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Tropical Highlights

A freakin' enormous grasshopper flew in my apartment last night. It was like chasing around a magic full-size desk stapler (a very very angry, frightened and confused stapler with very powerful springs). It was smashing itself into all the walls, my wife was screaming, running around all over, total pandemonium, definitely beats watching Netflix in the Canadian cold.

Antisocial Media

I have been off Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin for 5 days and my mental health has already improved DRASTICALLY. I have been playing a lot of 90's and early 00's music as well. Life was so much more simple back then. It would be so beautiful if everyone boycotted social media. Can you imagine how much the world would change?... If only...


After my dad dies I think I’m going to disappear in Mexico for awhile

I’m really shocked

About the negativity and meanness in some of the comments to Confessions. Honestly people (you know who you are), play nice!

I Miss

Being satisfied with what I have. 10 years ago I had the choice between staying in a relationship with someone wonderful that I was lucky to be with by any standards, or ending it to see if I stood a chance with someone I was almost certainly totally wrong for. I choose to stay, and despite all attempts not to think about it, I find myself doubting the wisdom of that choice every day. Now I think that when the mind is conflicted you should choose the less known option so at least you know if you were wrong.

I’ve noticed that

When the weather is extreme, like a big snow dump or a real steady rain downpour I don’t get mail that day. But a couple days later when the weather eases off a big whack of mail arrives. It seems my mailman is Newman from Seinfeld.


I bought an Instant Pot after new years and so far I love it! I made yogurt the other day and can't believe how good it is! The appliance and I are going to have good times together this year :) It might just be love!

I'd really like to know..

Out of the people who read the confessions how many of you have had situations of important people, key people in your life (best friends, family) let you down, like really not been there for you, or broke a promise that was REALLY important to you, and they were aware of it, but still let you down? Besides ONE person in my life, EVERY SINGLE PERSON has let me down. How is this even possible? I'm not a young soul and I have to say that I feel so much resentment that I truly need to step away from ALL people in general for a while. I can't be let down anymore, my soul, my whole being is loosing the will to go on.

This frozen weather

Makes me wanna spend time with a lover, get naked together, warm up with a hot bath and sweet, passionate lovemaking.


I saw you at Costco in Langley

Passing by the freezer section far right of store. You army green coat, short perfect hair steel...

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