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Dear manager;

Are you drunk on the job? I am and I'm doing mine way better than you are...

Someone's going down

I have a bad feeling that my co-worker who I really care about is going to get fired. With cause. I've done everything I can, including pumping him up to management and giving him the heads up that shit is coming down the pipe. He KEEPS FUCKING UP. I think part of it is Covid - is just not paying attention like he used to. I feel really bad. I don't want anyone to lose their job in this economy.

Looper Moth

I have the biggest crush on this woman in my building. I've been obsessed with her for a few years, but it's really ramped up since March. I think isolating with the people in my bubble really made it obvious how unhappy I am. I've been in a shame rage spiral for so long I don't know even what's real anymore. I really wish I could tell her how I feel but I know it's too late and I don't have a right after all's said and done. I said and did horrible things and I just can't bring myself to look her in the eye. I have no life or anything to talk about but her. Watching her around the building is the highlight of my life. I guess that will have to keep me going.

Living Alone in the Woods

One of the reasons I want to live off grid is the air - fresh, naturally scented, very low levels of pollution. That's reason enough, right? But the whole truth is that I want to get away from having to live in the same place as smokers. I don't like smokers. They're inconsiderate and noxious, plainly scum. After years of city living, I've grown an undying hatred of them. It's gotten to the point that I don't want to live within a kilometre of them - fat chance in a city with hundreds of thousands of smokers. Case in point, I open my apartment window in our non-smoking building on the second day clear of wildfire smoke, and not an hour later some sad excuse of a neighbour is smoking a cigarette out the window and their secondhand smoke is wafting in. And you wonder at why I hate smokers so, enough that I'd rather be lonely living in the woods by myself.

Hating on

I hate the term "loving on". Ie. "She was loving on her baby" Ew.


I bought a 280g bag of two bite brownies and ate the whole bag up in one day. This is why I can’t keep sweets in my house lol

Howdy partner

I've been a non-drinker most of my adult life. Lately I have been watching movies about the early settlers of America, the gold rush, the wild west and all that. And now I've started sipping whiskey sometimes after dinner. I did not see this coming, but I think it's a sign that I need to go wild and embrace some form of degeneracy.

Not a fanatic

My most hated domestic chore. Cleaning. I fucking hate cleaning.

Vice sex robots for BJs

I just watched that Vice clip on someone who builds and sells sex robots for oral sex. He said when he was younger, he wasted a ton of time on flirting and trying to build relationships, which was mostly wasted on rejection. I get it... and I kind of think it is understandable why men would want this. It's just a practical tool like a dildo. Nothing wrong with it.


Lakewood and Dundas

You: The prettiest girl I've ever seen. Short shorts. Burgundy hair. Hourglass bod. Kind of...


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