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My loudmouth Facebook friend finally got the verbal smack down he so desperately needs but he deleted it soon after. Say it ain’t so

52 year old woman

I was told it was going to happen. And it has. I love being invisible. No one looks at you or even gives you the time of day. Kind of refreshing.

In my world cheaters need to be ghosted

I knew a fabulous couple. Married over 20 yrs. Fun, fun, fun. She decided after 20 yrs that he was no longer desireable physically. So, she had an affair, and when the couple went on holiday she dropped it on my pal at dinner that she was leaving.....THAT DAY. No discussion, no counselling, no separation, just a brick between the eyes. He was devastated. She moved in with her old boyfriend who was trying to get out of his relationship. Instant changes. I want nothing to do with her. Or the new guy. He was fucking my friends wife while she was still married. Nice. Jerk. He broke the guy code. She broke her wedding vows. I lost a fun couple. Fast forward a year. My pal is remarrying a great gal. He is super happy. The ex wife is still feeling the fallout of her actions. She tries to justify it many ways but the root issue is that she did a really hurtful, self absorbed action and make your bed, you sleep in it. She has lost friends. Me included. Guys have done this to women for years but two wrongs don’t make a right. It was wrong. I can’t trust her. I hope she will be as happy as her ex husband is going to be. He on the other hand is actually quite lucky. He has class. I have no poblem with divorce. If it is not working then get out. But...go to counselling, talk it out a lot, and try. Like really, try. If you have given it a good shot, made your spouse aware, and it is not working then separate. No problem. But dropping it like an anvil onto the head sucks. You are a ghost to me.

Something different

I want to experience the excitement of life, but all I do is pretty much is go to work then go home and repeat the cycle again...

Nepotism Is A Big Word

If you got your position via "who you know", you aren't getting any breaks from me. You will have to prove it to me that you are good at your job.

Internet Anonymity

Sure, some people think its fun to make fun of vegans, college students, smokers, and women anonymously online but the creepiest guys I have come across online were the ones that are using dead girl's photos and identities and pretending to be women. Chicken man and those guys running "hacked account" porn bitcoin scam are just annoying.

Don't Fix It If It Ain't Broke

At work, every new software version upgrade seems to work worse than the previous one, but may look a little slicker.

I miss you so, so much

I can't wait until you come back. I've never been more depressed than I have been this winter... I'm the only person in my circle of friends that isn't busy nesting with their partner right now, and I'm feeling very isolated and left out. I know I should focus on living my own life, finding my own joy, and doing my own things -- being alone is okay and should be a healthy thing if you're secure with yourself and have a strong constitution... but you're such a big part of my life that it feels strange, almost foreign to do these things alone right now. It makes me feel needy and like a weakling, but maybe that's just the case. I push on because I have to, but I'm tired of dragging my feet. I just don't know how long I can go before I see you again. xo


Bel Cafe stylish fedora

You: gorgeous suit, coffee with 2 friends/colleagues discussing traveling. No wedding ring. Me:...

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