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If there's a word stronger than 'hate' then that's how I feel about rap and hip hop. I hear Eminem put out a new album that talks shit about other rappers. On one hand..great :) On the other hand...that's very lame. You're not suppose to make albums about your personal bullshit with other rappers. Do that on your own time. The music is for the people..the people who give you money. New low for the music industry that allowed the album to pass. If this isn't rock bottom for rap music then I don't know what is. Long live rock and roll


It costs as much to insure my car annually as I paid for it.

Pizza in Van

As far as I'm concerned, Vancouver has by far the best pizzerias I've ever been to. More so than I can say about Surrey.

cool lic. plate

It said UP TO YOU YES I like that UP TO YOU. We all know this but its so simply stated.. just wanted to share.. Cheers

Seeing is Believing

So, this new guy at work. Moved here a few months ago from the mainland and, because it’s a tight knit industry, a lot of rumours followed him here. I thought I would give him the benefit of the doubt. But, by the way he flirts with the mousey single mom in the office, I get the sense that his wife might want to start paying a little closer attention to who he’s meeting with from work after hours.


Bashes my inexpensive and very reliable Taiwanese runabout but spends $18.000 on a Hardly Ferguson. What a cliché. Good riddance.

Interiority Studies

I have to admit her exterior isn't looking so hot any more, but it's what's inside that counts, right?


im a guy whos been so uninterested in sex the last year, everyone just wants to rush into it and not take the time, hell no one even wants to take he time to know the minimum of what their partner likes/doesn't like and just do it, whats the point then, man or woman if thats all you want to get off, just stay in and take matters into your own hands, cause you'll never know how much better it is when you've taken the time to find out/learn what your partner likes/enjoys/gets them going and off and to start up round two or three.

my fault

my fault no one else's that i screw what could have been an amazing relationship up, never been in the situation before, was to worried about how someone else would feel and put how they might feel/them, first before the person that i wanted to be with, that i fell in love with, when i should put that person first and told the other to suck it up and deal. been about a month now, cant stop thinkin about her and what we had an dwhat we could have had, like i said, my fault, no one else's , maybe in some other dimension she'll given me a second chance, but im pretty sure it wont be in this one.


I was going to gripe about how this was the shortest fall we've had in the last 20 years (Where are the honeyed autumn days of bright sunshine and cool breezes? How is it that fall only lasted a week?!) then I read in the news that Calgary is expecting snow. SNOW. All about perspective, I guess!

A new poster today

I see all the missing dog and cat posters all over my neighbourhood and it makes me cry. I think of them crouched in the bushes very scared. Sometimes in the early mornings I can hear the coyotes howl in my alleyway and I hear small distress sounds. It always makes me nauseous.

Just amazing

The winner of the Berlin Marathon "Eliud Kipchoge" runs so fast that an average fit person couldn't keep up with him over the 26 miles, even if they were riding a bike!

Troll alert

Trump trolls have invaded our Canadian social media and our politics via the conservative's (look at Ontario). The trolls (be it the alternative right or Russian hackers) are now stirring up trouble on here. Ignore them. Give them no energy. Block them. Kick them off every conversation.

Stupid sheep dogs

How's that beard growin' bro? Tell me again how good they feel. Specially in a heat wave


Charming Bartender at Anh and Chi

You showed me to my patio seat for one and brought me the best take on a whisky sour I've...