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Break up

So hard to go through breaking up a relationship. Anger, guilt, frustration, and sadness even if it’s better for both. The fear of being alone or struggling to find that person who gives you comfort and live. It doesn’t seem to get any easier. A shout out to all those broken hearts ♥️


I gave someone a 30% tip today. They did a good job and I’m no longer financially struggling like I used to be. The person kind of mini freaked out. We all love cash bonuses no matter what we do. It’s also a matter of being thanked for a good job; everyone wants to feel pride in their work. Felt good to do that.

We Are

We are from all races. We are from all ages. We are from all genders. We are from all sexual orientations. We are from all religions. We are from all occupations. We are from all levels of education. We are from all socioeconomic backgrounds. We are the disabled. Some of us were born this way, some due to injury, some medical causes, some violence etc. We are often ignored by our leaders and when we ask for help or just to be listened too, murdered in our home as with the disabled vet in NB or shot down in the street or tasered to death at the airport. But. We vote. We rent homes, buy groceries and tires, insure our cars if we can afford them, fill Rxs, etc. And we communicate with each other. Perhaps we just need to organize ourselves like the Indigenous Peoples or the Grey Panthers. Perhaps we just need to speak up as a group and keep speaking until we are heard. I became disabled in 2003 and have a variety of perspectives on this. My brother was severely disabled. I've worked and volunteered with the disabled before 2003 as a healthcare professional. It has been a major growth experience for me but I wouldn't wish it on anyone.


I want to start a rumour that the anti-vax movement was started by people who hate procreation and want humanity to go extinct.

(Un)willing subject

It sickens me to think I was so eager for your approval all these years. That I didn't respect myself enough to think I needed to pass your boundless "tests". I've lost respect for you and won't be jumping through your hoops anymore. Your loss.

I'm Hungry

I'm going to go to IHOP

Double Standard

I am just going to put this out there. An ugly man can go to a bar and will come home by himself. An ugly woman goes to a bar and there is a 100% chance of her coming home with some guy if she wants. Not saying this guy will be high quality. I think the sexual marketplace is controlled by women. I don't have a Ph.D. but that's my theory. I think if the sexual marketplace was reversed you would have a lot less crime and wars and people would be happier.

My life

Is so pathetic that I'm so bored that all I do is is read these Confessions every single fucking day


Who here feels that when they confide in their friend, it goes no further? They don't have to ask, they just know their friend will keep their confidence.... (and secondly, where do you find friends like that??)


You just made my night

99 bus ~10 pm Arbutus-MacDonald. You interesting way of looking around, long hair at the back...

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