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I'm tired

of people being careless with my kindness and generosity.

I'm finally okay wth

unrequited love. I finally feel emotionaly mature. Don't stop healing. Don't stop growing. I'm sixty-five ... and lovin' it!


I think too much about the past. I'm trapped there.


I took skytrain into Vancouver today and a young lady volunteered and gave up her seat for me. I didn't ask. She did it on her own. I have more hope than ever the world will survive my generation.

I'm "lonely" by geography and age

As a single man approaching age 40, I've been living in Vancouver for about 11 years now. One thing that throws off my vibe when it comes to dating is the perception that I might be lonely and desperate. Women may think I'm lonely because I am often trying to find dates for concerts, beach days and so on... Often on short notice. These women may wonder "Doesn't this guy have friends? Why does he have so much free time?" Here's why: (1) My best friend moved to the USA 3 years ago (2) Two other best friends live in Nanaimo, one is a super busy hard working Dad, the other is also very busy (3) another best friend lives in Prague. I have 4 best friends, and consider myself extremely lucky, as most people just have 1 or 2. (4) In total, I count 13 close friends that I love dearly... and you know what... NONE of them live here. Hence the free time. As I approach 40 as well I notice that many of my friends with kids are essentially handcuffed to their toddlers and babies for the next several years, with little to no free time to ever cut loose and have a fun night out in Vancouver. I can think of three of them now who privately express to me their occasional feelings of discontent about being trapped in this phase of life. So am I lonely and desperate? I guess so, but it's just circumstances, bad luck and growing older. THIRTEEN good friends... I fantasize what life would be like if we all lived in the same city: a reciprocal community constantly creating group social events for each other. I'd be a much more shining, happy and fulfilled person, and that would reflect better in my psyche and dating vibes. My life would be so much more rich, full, and positive, with this crew of beloved friends around. But alas, I am essentially alone, and that's not a sexy vibe. It makes dating SO much harder. I know I'm not alone in feeling like this in a city full of immigrants. People that grew up here and have forged a lifelong community around them are incredibly lucky.

Don't take it

My confession is a warning. When you leave something at a store to get a service, but it's damaged instead and offered no charge, don't take it. Not getting charged for your thing FU is no compensation. I've asked my boss how is that a compensation. He said well, we just won't charge for it. see where it goes. Don't take it,. don't get ugly with the front line workers either, get to the boss who thinks it'll never touch them.

Feeling down today

I am a goblin. Sad to say but true. I am a goblin. Nobody would ever want a goblin.


I'm on my own this year and am surprised at the amount of people ("friends?") who do not reach out to include me at their table. Isn't that the spirit of this holiday? I would bring food and help clean up if that were the issue, but it'd be nice to know people generous enough to include others during the holidays...


I got into a horrible explosive argument with someone from my past. We both parted on bad terms. Then I found out years later that this person passed away. I wasn't sure how to react. I'm sorry about that now. It's too late for me. The best advice I have for people out there is this. Talk it out and try to come to an understanding, even if you don't really like each other. Life is very short.

I cringe

every time I see grown adults tell fart jokes out loud in public. How old are you people??? Fart jokes are the lowest form of comedy. In fact, they're not funny at all. It's more about shock value. and they belong in kindergarten. Have some self respect and grow up.


I Saw You See Me See You

I walked by you on the street along Hastings last week and recognized you from a patio last...

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