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No friends

Where does one new meet friends in Vancouver anyway? Born and raised here. Me this weekend: "Anyone free to do _______ today?" Friend 1: I have a dinner to go to Friend 2: I'm with my boyfriend today Friend 3: my husband and I are visiting the parents Friend 4: I'm hanging with my boyfriend today Friend 5: working Friend 6, 7, 8: Hanging with my boyfriend today. I need new friends stat.

Renters of Vancouver, re: "Ray"

(I want to keep my Facebook account private so I'm posting my ROV comment here instead. Thanks for understanding!) __________________ I think this is actually a pretty common thing – some guy who say's he's a student (but weirdly can't produce any student ID) moves into a house full of students and, after a short period of time, stops paying rent, stops doing chores, starts acting all creepy and inappropriate, etc. These parasites are freeloaders who prey on young folks who are, for the most part, living outside of their parent's home for the first time. Take some advice from someone who's been there themselves! If you're going to rent a room to someone that you can't personally vouch for, you need to take some steps to protect yourself and your other roommates. First, ask to see – and get a photocopy of – their current, valid student ID. Then create a "sublet lease" that clearly states the terms of their rental agreement including move-in date, move-out date, amount of rent and utilities per month (or week), pay half a month's rent up front as a security deposit to be returned to them – with interest – at the end of their lease period (assuming that their rent/utilities are paid up and that their room is clean and in good repair), etc. Include a paragraph that states that they understand that this is a legal contract and that you will sue them in small claims court if the terms of the lease are violated – otherwise, you and your other roommates could be on the hook for their rent and their portion of the utilities, which can add up fast. The prospective renter should sign the 'sublet lease' and you (or whoever holds the lease on the property) should sign it as well in front of them. Provide them with a copy and keep one for yourself in a safe, off-site location. If they argue or have an issue with any of these conditions, tell them to find housing elsewhere. This will keep the freeloading parasites who seek out and prey on young university students out of your home!

Lessons from the corporate world

My main takeaways from working in the corporate world for a few years now: 1) Most middle managers have no management skills or training. 2) Apparently you do not need to be in any way smart or competent to be a middle manager either. More often than not, my managers have just gotten in the way more than they actually help. My job would be accomplished so much more easily if I didn't have someone constantly distracting me with useless meetings so they can feel busy, or swooping in to take credit for my work when they did absolutely nothing. My current manager is the worst. I don't even know how he got hired as a regular employee, let alone in a management role. He has no idea what he's talking about 99% of the time, but just spouts off random shit as fact, only for all of us to learn later that it's completely wrong, and we have to re-do everything. He literally does nothing, but then likes to claim our work as his own to the higher ups. I'm gonna make sure that whatever role I get after this is either a remote position or freelancing. I've had enough of useless morons breathing down my neck and making my life way harder than it has to be. I only want to manage myself from now on.

electoral reform pls

The BC Liberal oppostion is promoting their anti electoral reform dialogue and it looks tired as hell. Creating a better and more fair voting outcome for people in BC is a postive step for our democracy. I’d like to see interests less inclined to preserve dated standards and priveledges, and ones that are more open to new ideas. Also media need not refer to viewers and citizens as “regular people”, as life is not so much a pissing contest, mind your classisms please.

The Only Single 30 Year Old

I never thought of myself as someone desperate to be in a relationship. I've always been very independent, and happy to spend time on my own. In fact, I am quite picky about who I choose to let into my world, and would much rather be alone than with the wrong person. I used to have quite a few single or at least non-attached-at-the-hip-with-their-partner friends to hang out with as well. But lately, it seems like literally EVERY person I know is in a serious relationship but me. Every time I hang out in a group now it seems like I'm the only person there without a significant other. I've never been one to really care about this before, and I am of course happy for all of these people who seem to have found happiness. But it just makes me question whether I'm missing something. Is there something wrong with me? Maybe I've gotten too used to being on my own. Where are all these single people in their 30s like TV shows and movies would have you believe? Because that does not seem to be the case in my life, and it's making me feel like kind of a weirdo, as ashamed as I am to say it. Anyone else in the same boat?

