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Fun wanted

I'm not having any fun. I want to let loose somehow, to do something different. I am so inhibited, I don't do half the things I want to because I worry what others think. I've lived my whole life just trying not to bother people, trying to stay out of the way, to not be seen. Which might not be a bad thing in ways but I think I do it to a fault, where I don't really go for what I want or assert myself. I want to do something different, to live a little, to sin, but I don't know where to start.


... tax protest case. We're clearly kept as chattel on a plantation, massa demands his cut of your wages, just like Frederick Douglas said---massa let black slaves work, so long as they gave massa his cut.

There are bounderies now

My sister had 1 year of sobriety under her belt finally. I was so proud of her (still am, of course) and couldn't believe what am amazing change she had made. A week ago she decided to go out and get drunk. She's been drinking ever since.. I'm expecting my first baby any day now.. I always had a feeling this would happen but was praying it wouldn't. I don't understand why she had to do it now. Why now of all times? She's not a nice drunk. She screams, slams doors, throws things.. I won't subject my baby to that type of toxic environment. I'm working up the courage to tell her that if she's drunk when I go into labour she's not welcome at the hospital when I deliver the baby. There's no way in hell I'd let her hold my baby when she can barely stand or speak without slurring. I've always been intimidated by her because she can get so nasty. I have a hard time being up front and standing my ground but now that there's an innocent baby involved I know I have to do what's right. It doesn't matter if she's in the wrong, when I tell her my delivery/hospital bounderies she's going to flip and call me every name in the book. I guess I always felt like agreeing with people simply to avoid conflict was the best option for my anxiety but this is different this time. I have to draw the line for my baby girl. She has to know there are bounderies. I'm so nervous to tell her.

“I don’t want to talk about it”

Because you don’t want to talk about it - “it” being feelings - I assume that you feel nothing and I act accordingly. What other choice do I have?

Life is like

A painting on a wall. No matter how many times, you keep trying to straighten it. Somehow, its still always a bit crooket?


Reminds me of an old song, " she aint pretty, she just looks that way". It's whats inside that counts! More people should see that. Is no one honest anymore?

A Scary Moment

Last week, I thought I was having a heart attack. I want to thank Vancouver Paramedics and St. Paul's Hospital for helping me during that scary moment. Stage 4 Cancer made my life "a complication". I feel bad for my son, he is now more afraid to leave me alone; even my cat is now sleeping on top of me. For all the people in my life and in my space... my heart is always with you and I love you more than you will ever know. To all the people I don't know, I hope you have someone that loves you and is there during your scary moment. -- all the best for you.

So expensive

Why is viagara and cialis so expensive when you can smuggle it from china in big quantities? Someone is going to jail in California for this... but ... are we getting incredibly ripped off or something? Damn drug companies.

Carshares and lazy people

Now that more homes are housing at least 3 families, it's really difficult parking in front of my house on my street. There is always a moron evo driver who parks right in front of the path to my door, and it stays for days in a row. If that evo isn't there, there are other people who live across the street who don't bother to make effort and park on their side. I get it's legal but can people just so some consideration and decency??? I almost want to apply for permit parking on my street, but then I'd have to pay for a permit to keep parking on a street I live on. Why is this always a lose - lose in this city???


I live in a co-ed house with three guys and three girls. There is one guy that would knock on my door at weird hours of the day or night and just walk right in. One of my girl friends said he probably does this to get a glimpse of me, unconscious, in bed, in my underwear. He also is grossly messy in the washroom; he leaves his damp towel on the floor, hangs his sweaty workout clothes on the shower curtains, leaves his toothpaste open on the counter, and leaves the toilet seat always covered in dirt marks and pee. He also likes to play music loud while studying. If it wasn't for our house being so close to campus, one of my roommates able to car-pool us, and the rent being manageable, I would move out asap. I guess life likes to throw us curve balls. [and to those that would comment and tell me just talk to him...I have. We also talk as "family" about boundaries within the house].


Kelly from Surrey

I think back fondly to our brief but sweet companionship; It was fun and you are a beautiful...

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