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Cognitive Psychology 101.

Vancouver, we need to talk about how you portray yourselves as the most open-minded people on earth while trying to contain anybody that opposes your views . You're trying squeeze people into a mold and create clones of yourselves while pretending to be individuals. The adults call this cognitive dissonance. I'm surprised your not all walking around slapping yourselves in the heads out of the fact that you're walking contradictions. I can't help but think that's why there's so many barking mad people running around this city because you're driving yourselves crazy. Take a step back and try to see it objectively, it's really crazy behaviour. Get better soon.

DTES Market Pot Seizure

does not surprise me. This is what they ended up doing to the people dealing pot at the Art Gallery. It seems like once some cops get a taste for kicking people like this, there's not much that can be done to stop them; I don't think that the Mayor or even Chief of Police can point blank tell them to stop enforcing the pot laws. Whether charges would be approved or not is another issue, but that is how things escalated at the Art Gallery---the seizure of anything that vendors put out along with threats of trafficking charges. So, this is what legalization will look like---anyone who doesn't have at least six figures to start a storefront or licensed grow is going to continue in jail, unless they want to go from being an owner/operator to making hourly wage from some large corporate outfit. For people who do have the six figures, depending on how things play out, especially when it comes to incorporating, selling shares, etc. there is a lot of room to grow. But for those who don't have the ante to sit at the table and play, it might as well still be Prohibition, albeit version 2.0.

New World Order

My workplace is a great example of all the worst things about globalization.

I love him

When we met we were both 18 and I was a struggling student so our lifestyles matched. Now I graduated and have been working for a few years and bought my own condo and hes still in the same spot. He lives for a week at his parents house, couch surfs at friends, and then stays with me for a few days and it goes on and on. He has the same job at the restaurant he had at 18 and I just think we're moving in opposite directions. I encourage him to get a trade or some certificate to make more money but he won't. I want a house someday and kids and I can't do it on my own. I don't understand how he has no money at the end of the month when all he pays for is food. I am embarrassed that I pay for everything because a relationship should be 50/50. I love him but I deserve someone better.

Toss up

Not sure who's going to die first - my dad or my dog.


Every time I'm about to sit down to eat a meal, I suddenly have to excuse myself to pee. Same thing with my dad.

Yom Kippur respect

To our Jewish communities on their 'Day of Atonement'. A time to make all things good & proper. Atonement is an Interesting word: ...................................At One Ment .................................... But who got the guts & the perspicuity to do, as the authentic Prophets of Old and the Peaceful Warriors of this age, ie. Gandhi show us: "You be the change you want to see in the World" ................ "when enough of us take care of first things first then, and only then, will we achieve critical mass for real change.

Just about done

I'm am so tired of supporting a friend who is has left her manipulating cheating partner (which took a couple years) and now she is seeing him again and they are trying to, or maybe going to work it out... "he has been better" "he makes promises" "things are changing" She is SO naive it drives me insane! She is a great woman although she's no spring chicken, and should know better, this cycle drives me batty, it's been going on for years EVERYONE dislikes this guy and she knows all the bad shit he's done.. so seriously WTF? How low is your self worth?

Dearest Work Vampire Cult Leaders

I have had it with you, your promises and your arrogant assumptions that I need or want to be a part of your soul-sucking cult. This goddamned job is hard enough without you constantly goading all of us into taking more work than is reasonable for the average crew. Peer pressure is normal for high schoolers but you arrogant white men are both in your 60s and you should be ashamed of yourselves. When you brought me on, you made me a promise: mentorship. It’s been 3 years and guess what? Haven’t kept it. When you brought me on, I also made an observation about your business: no succession plan means no future value. And guess what? I was right. Your business is imploding through a lack of management. I won’t invest my career or my future in it. So, fellows, I’m out. I’m going to stick around through this cycle and let you pay me to shake hands and make myself a new deal in greener pastures. I’ve learned my lesson, but I doubt you’ve learned yours.

I was...

... a very unhappy young man growing up. Back in my University days, a friend fed me some magic mushrooms, and I was much happier. If I take mushrooms or acid or mescaline or something broadly "psychedelic" a few times a month, I am much happier, healthier, etc. Too bad the Fun Police criminalize them...heaven forbid people get too happy!

Yup I know this is the most minor of confessions

but I complained to the manager of my supermarket today (without mentioning the cashier's name) that I'm constantly having to tell the cashiers NOT to place heavy items on top of my bananas and tomatoes. And this isn't just one cashier at this store, the first item they grab is my bananas and right to the bottom of the bag! WTF?

Living To Work

When I get home from work the last thing I feel like doing is cooking dinner.

So many reasons

My ex is an ex for so many reasons. One of those reasons is because of his habit of telling me I was a “good girl” for having an orgasm when we had sex.

English in Canada

Is a perfect language. Let’s just use it everyone! Or we can make everyone’s lives more difficult by learning 30 other languages and forming different cultural colonies. Looks like nobody in government has thought about the long term issues in Canada:


I've only been to Mexico once, but thanks to subtitled TV, I understand Spanish as well as French.


Handsome guy outside coffee shop - 49th...

I was sitting on the bench outside catching up with a friend over coffee and donuts. You came...