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I wish I knew

what could possibly make me feel better. Heroin? Anything? I'm desperate for whatever might help, even temporarily.

Effective communication

I confess that I’m amazed at how many adults have still not learned that shouting or saying abusive and mean things is never going to work if you actually want to communicate with another person. I get that we all get frustrated and angry at times. What I don’t get is that so many people don’t seem to have ANY filter! Grow up people! It’s never okay to just let loose on someone, even if you’re really angry and you have lots of mean things in your head that you could say. Even if they’re saying mean things to you. True maturity means that you have the ability to keep some things to yourself. If you’re angry just walk away before you unleash the demons in your head.

Damaged much?

How damaged do you have to be to get so much pleasure from sh*tting all over someone else? Really makes your day to ruin someone else's, doesn't it? You're so desperate to damage other people that you're blind to the fact that it isn't actually helping you erase your damage. Not. one. little. bit. After the initial rush you get from hurting and controlling someone else, how do you feel? Better? Not for long, genius. Here's the big secret – you're the only one who can fix your own damage. It'll never, ever leave you if you don't start working on it. So pry open your wallet and get some therapy already, Einstein, because one day you're going to try to shit on someone even more damaged than you and they are going to put you down for good.

Big man - small dick

Parents, coaches and general observers who go out of their way to yell nasty abuse at referees at kids sports games must have sad lives. Thanks for your positive input - not! Stay home and fuck your hand instead of coming to games.


I hope smokers who ignorantly toss butts out the car window or ontothe street die of mouth cancer

Temporality and Spatiality

The more time passes, the larger the dimensions of her circumference. On one hand, as someone who still cares, and someone into health I'd like to help her get slim and healthy. On the other hand, as someone rejected I'd like to see her inflate into a helium balloon and fly away.

Chocolate icing on the nose

I dreamed that you licked it off, then snuck in a kiss, like, right after, it was so fast. I was afraid to then initiate a kiss after you did that, but when I did you went all in. I didn't want to wake up. I love my dream world.

Emotional Labor

I want my husband to understand what I have to deal with on a daily basis while he is off at work. I am left in charge of the house and our six year old son and everything that goes with it. It is my responsibility to keep track of all household expenditures and the upkeep of the house and its becoming too much. Our roof is leaking and I am the one that has to call the Roofers for quotes and the one that has to manage them. We are building a new third floor bathroom and I am left to manage that as well. Plumbers, drywallers, electricians, etc. I sometimes feel like I am running a construction company. Would it kill him to pick up his socks around the house? Then when he does he acts as if its some amazing accomplishment and has to announce to the world what he has done. I am working close to 16 to 18 hours a day doing household duties and its getting to the point I can't do it anymore. He needs to do more. I have communicated this to him and he considers me as nag. Does he have to watch his hockey and football games every week? I tell him to do the dishes and he wants us to use paper plates and forks. Its just becoming too much and I need help.

And you think Vancouver has high rent?

The youngest congresswoman elected down in the US has to get an apartment in Washington DC. Think Vancouver is high? Check this out... “The youngest woman ever elected to Congress has a problem - she can't afford her rent. That is until she starts her new job in January. After telling the New York Times she's waiting for her first pay cheque before renting an apartment in Washington DC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is again being called the "millennial Congresswoman". A one-bedroom apartment in Washington costs about US $2,160 per month.” That is about CDN $2,850 for a one bedroom.

Oh goodie!

Political correctness is dying out. Nobody wants that far-left crap and everyone is talking about it. Left-wingers sound like idiots and parties and they're getting called out for their communist ill-educated idealistic stupidity.

Political bias with living

When I see rental ads that say "You must be left-wing", I wonder why they think this is cool. Being narrow-minded, living in a bubble, and pretending that communism is cool is lame.


Went running today, took a bad step and got a shooting pain up my back so bad I couldn't breathe. I had to take delicate baby steps, barely at walking pace until the endorphins kicked in. Later at home I swallowed orange juice the wrong way, had a bad coughing fit and pulled a muscle in my neck. Getting older sure is a laugh riot.


Tank and the Bangas

I saw you all beautiful people, jamming and dancing hard to this incredible set. I've seen...