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I keep reading these posts and comments that quote some statistics that purportedly support the poster’s viewpoint. However, as anyone who has ever studied statistics would know, virtually every “study” can be manipulated to produce the results one is looking for. There’s also that issue of what specific stats you’re referring to. The mean? The median? Which is it? What was the margin of error? So, to the people who consistently quote these stats, if you feel so compelled to do so, kindly include your study references so that your numbers can be verified. If you can’t do that, then all you’re doing is stating your own opinion, just like the rest of us.

Love my dog

MORE than humans, way more...………. awhile ago, I thought, that it is a shame to love your animal, ( and I do not care, cat, dog, hamster, rabbit , you name it, animals are animals and I personally love them all. _) but now I do not think anymore that it is a shame as I am assure now, that I love animals way way MORE than humans.!

No fun on a bike here in Van

The Seawall..such beautiful views, right? Too bad I can't ever enjoy them because of all the stupid people who drive backwards on a path that's clearly marked as one way. Especially those Shaw rental bikes, which seem to have the most ignorant and most entitled part-time riders. I'm not sure if they're tourists or what, but there needs to be way better signage to reach these dullards, especially on the Coal Harbour side all the way up where they all seem to be. Where's the city on this? The park board? What do we pay them for? Maybe they need those speed bumps with razors on one side. That would be sweet.

Dating app hatred

I must confess, I don't really get why so many people hate on dating apps so much, saying it's just for hookups, real people aren't on there, etc. I met my last boyfriend on one, and he certainly wasn't just looking for a hookup. I've gone on plenty of dates with guys who were looking for girlfriends (we didn't mesh, no harm). Five or six of my friends are in relationships with people they met on apps. It's so hard to meet people these days, and apps make that easy. You chat with someone, see if you mesh, move on when it's time. Sure, meeting people in person is great, but not everyone has wide enough social circles or have lives that are free enough of obligation to take on a new hobby, so sometimes apps are just where you end up. Despite where apps came fun, they're not just for hookups and haven't been largely hook-up focused many years (which isn't to say some people don't want hookups, obviously, but that's definitely not all people are looking for).

Maybe it's mean

but I really don't care. I have these dick pics that a guy sent me while we were dating. He turned out to be a complete and utter jerk. I told him I had deleted his pics. But, because he was such a cruel, lying ass to me. I am going to keep them and send them to his kids in a few years when they are of age...then they can get a full monty view of what a pig their father is.

Don't Judge

I work 28 hours a week at a restaurant and go to school full time for Nursing. With rent, food, transportation, and the cost of school I am one paycheck from being homeless. So forgive me for not wanting to date a guy who doesn't have a good job and his life together. Eating mac and cheese and ramen noodles for dinner is no fun. The heat breaking down and your landlord not fixing it for 2 weeks is no fun. You just have to take it because there's a 100 people that would love to live in this crappy suite that only has a hot plate and mice. I am a good person, smart, and good looking so I only date guys with a professional career of some kind. Be it an engineer, accountant, lawyer, entrepreneur. Of course I want him to be nice to me and funny and all that. Just in my current situation I can't afford to date losers who are aren't going anywhere in life.

The hair down there!

I'm a female and I remove most of it (certainly no judgment on anyone who doesnt!) bit tired of hearing all of the "reasons" why the people think people like me do it (we have to live up to the image porn has put out, its sexy and for the benefit of our partners) I started removing it literally as soon as I started getting it, though I worried constantly I was doing something bad or wrong. I already had a relationship with my vulva (lol) I figured out how to get fun out of that way before the hair came and I didnt like the feel of it, also menstruating came in around a similar time and the hair gets bloody and caked in dried blood clots when you use pads---yup this is puberty--- it hurt to wipe the dried bloody pubic hair and used a stupid amount of toilet paper to clean up. Yup, this is super gross lol but it's my experience. I'll keep a bit of groomed hair in like a mini landing strip maybe but I feel much better when it's mostly smooth. I prefer to touch myself that way and perk for my partner they get a clear work space for oral presentations (partner keeps themself the same way- wins all around)

A smile

seems like an invitation to talk or flirt but I wonder if they are just flattering themselves. Like, maybe they just want the attention? Anyway, still nice i guess.

once a cheater

my ex cheated on me with a married woman he worked with. she started fucking him at work the first week they met. he lied to my face about it for months and put me at risk by not sharing he wasn't using condoms when cheating. I could never forgive his disgusting ass after I found out. I just found out that they are officially together. every time I find myself resenting him and her it cheers me up to know that they are both liars and cheaters and theres no way in hell they will be faithful to each other. I hope she hurts him like he hurt me. I bet she's fucking other coworkers now and he's chasing after teenage girls like the scumbag he is. but no, no, I'm not bitter at all


Kind-faced man on the bus tonight

We got on and off the bus at the same stops. You were wearing dark blue suede shoes, and I a red...

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