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Bad citizen

I have the worst work ethic of pretty much anyone I've ever met. I hate work and always have. Any kind of work. You could name 1000 jobs and I would have no interest in any of them. I've managed to hold down jobs most of my life but they have been entry level retail stuff that you can kind of coast through. I realize this is a bad way to operate but I feel like it is too ingrained to change. I wish I could be a 'hard worker' like the world tells me I should be.

Don't poke the bear

I feel like I have decades of repressed anger that has been making itself more visible lately. I am worried I will snap at someone who doesn't deserve it. For ages I have been the 'I don't get angry' guy but now I think that was all a lie. It's slowly bubbling up. I've just been pushing it down and one of these days it's going to get out one way or the other.


If it's all just about eating, getting drunk and fighting, I'm out.


I wanted to be a teacher until I realized that I don't like kids.

Titillating irritation

My boyfriend told me he wants me to tie him up and irritate him. I think we need to work on his English..

Now what

Was going to break up with my bf but now he tells me he has a serious health problem so I’m thinking he’ll believe this is why it’s not working out.He finally opens up two days before I planned to break it off.Cant help to feel he knew what was coming and is using his disability to make up for all his bad behaviour.So do I give him support and more energy or tell him I have to break up and send him deeper down the hole.How can anyone tell if this is all just to keep me where he wants me to be.

A motivation

There's a little person who used to be in my life, they will be 10 soon. They are no longer in my life, but I made a promise years ago that I would prove that I could be stable in some way. At the beginning I lost them out of my life, due 100% to my own instabilities with their parent, but it has been 5 years now and I am nearing a degree. I don't need the degree. it was never about that. it was only about doing something I had never done. Be stable, grow up, be the person I would have wanted to be to a child. I am in a new city, with a new adventure, and spend my time volunteering in the community. This is an ode to that kid. Nothing more. Nothing less. Happy Birthday.

I wasn’t seen again

I’m confessing that I wish I found myself being sought after in the “I saw you” posts.

Internet singles match making

I ventured forth and posted my self on a dating site for post 60 yrs. My profile was painfully honest, although my picture was 6 years old. I have had coffee with four ladies, whose pictures were at least 20 years out of date ??? Nice ladies but everyone was obsessed with bucket list world travel desires...and also an obsession with yoga or "adventure sports" What happened to honesty and realistic expectations ? I guess I will stick to the library or a seniors club to meet someone, who is up front..honest.


For my entire adult life I have been ashamed to be a North American and wondered why the rest of the world wants to be like us.


#7/Ottawa/5th & Maple/Alma dinner

too short my first bus ride - seeing you again would be a pleasure.

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