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Georgia St.

I remember bike couriers. Lots of them.

Shut out

You let me back in only to block off parts of you again. It hurts all over again seeing you and then being totally shutdown. Why did you bother?

How nice.

People who listen so easily to others. Who can't think for themselves. Who get 'life coaching' and just toss the ones they supposedly love aside. Wish I could care as little as those people. How nice it must feel to just walk away. To not follow through. To not stick it out. To not do what you promised. How nice for you.

Your gift

You made me a beautiful Valentine's Day card. Hand painted. Wrote me a poem from scratch. I woke up early to cook you French toast before I went to work, your favourite. I left flowers and a bag of treats on the table I had smuggled in the night before. But your card was the most beautiful thing I've ever received. I love you

Bus Harassment

To the lady on the bus tonight that got harassed by that douche, just wanted to say good job for sticking up for yourself, reaching out, and asking for help. Especially when he followed you. Not many women are able to do that, and they really, really should. You should be proud of yourself. I want you to know in no uncertain terms that if he put hands on you, I would've intervened. To all the women out there, if a guy is making you feel threatened or uncomfortable, please make it very public and ask for help, even from bystanders/strangers. These creeps thrive on isolation and getting their victims to stay silent. It's what they want. So don't give em that. Always always always trust your gut, even if he seems 'nice' or well dressed. Let's empower women to speak up and ask for help, so maybe Vancouver starts to feel like a safer place. It's bad enough already without crap like this being properly dealt with.

Sorry not sorry

All the confessions and posts running more than a few short, to the point paragraphs get glossed over. You simply lose any interest I had.


If I become HIV+, it will be my own fault. I hope it's not too late.

Seriously , Guys?

It's like you have to go all the way to the Internet Cafe or something to answer Yes or No to an email.

Table Manners

She dumped me fair and square, I don't see why she still expects me to buy her dinner.

I love/hate Vancouver

I'm somewhere between a transwoman and public crossdresser. I dress fairly subdued because I'm 5 11. I'm also 53. I wear pounds of makeup because I can't afford hair removal. I live in the Okanagan where people aren't exactly welcoming. I had to help a friend here with a health crisis and had time to kill. I walked on Davie, window shopping. I ran into a short man my age who was dressed as a woman but with no makeup. He had a great outfit, and I loved that he could do that here and nobody bats an eye! And hated Vancouver for being terminally out of reach for a woman on disability who sometimes hates wearing makeup. I'd do the same if I didn't fear the violence that goes with being read as less than 100% female.

Not single

I have been single for six months in my adult life. I'll be 65 this year. At 17 I started going out with a woman who was 20 and shortly afterwards moved in with her. We split up when I was 20 and six months afterwards I met a woman my age and moved in with her 19 days later. We're still together.

I miss my boyfriend

We've been together close to 20yrs. The past year/18 mo or so his sex drive for me has tanked. He hasn't initiated in I don't know how long. I don't approach at the right time, he's tired, it's right after dinner, it's too early in the AM, he's got bad breath, he's not in the mood-like every excuse. Taking care of myself is just ok. I want his body weight and sweat and the sex noises and heavy breathing. I can hear him in the bathroom, a few nights a week, pleasuring himself and I can't help but feel super lonely and rejected. I don't know how to start the I'm-not-happy conversation that actually leads to change or some mutual resolution. I fear getting shut down and I'm feeling too weak to hold him to consequence.

Bad style

Bad style will turn off woman from dating a man. If a man wants to get noticed by a woman and desired for then don’t dress in street clothes everywhere. Up your game.

I wear a hat everywhere I go

It's not to hide the bald. Everyone knows. It's because I feel better about myself with a hat on. Same reason other people wear certain colours or styles of clothing. I'm less self conscious and more likely to enjoy myself. Why is that such a bad thing?


crumpled rumpled and intrigued

I was sitting on a patio tonight on Commercial Drive.. You were walking back and forth in a...