If I could do it again

I would have had kids in my 20s and been like "fuck my career". Career just ruins you, mentally, and you have less time for the things that matter. I listened to the kool-aid, which was to go to university, don't have kids, and concentrate on a career. Worst idea, ever. I think that people can see that listening to the government and being docile loyal political servants to them is not working out for them.

Too Hardcore

Tried writing my story and experience with you here and I didn't get past the editor. Too many hardcore themes I think. The abridged version: It's been three weeks that I feel you're safe again. Maybe not in my arms, but I know it my heart; it's a feeling.

My dick hurts

From being hungover and masturbating all day while nursing my sorrows, in bed. Has anyone else gone through this before? Is this something that happens to women as well?

In SJW fashion, ugh.

I finally bought an iPhone. I was walking through a Granville Street protest by chance. I felt very hip a la "faux save the planet".

I feel like a drunk

When I wake up hungover on Saturday and Sunday. What a waste of a day.


Unfortunately I take transit everywhere. While on the bus I always look out the windows if I can to see what’s happening on the street. The warmer months bring scantily clad women out which gives my eyes some candy to look at while I whizz by them. Do you know what I see other people doing on the bus? They have their head buried in their phones and miss all of these opportunities to stimulate themselves. I’m so glad I’m not one of them.


Like many single women, I'm frustrated and have no idea why dating is so hard here. It's really hit my self esteem hard, and made me feel unattractive.... I feel like I'm hideous.... I'm petite, slim, and even have had close friends say you're such a nice person, and pretty, just keep trying and not give up. I've taken long breaks from dating to focus on myself and due to bad experiences though. Im not looking to have kids and ok with not getting married. I think most men want kids so that's tough, and I'm more physically attracted to white guys (I just feel indifferent to Indian guys etc.) so that's probably another tough thing that makes dating harder for me. I'm approaching 40, and never thought I'd still be single. My friends say not to give up, but I have many times. I get so much pressure to get married, especially with a number of weddings coming up again from family and I'm frustrated as they don't get how hard it can be, and I don't want an arranged marriage. meeting someone for love that is compatible, and a good person looking for a ltr where there is a mutual connection and attraction seems impossible in Vancouver. It seems they're all taken though at my age. I did meet a really good guy last year, but realized it was more of a friendship, and couldn't see myself with him as a long term partner which sucked...... I've had only a few relationships and due to long distance (I can't move to the US) they didn't work out. I wish I could just be okay and turn off the desire to meet someone special and have a ltr like so many people I know. It'd make life so much easier. There's no off switch though. I spend time with friends, do things I enjoy, have career goals, and think it's important to have this with or without a partner. I don't want or need to be with a guy all the time, and think it's good that both people have their friends, and time separately and not be joined at the hip. I find couples that only see each other and neglect friends etc. strange, but to each their own. So what do I do? Reconcile and try to accept being single (more women doing that) or keep trying to date and get nowhere as I'm not sure where or how to meet potential available like minded guys? I'd appreciate constructive, tactful advice. I've seen people be so mean to each other on comments online, and hope someone can maybe give some good advice. Thanks.

Don't give up.

I was raised with every possible opportunity in the best family imaginable. I went off the rails - lost my way in my late 20's early 30's. I thought it was over at this point - too late to make up 10 years of lost time. I now have a very good career, climbed the corporate ladder very quickly and am married to the woman of my dreams. All this in the span of 3 years. Luck? Absolutely. But luck only brings you so far. Keep pushing, despite how bleak and hopeless the situation is. As cliche as this post is, just remember we're all 'strong' at something. Harness that strength, learn how to show people why its valuable - and maybe one day, you will be the one sharing this story.


I got tired of being pressured to "fit in" and trying to live up to the status quo. I like my life the way it is and I've learned to embrace my individuality. If only people would just chill and not be so caught up egoic pursuits. Caring about what others think of you is a superficial way of thinking. There are bigger problems happening in the world.


Lotus tattoo on your shoulder

I was dozing in the grass when you sat down near me — circle frames and long blonde hair. I was...


Savage Love: Micro-infidelities and other toxic concepts

We are living in a culture that defines absolutely everything as cheating.