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Sorry not sorry

I confess that when I hear someone with almost no obvious physical imperfections talking about how they’ve just learned to “accept” their body and all its imperfections, inside my eyes are rolling. Come on! These people who weigh about as much as an average 10 year old, who are somewhere between 20 and 40 years old, who have buckets of money and resources for countless beauty treatments and physical trainers and dieticians, really think that they represent the rest of us? Even the non-celebrity types who have been blessed with amazing genes and who think that their looks are a personal accomplishment of some kind, who can pretty much wear a bag and no makeup and still look great. Pfffftttt.

A foreign “affair”

I went as an exchange student and had a crush on a local girl who later said “Whatta YOU want? within earshot of me after I waved to her. She dedicated the phrase to former NHL player Scott Stevens. Boom. That’s what it felt like. You live and you learn on the way to becoming a Jedi Knight.

I don’t open the door to strangers..

Because I have experienced a violent break-in. Thanks to the dude who called me a fag today because I made you use the intercom. Hope you may read this and understand why.

Give me polyester

I'm warming up to the idea of having a work uniform. Spending money on clothes is my lowest priority.


I transport my re-usable masks in old pot ziplocks

Happy Anniversary I guess?

Coming up on a year now since I last had sex or any kind of intimacy with a man. Being single in the COVID era is tough so sending everyone else in the same boat some positive vibes! I’ll be over here cuddling with my pillow :(

Dating Apocalypse

And here I thought Vancity was tertible for dating pre covid. It has been zero for a year now, and now I fear there will be even less men around when things get back to normal. I have bad feelings about the future, not sure what to do.

Hate Saying "AH"

I don't enjoy showing my tongue. I'm no Byron Schlenker, but my tongue is abnormally wide. I'm by no means embarrassed. I just don't like the silly reactions/comments from people that have seen it. And, before you comment (because I've heard it before), the answer is no. No, I'm not good at giving head because I have a wide tongue.


I walked past a care home the other day and saw an elderly man sitting in the window. I can't imagine how hard it would be living out your days in a facility like that pre covid but now with a 'no visitors' rule, it would be terribly lonely. I waved at him and he waved back. I hope that made his day. It sure made mine.

Breaking up is hard to do

I broke up with my girlfriend last week all because she let mommy dearest control her life.


Winners downtown - Friday Jan 8th -...

We met briefly at Winners. You commented on my Lacoste jacket and said I got it on sale in...


Savage Love: Spelling of cum remains a seriously sticky issue

It's in the Scrabble dictionary but that doesn't mean that this word is universally accepted.

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