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Lowered Expectations

Seems everyone i know are hypocrites if you look close enough including me I readily admit only on small harmless stuff i like to think sorry to say and am resigned to think this is how almost everyone is and not push them away since that will leave me with no friends.

NO, I don’t have to forgive

I confess that I disagree with the concept that we must forgive people or it means we’re holding onto negativity. When someone has caused you significant harm and has not apologized or acknowledged it, I don’t believe that we’re obligated to forgive them at all. That doesn’t mean that I think it’s okay to be obsessing about the situation, or that it’s healthy to hold grudges over minor things. But if someone has done you serious harm, I see no reason at all why we should be pressured to forgive them. I can carry on with my life, and I don’t sit around fuming about them, but there’s a couple of people who I will never, ever forgive for what they did, and no, I don’t wish them well.

New Normal

It's not polite to ask, but If I hear about someone passing, I automatically assume it's from fentanyl, not corona.

They’re listening

I’m convinced that my devices are listening to my conversations, even though I have maximum privacy settings engaged. Too frequently an ad will suddenly appear about something that was randomly mentioned in a conversation, even when there was no searching for it online, or any discussion of it online. I love the convenience of my device, but I’m getting really creeped out by it. Apple swears that they’re not, but it’s just too frequent to be coincidental.

Being Ugly

I was wearing a mask today and lots of women looked at me to check me out. I felt happy. I took my mask off for the rest of the walk home and I don't think one woman looked at me. Attractive people have no idea how easy life is for them...

Sub par human vessel

Every summer I am reminded of why I hate the city. The painful sounds never end and the sun burns my skin. I feel trapped and tortured. I hide in bed with the lights off waiting for the night to come so I can go outside for fresh air. It’s depressing. I’d love move, but that would mean leaving my family behind.


I wrestle with modern behaviour and sometimes don’t understand it at all. This guy has been messaging and commenting on my social media photos for *years*. He’s funny and quirky. But after I offered to meet him in a public park, radio silence. Apparently face to face contact is not the goal at all. Meeting a new friend was my goal. But he seems to prefer typing the alphabet to me on his phone. I honestly don’t get it.


After decades of not eating it, I thought I would try it. It’s changed my life. I know that sounds dramatic but I’ve actually lost weight without changing anything and I feel calm and satisfied before noon. Who knew?

I’m enjoying

I lose 10-15 lbs and all of a sudden women notice me. Smiles, glances, putting hair down, small talk. It feels nice :)

Can't take it with you

My grandparent just moved out of the home their spouse (long departed) built in the 50s . It's a sad occasion, a home with so many memories slated to be emptied and sold off. Pack up a suitcase and pictures and leave the rest behind to be the contents of an estate sale. Nothing of real value, just fixtures in an outdated dwelling. I wonder what is going through my grandparent's mind. If they are ready for the next phase of their days, living in an expensive 'hospital' sized room, far away from friends and family who cannot easily drop by for a cup of tea or coffee. It really makes you think about mortality and how this generation focuses so much on "stuff". You can't take it with you...


Cashier at Safeway Robson

I never really do this sort of thing. I was the red head buying crave meals lol, and your name...


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