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So tempted...

I see the advertisement at the bus stop: a $10 bucket of KFC popcorn chicken. That was always the cats meow. But I also don’t know if I want to do that to my body. I haven’t had KFC in at least 10 years. Do I trade my $10 for my 10 years? Marketing buckets of popcorn chicken must be fairly easy... it looks like crack.

Hard to keep friends

I always think it's just me that has something wrong going on when I see all my college friends still keeping in touch and here I am, on this side of the country not even in their thoughts. Or when I see theyre on vacation in my city we're not close enough to reach out. I know it takes two but it makes me feel there is something wrong with me.

Came on suddenly.

I keep randomly shouting out Broccoli......Cauliflower. I think I might have Florets. (British comedian)


The last assholes of summer can still be herd

No more make-up

I was only using it to attract men. So why bother? I'm single anyways.

Best invention

Is the laundry machine. Second best is fabric softener. But number one becomes the dryer in winter, as it is fucken amazing ! I love putting on warm underwear!

Just your average white guy

born and raised here. I’ve been watching the Hong Kong protests on the News and I have to admit that I’m impressed with the tenacity of the protesters. What I’m not impressed with is watching this play out on Vancouver streets. I starting to have negative thoughts about both sides now.

Kind of in love

With how Trump is giving all of those neoliberals the middle finger and the communists wish they did it first.


Buy-Low Jelly Beans

We arrived on our bikes at the grocery store at kingsgate today at the same time. At the checkout...

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