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Pot calling the kettle black

For all the right wingers yelling that collusion is a hoax and people should respect the president. Where were you when Trump kept yelling about Obama's Birth Certificate? Or all 10, count em, 10 of the Benghazi Hearings that went no where? Seems you all forget how you acted for 10 years.


Not taking a few seconds to respond to someone's text can sometimes be very detrimental. It hurts when you feel lonely and your friends don't reply. Someone I know killed himself and I think part of the reason was that he felt alone. Please. Reach out and reply.

Bad Drivers

I've started a new game, when I'm walking around and someone doesn't pay attention to the stop sign or red light in order to make that right turn I give the car a bit of a kick. I know I shouldn't be doing it, but then again you should be coming to a stop and looking where you're going. Hopefully this scares you into being more careful since you think you hit someone.

Hiatus but for how long?

I’m pretty much done with dating. It’s gotten way too expensive that I’m broke. I treated so many girls out to fancy dinner and drinks here there that it’s so hard to keep count of all the money I spent and lost. I haven’t even met the right person yet and am so fed up of going broke over all because of one disappointment after another. Coffee dates are much more simpler, but I need to take a break from dating for six months, maybe a year or perhaps the rest of my life. I’m beginning to just appreciate my single life the way it is and should I never find my soulmate, then so be it. Amen.

Spotless Mind

It's been about a year since he suddenly left me. And I'm not doing well. I wish lobotomies were still a thing.

I think...

I've hit a cross road.... too much has happened to me and I've become bitter about life, I feel like I'm too beaten down to go on, so I need to make a choice, it's either end it now or get proper construction training,move far away and devote my life to building homes for those in need.... I guess I'll choose the latter and try to make a difference before I go, maybe make up for the bitterness


The one thing I hate about online confessions is that we never really get any juicy ones. I want criminal confessions, scandalous secrets, nsfw content but only the boring ones go online (mine included) because unfortunately if anyone confessed anything really good, they’d probably be investigated by authorities. So, why don’t we change the name of confessions to rant and rave since that’s what this page is anyway :)

Vagaries of love

For all of you who can’t handle reading someone’s innermost thoughts, please move along now, because this isn’t for you. I’m still reeling from a breakup that has rendered me almost totally incapacitated. I didn’t expect this reaction and I wasn’t at all prepared, as if that’s even possible. All I’ve learned in the past many months, is that we don’t get to choose who we love. The one I love is anything but perfect, as am I. He’s deeply flawed, as am i. But none of that matters because I love him in spite of any of the (very) valid reasons why I shouldn’t. I know he’s got equally valid reasons for why should not love me. But I can’t help but remember all those times that we came back together and held each other as if we were the only two people left in the world. I don’t care if there are times he can’t “perform”. I don’t care that he’s got issues. Who doesn’t? I don’t care that he’s going grey or that his face has changed in all these years. To me he is still the most handsome man in the world. He’s still my superman, and no one will ever be able to come close to inspiring the depth of love that I feel for him. He is my other half. If he doesn’t feel the same then there’s nothing I can do to change that, and as I’ve been doing for all this time, I’m learning to live without him. It’s just that I don’t want to.

ever since weed was legalized

it is more difficult than ever to buy and I am beginning to suspect that the government prefers to persecute marijuana users until they completely control the situation, at least as far as the profits go. I mean, can you imagine if the government suddenly pointed to all the studies on alcohol and the damage done and said no more beer for you - what would people do? I think that 420 represents the cannabis consumer because it will be a protest, that if nothing else legalization has corrupted and threatens to eliminate our beloved BC growers who currently distribute life saving cannabis to the people rather than hold out for the highest dollar per gram. The situation here in BC absolutely deserves the right to protest but if the authorities do not think so they should try to take everyone's alcohol and then when they do allow the alcohol make sure it is nothing like the original, and charge everyone double or more you can bet it would be much more than a protest.


Ice Col Dreams

You waiting in line at matchstick Chinatown then crossing the street in shades, me post boxing...

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