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Thanks, Mom

In front of a group of people, my mom announced that my ass was big and fat. I don’t know what compelled her announcement. I weigh the same as I always do this time of the year and I’m within 10 lbs of what I weighed in high school. I feel mostly disappointed that even someone who is your own mother would delight in trying to publicly humiliate you. Normally I make efforts to see her, take her out for meals, pop in and say hi, but what is the point in kindness when someone is waiting to sabotage you? I’ll never repeat this behaviour on my own kids.

Anti Trump Onliners

It's weird. How can you truly "hate" someone you've been posting daily on your personal twitter account about for 3-4+ years and counting. If you're obsessive about some one, do you truly "hate" them? if the basis of ones social media feed is Trump and has been for years...

Online Dating Has Made Us Into Horrible People

The overwhelming amount of choice, the search for perfection, everyone seeking someone really attractive so none of us settle for anyone average looking who would adore us unconditionally, ghosting, bad communication, not caring about how you make other people feel by not responding to their messages, being “too good” for someone (perceiving oneself to be out of someone’s league or better than others), being flakey, bailing on dates, being dumped by “poly” people who decide to see be exclusive so they hurt their casual partners in the process (happened to me with three partners in a 6 month period), emotional exhaustion... the list of things we do on purpose or unwittingly just goes on and on... Sometimes I do some of these things, sometimes they are done to me. I get hurt a lot, I feel inadequate and a failure sometimes because I’m not good enough for some people I date or see profiles of. We’re not intentionally trying to be callous, indifferent, or hurtful but we all do it. Even the nicest people IRL, those who claim to be compassionate, emotionally intelligent, thoughtful, and sensitive (there are many of you in Vancouver) are capable of doing many of these things I list.

Missing you

You ended it with me over the phone the other night... I was so hurt I said things I never meant to say. I wish you left me before you told me that you loved me, because my feelings for you are still there, and I wish they weren’t. I miss you p

Rental discrimination

I am getting really sick and tired of people renting out their overpriced rooms and saying, "Filipino only", "must speak Punjabi", "female only", "Asian only" etc.... Enough. How is this even allowed? It is unfair on so many levels.

When people file complaints in jail

You're in jail. Get over it. Should have thought about it before you broke the law. Now you want marshmallows and candy and videos and love in jail. Bite me, gently, jail-birds.


Yes I check you out on social media and occasionally you check me out back. I think you just check me out because you’re curious but I check you out because I miss you and I wonder what you’re up to. I won’t harass you personally don’t worry but if you ever want to chat I’m up for it.

Thank F@&K

YaY summer Is AlmosT ovEr!!! Soon wE won't havE to lOOk aT thE flIPFlops and sOckS comBo anymorE!!!

Definitely becoming more of a

misanthrope, especially in my old age. Very solitary, almost hermit-like existence these days but I’m also more at peace and content than ever. A couple of friends I see now and then but mostly it’s just me, myself and I.

I have it all

I have everything I want. I'm married, have a good job, have kids, even a home that I built myself. Everything that I planned out, I got. I should be happy, I should be at least satisfied. It looks that way to everyone in my life. I hate my life. I'm a fraud. I'm faking it all. Everything that I thought would make me happy just sucks. I can't be who I am. Nobody would love me unless I stay like this. The one person who I thought got me and loved me for me abandoned me, and I'll never get them back. They hate me and I said sit that made it worse. Even if they did come back, I can't have 'em. I'm stuck in this shitty trap. FML


Produce Section Produced Smiles!

It was all too quick in the produce were wearing a light blue dress with shoulder...

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