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I can feel it

Growing apart from some friends. We had our good times but times have changed. I’ve changed. Some are permanently cognitively damaged by all the drug use. I so want to discuss other things now like politics, goals, my dreams, but they are stuck on Netflix shows and bespoke clothes. Not much glue remaining. It’s almost better we don’t spend time together anymore because the time that we do spend together is painful. We used to be a tribe but we are now different species. I hope you guys will understand why I won’t show up anymore. I’d prefer to remember us as the happy clan we used to be, not this awkward bunch we are now.

I wish people cared

I've been in Van for long enough to notice being out at community events; people don't really engage or strike up conversations. In NY people do, and other places I've travelled, there's more connection. Don't get me wrong I chat with people and there are good ones out in the city, but it's still very different. Not sure why I stay, like are there other people out there who moved here years ago and don't really have that many friends? Just kind of acquaintances where you're not let into their circle? It's tough when you're an introvert on top of that, but still a cool person, but no one really seems to care. Friends I have made have moved to other cities and don't come back, it's tough sometimes.


I feel like i am going to die. All i do is cry. I cant shake this one because it is like no other i have ever felt.

Different days

Some days it all seems harmonious. I am at ease with myself, and the world seems friendly. I see the goodness and beauty in people, and even in evil acts I see a poor wounded person caught in a trap. But other days, perhaps even the very next day, I am unworthy and unloveable. Everything bothers me, people are selfish and inconsiderate, everything sets me off. Sometimes I try to connect the dots. Can I repeat what made the good days good, and avoid what made the bad days bad? But I can't find the cause and effect, it is not so clear.

Ten steps back

After giving every ounce of myself to my job over the past few years, I finally suffered a complete nervous breakdown earlier this year and almost died. It's been a few months now and just basic day to day functioning is still difficult and I wonder if I'll ever be the same.

Wish it were true

I wish I cared more about other people. I truly do! ...but I don't.

Piss off, enough is enough

I walked out of a shitty job last month and some nimrod that I worked with tried to get a hold of me. I never returned the call. That person was two faced on so many levels. Gracious to my face, rude behind my back. He was like that with everyone in the company yet people were too stupid to see right through him. What am I supposed to do if he ever calls me again? Tell the boss to ask him to remove my number from his phone? Or pick up the phone myself and tell him never to call me again? Or dodge the calls and block his number? Maybe I should just change my phone number. When someone never returns your phone calls, emails or text messages doesn’t that tell you something? Take a hint.


I can't imagine going to a bar by myself. Is that a thing that people do?

Follow ups

I often wonder what happened to the people who wrote in about their situations. Would the Op's be willing to write in an update? Did the guy say yes if she asked him out? Did that woman dump the homophobic guy? Did the abuse victim file a report? Etc etc. Just hoping everyone is ok.

Time Passes

Haven't Been On Facebook For 5 Years - Everyone looks so old!!!

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