnoxious to one’s ear if I share that kind of there. Thought the universe should know it in written as well :)

Stop Staring!!!

Everywhere I go, people stare at me. It’s weird. Even if I look right at them they keep looking at me. If I look long enough they’ll look aware but I can feel their eyes on me all the time. I hate it.

The proper way.

You say I should have asked you out properly. However, I never did ask you out at all, and even if I would have, there is no proper way of asking someone out that is already in a relationship. It just isn't proper. Sorry, not sorry.

Screw YOU!

You have no right to judge me unless you've walked a mile in my shoes. And if you caused me to walk all those miles, then I have every right to rant, and rave at you as much as I see fit. So shut your mouth, bend over, and take what you deserve!

Good Advice

I have been married for 25 years and I am going to give my opinion on dating after reading the articles on this website. I think young people need to put down their cellular phones and stop typing to people. They need to go out and see the world and then they can meet people. You can't meet people staring at a computer screen. Young people need to go to neighborhood block parties, dances, box socials, and church. You meet nice girls and those kinds of places. Tell the girl you fancy them and see what they say. If you are well dressed and respectable the girl will respond to you. My son is swiping on a cellular phone and it makes no sense. I was walking down the street and all the young people weren't looking up they were just looking at their cellular phones when walking. I really think its a sad state in the world that dating has been reduced to swiping a computer screen with your hands.

Fun with Inked

I confess. I wish we could go back to the start and enjoy each other the way we did then. It was so lovely and easy and fun. You loved sneaking away from the dinner table to chat with me. Texting me from the road made the trips that much more exciting for you. Everything was a certain kind of perfect and I miss that part.

Tough Lamer

I find the whole idea of paying someone to run an obstacle course with your friends an absolute embarrassment. It is the definition of Western Privilege. Whenever someone tells me they are doing this, my respect for them fades away. Seriously, give your money to a charity or organization that is helping people in need and go for a hike with your friends. Roll around in some mud and climb some stairs but, come on, get over yourself and do something that is actually worthy of admiration.

Am I politically correct?

I grow corn for a living. I am not rich, but people think I am racist because I am white and I apparently built an empire. Cry me a river, please, softie students.

Oh man. Free WiFi

The free WiFi on the transportation systems in other countries is amazing. The cellular plans are cheap too. Fuck yeah. Good luck vancouverites!!!!

Don't be that guy!

Why do people think that when they're downtown they can yell, hoot, howl, play loud music or be generally obnoxious at all hours of the morning, in any area? We live in an apartment building well away from granville street. There are lots of families in all of the towers near me. AND yet we have to put up with couples having screaming matches, drunken groups of males shouting obscenities at each other or hooting as they walk down the street, motorcycles with extra loud exhausts and all kinds of generall jackassery. I know you don't act like this when you get to your neighbourhood (god forbid your parents or neighbours wake up)! Why do you think its ok to do it in ours??

I hate going out.

Each time I go out with people I get so depressed. I try to have a good time but I start thinking about the women around me. One woman was talking about someone to another woman saying "he's cute, is he available?" I know it's self centered but all I could think of was "I'm single, I'm sitting right beside you!" I look across a table to a woman pawing at a guy who wasn't interested in her. Again thinking "I'm available, that guy obviously isn't into you. I know he's attractive but come on!" It just feels like everything around me was saying "you're okay but completely undesirable". As the years go by I feel like I'm going more and more insane. I can't just ignore these things that are happening around me but never to me. I just want to stay home so I'm never reminded of how sexually unattractive I am.

The Smarterest

Whether it's against the arts, women's rights, liberals... I always wonder how small-town people with limited educations somehow think they know better than those with so much more knowledge. My partner's mother is scared of the NDP because she thinks they're all gypsies. So strange I don't even know how to argue with that. My trucker brother in law is convinced it's impossible to get protein from plants. The fact I'm a vegan bodybuilder somehow doesn't negate that. Why don't facts and evidence work on anyone? I feel like I live in idiocracy.


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