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Every Day

I'm 54, happily married, averaging twice a week with my beautiful wife and I masturbate every day. I can go for an hour or more at a time and sometimes I finish and others I don't. Why? Because it feels really, really good and I enjoy it - more now than I did when I was young.

Type A

I wish I could be one of those people who wakes up in the morning with energy and likes to get stuff done. I have always been kind of jealous of the go-getter type people, mainly because I am the opposite. I get up and want to lie down right away and pass the day staring at the ceiling, or out the window, or whatever. I have never really enjoyed work or getting things done. I am more inclined to laziness and contemplation. I wish I were different so I could achieve my goals, or at least have a goal.


If I could do it all over again... I wouldn't have wasted so much money and saved it instead. To buy more real estate and live off investments and get off this endless treadmill of going into work everyday and serving assholes and being shoehorned into a cog in the system. There's no fucking way I can do this until I'm 65.

I should have said hi

I was having lunch in the west end and noticed I was being checked out by a beautiful ts, as Ive never encountered that situation I didn’t do anything but the more I think the more I regret it. I now am much more open minded

At it again

So, about a year ago I had an affair completely explode all over both relationships. He turned out to be a lying piece of shit. I know, surprise surprise. I took the fall for his cowardice. Now I just signed in to the site where we met and found that he is back at it again. Now I feel like actually telling his wife myself.

Never fails

Every time I hear Iggy Pop’s Wild One I instantly think of Crocodile Dundee II. They sure don’t make movies like they used to...damn

Bus fare

I called in sick today because I couldn't afford the bus fare to get to work!!! It's 2 zones so would have been close to $10.00. Wtf.


I'd like to drive across Canada again someday.

Missed the mark

I overshot what I thought was normal in my friend group. They didn’t like me dressing up in my furry outfit at the last Bbq. Why not bbq while dressed up classy style as a penguin though? It was a grande day. I still feel accomplished.

Sad Lonely Writer

I wish I was talented at something. I thought I was going to be a writer. I used to write. Badly. But now all I do is write mean stuff about women I'll never have a chance with. I wish I could stop, I'm scared I have nothing going for me. Not true, I know I have nothing going for me. This is all I've got. A long lonely life waits for me.


Terminal Auto Wash

My vacuum cycle ending and you ask me if I won. I found it cute that you created a race in...

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