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Women in the NFL

Why is this a story. This is stupid. Currently there is a viral video of a woman's national soccer team player kicking a 55 yard field goal. Our beloved Lui Passaglia was not some great football player, he was simply a guy who could kick a ball long distance consistently. Hence he played for like 25 years. BUT OH MY GAWD SHE'S A WOMAN! For all the white knighting feminism right now, this story is beyond stupid. The chances that a woman's national soccer team might fit this role of accuracy of a kicking a ball better than her male counterparts is not science fiction mumbo jumbo, it's pretty damn logical. She has been professionally kicking all her damn life. It is 2019 yet I feel like I am understanding the logic of society of a time when woman were.... gasp.... not allowed in the sciences... or to vote.

There is nothing

I can or ever will do. I'm a born loser unwanted and unloved. Nothing has ever worked right. I look forward to death's sweet release...

I'm sorry

I wish I didn't push you away and accuse you of breaking my trust. You're a mirror reflection of me and I got scared.

Cry me a river

I’m working so hard this summer, I don’t have time for summer.

Back At It Again

I started a new job a few months ago, and now, sadly, I'm already looking for another one. I guess the older I get, the less tolerance I have for toxic coworkers and inattentive managers. This time though I'm looking for my new job while still working the old.

I confess it’s been an awesome summer

With the weather being just right and no smoky skies from forest fires. But I don’t ever remember so much motorcycle noise in past summers. Caravan after freakin caravan of these numbskulls, my neighbourhood sounds like a speedway on most nights. Yeah, yeah, the haters will tell me to move out of the city but I’d just like to see some sort of regulation on noise!


Beans ain't that good actually. Like seriously, my family members all love frank and beans but like... Beans taste like nothing? They just have a gross texture. I feel bad for rejecting my family's cooking though so I eat it. Nasty.

Hey Ladies

So if you want to read an interesting bit of information. Check out the Savage Love post in todays Thrusdays paper or online. "I took Molly" Post Dam thats all Im saying Dam. Taking Care of Business. Lol

Team "Building"

I'm not sure why they want me to spend my personal time with people from work when they are just going to lay them off.


My lizard brain always wants a second piece of toast.



You: Green Chuck Taylor's. Me: Burgundy Chuck Taylor's. I wanted to chat further &...

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