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Tidying Up

I can't sympathize with couples in Marie Kondo's Tidying Up show. They made the decision to get a huge house, have 2-3 kids and get a LOT of stuff around and then they complain their house is too messy. And, of course, they always blame it on the house, as if the house is an entity that made decisions for them. Your life is overwhelming because you made it that way and your messy house is just a reflection of your poor decisions.

50 shades of grey

I confess this weather is killing me. I can't wake up in the mornings. I am a zombie at work. The endless grey skies and grey days just blend into a concrete coloured nightmare. I'll try and do a lunchtime workout and it temporarily lifts my energy. But then I slip into grey blahness on the commute home in my bulky coat and winter boots. Get me the eff to California, or Thailand or the Gold Coast. I look at swimsuit pictures, flower farm pictures, beach pictures and dream of colour and warmth again. Obviously I'm not a good Canadian. I don't even want to drink; I just want to shed my itchy bulky winter clothes and lie on a sun-warmed rock with lizards and listen to the wind rustle through the trees. This is probably the most grossest February ever.

Wow it could be an..

earlier than expected spring. So love is in the air am told a new girl you may have on your mind. It's ok with me for sure happy is all I've asked for you. So please ask silly people to stop trying to hurt a heart not prone to jealous behavior. Sorry kids but you might try somewhere else.

Lonely Vancouver

I keep seeing this message written all over Vancouver. " TALK TO STRANGERS" From what Ive seen no one chats to real people anymore.. People stare alot but don't make an effort to chat with someone they may finding interesting.. Scared. What's the worst that can happen.. Screw your Pride.. Go for it Strangers are just friends you haven't met Yet.. Well Most.. BE BRAVE VANCOUVER

Your Housekeeper

I love cleaning. No i do not have an obsession but i dont know many people who buy cleaning supplies with their extra money and even assemble a cleaning book im writing. So when i come to your house and i am in the middle of my job please save your comments until my job is done. DONT FORGET TO VACUUM OVER HERE... She yells as im in the middle of vacuuming... And just finished doing a little something special like oiling your antique furniture.. I cant hear you first of all and i will just smile and nod but im really thinking DONT FORGET TO FUCK OFF MATE !


I find it a joke how some companies advertise their dress shoes as "vegan leather"...umm...that's called synthetic/man made/pleather!!!! Stop trying to use "vegan" to sell your shoes and stop trying to make it sound like it's of high quality cuz dress shoes that are not made of leather are usually not durable or long lasting!!!!

I wish

I have two friends that are very attracted to me and they are both lovely people. They are both marriage material and have expressed to me on separate occasions that they’d love to be with me. The problem is I’m not attracted to either of them and would prefer to stay friends. It’s tough to keep the friendships because I know how they feel about me but I’ve known them both for many years. My love life has always been a disaster and they’d both treat me like gold if I gave one of them a chance but I can’t bring myself to. Other friends have encouraged me to give it a try but I don’t want to get their hopes up and have to let them down. The sexual attraction just isn’t there. It sucks.

Audio Voyeur

I confess, I try to listen when I can hear my neighbours having sex. I wish they were louder.

Don't eat out anymore

I hardly ever eat out or else I have to tip a ludicrous amount. Even if I tip 20%, I usually never get a thank you from the server. A server I went to school with posted on FB. She said that people who can't afford to tip shouldn't go to a restaurant. I wish consumers had an anti-tipping union right about now. She tends to think she is entitled to a good wage while everyone else has to suffer through life.

Long time coming

Finally! So glad we’re getting the Skytrain line extended from King George into Langley City. It should have been done a long time ago, but it never happened thanks to the pandering and lollygagging of stupid politicians. Nobody even wanted LRT in the first place so we all made it very clear in the last election. Anyways, really looking forward to this new line. Perhaps I’ll be the first one to ride it on opening day.


Lookin' Back to See

Near West Broadway at Macdonald at mid-day Tuesday, you have straight, dark hair and fair skin,...

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