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The moment I read something is Insta-worthy, I immediately know I will not go there.


From my experience, married men seem to be one of the loneliest groups of people.

I really hate

The fashion of wearing flood pants with blundstone's. You really think your ankles are all that?

Not ready yet

I’m lonely. It’s been many months since my ex and I broke up. Lots of people have strongly suggested that I “get out there” and start dating again. But I’m just not ready. As much as he hurt me, I’m not over him. I’m not sure that I ever will be. I don’t think it’s fair to anyone else to start dating when my heart isn’t in it because I’m still in love with someone else. So for now, I’m just going to focus on other things in my life, and hope that my heart will eventually mend enough to be ready to try again.

Slipping away

It's way past the expiration date. Get the hint, I'm told; stop holding onto ghosts who ghosted. Nobody hears anything. No matter what's said, it's shot down. The black hole swallows my heart along with every solution. It doesn't want to see what winning could be, for it does not see the beauty, strength and power seen in it. So it repels and denies to justify it's cold solitude. With no more strength left, there is nothing more to do than to agree, to give up and fade.


Every guy I go out with only wants to either talk about himself, sports, or how rich they are. How about asking me a question? I am a human being with interests and passions that are just as important as yours are. Then when I bring something up you interrupt with something completely out of context about yourself and how successful you are. I hate being interrupted mid sentence and then talked over loudly. Dating is 50/50 and it just hurts me when guys think they can just dominate a conversation and interrupt me again and again.

The Lost Art of Punctuality

When I say I will meet someone at a specific time, that is a personal contract. I am making a commitment to that person. I am telling them that I value their time as much as my own. And that I respect them enough to be realistic on when I think we can get together. And I stick to my word. Because if they can't trust me when I make minor promises, why should I expect them to trust me when it comes to bigger commitments? I will do my best to be on time. So why can't I expect the same from others? Friend in the hospital? Dog sick? Text me! It takes 20 seconds! I will understand. Life happens. But don't blame your chronic lateness on taxis or buses. We all know how unreliable those things are so take that into account or find a different, more reliable way to get around. If you are consistently late, I will learn not to rely on you. And, slowly but surely, I will ease you out of my life. Being late is like telling me that you don't respect me and don't care. I will react accordingly.

I left my abuser and you should too

I learned abuse from my mom. I tolerated it. Manic. Depressive. Rage. Psychotic. I tolerated a lot. I moved out and tolerated a lot from a partner. I left shattered. I rebuilt. And rebuilt. It will be three years this august. If only i could share the joy i have now. The things i have and enjoy . i listen to music again. I do my hair. Life is yours for the taking. Take it back.

My dog

Is a vegan

Overwhelmed,stressed out,Done

I live in Vancouver,parents lived in the interior. Three brothers. For years my dad fought cancer,I'd drive up just to take him to treatments and for support. Help mom when he was really sick. Took time off work,quit jobs when they wouldn't let me take time off. Was up there 10 times a year.Did this for 7 years till cancer got him,then was off work for a month (no pay) helping mom as she had other friends dying and was overwhelmed.Then every weekend for 2 months. No help from brothers,despite asking. Since then-almost 12 years now- been going up there 8-9 times a year-every long weekend,Christmas and in February to keep the house and yard up as she is now 89. I took her to family reunions on the prairies (it sucks ass)to see her rapidly aging and disappearing family...5 times. Two weeks at a time took work off,quit one job as they wouldn't give me time off and it took me 4 months to find another job. I have called her every night for almost 12 YEARS to be sure she hasn't fallen or something,yet my 3 brothers maybe phone her 5 times a year in total. Who also have literally done nothing to help. Get of them even lived in the same town until 18 months ago,and would maybe visit her twice a year. He shovelled snow once,mowed the lawn 10 years. Nephews often in town,never once did they lift a finger. One brother lives in Vancouver,after dad died it was 8 years before he even bothered to's a 4 hour drive,one way. I've came so close to crashing on the Coquihalla-twice. I've miled out 2 cars which cost me lots of money,Fall 2017 it cost me $800 to fix my car after I hit a rock on the highway plus I took a week off work as she hurt her arm. I got home from Christmas 2017 then had to go back 4 days later as she had a mini stroke,and I was there for 10 days keeping an eye on her. So those 2 trips alone cost me almost $3000..yet my brothers can't even send a Christmas card. Time off work.another $$$$ not in my pocket.In the meantime, they take holidays,go on cruises,enjoy life and I'm not. All in all it's cost me well over $50k,and much more as I've missed out on opportunities. I could have been living in warmer places,travelling etc I'd love nothing more than to take off with a van and travel around..but how? I don't know where to turn,what to do..confused. I don't want to move to the interior,but what if mom falls who can help her? I imagine when she dies I'll get some sort of inheritance,but knowing my brothers they'll try to run me out of it. I'll end up in the hole. I'll have spent the best years of my life doing this. Never travelled,never been to the US,not even Victoria or the island. As for them,I have zero contact as all my life the only reason they'd call me is if they wanted me to do something for them. I have no girlfriend,they're hard to get at the best of times,even more so when you're not around.The few people I know won't care. Now I'm stuck,confused,depressed,stressed out and at the end of my rope and I don't know what to do other than write this.


Kind-faced man on the bus tonight

We got on and off the bus at the same stops. You were wearing dark blue suede shoes, and I a red...

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