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My girlfriend

is into feet in a sexual way. I am not. Her feet can stay the hell away from my junk. Thank you.

Love of My Life

I'm a bit older now and no longer seem to have the emotional ups and downs of my youth. There is something I did learn through it all. It is not who is with you when you start, it is who is standing beside you at the end. Dear God, I love my wife.

Masked Hotty

I have the hots for the (possibly Middle Eastern) woman who walks her dog outside my condo building every night. Maybe it's her building too. Only... I've never seen her without a mask so I don't actually know what she really looks like. Fantasy within fantasy because I'm married anyway.

Virgin Blues

Being a 32 year old virgin (female) really sucks. It weighs on me all day, everyday. Hard to focus on other things like work when it feels like I constantly have this dark cloud looming overhead.

Dating Blues

I just don't understand how so many people are meeting people online. I have a profile up on multiple dating sites and the only men that contact me are out of shape, old, and bald. I am 37 years old and am in great physical condition and people often comment how I look like I am 21 years old. I have a great personality and have traveled the world. Dating is becoming hopeless.

I hope she's happy

Lives diverged a decade ago and we haven't spoke since. But I occasionally (okay, more than occasionally) check back on social media. Sad looking photos don't necessarily mean a sad life (I guess) but anyway I hope she's doing better than she's letting on.

Getting sober

And it's nobody else's business.

Time Heals

I just noticed it's been a year and a half since our break up and I feel fine. I only miss having a "best friend".

Fashion Statement

When I got my first lululemons 15 years ago, we would wear skirts overtop when we left the yoga studio.

A lot of people are disappointing.

Covid has taught me that people will fuck you over for a roll of toilet paper. They can be nice and thoughtful and kind but as the pandemic starts to end they are returning to “normal”; bitter, critical assholes, putting some serious hard labor into looking for the tiniest flaw to get over-angry about.


Love at first aid

You share a name with a city. I’m tall with red hair and wore a black hat. I bandaged you up in...

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