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the male gaze

I want to be a good man. I try to avoid watching porn and keep my dirty thoughts in check. But when I see a woman in skin-tight yoga pants I find it so hard to not check out their bum.


When I was a kid a rusty nail fell out of my box of Life cereal. And the company rep that came to our house was someone my mom went to school with.

I don't know...

... who is worse, addled boomers or the people who're younger, who should know better, but who ape addled boomers.


I remember reading Cracked Magazine as a kid and laughing my ass off because it so hilarious. Then...what happened??? It just disappeared. I miss that magazine.

I hate Ukulele

Ukulele, when I hear it in an advert designed to convince people that something is easy and painless, reminds of all the lazy something-for-nothing shortcuts that people expect as their birthright. I’d rather be reminded that hard work has worth working for. Then again, perhaps I’m overthinking things.

Google Doodle

Makes me want to play Loteria! I love board games and am always eager to find more to play. It's inspiring to me to know that there will always be something new to learn about in this life.

Merry Christmas

That's what I say but you know what? I'm a atheist I only believe in myself not some dude up there or some made up guy who walked on water, there were no 3 wise men (they were were more likely women) I believe in LGBQT2s rights & native rights & death/doom/dark metal, I rather would follow Satan he's more fun than JC or Muhammad not uptight like the Christians or Muslims or whatever faith.....I just like to say Merry Christmas have a Christmas tree listen to Christmas music& eat turkey (tho nothing wrong with being vegan )......I just think Satan gets a bad name & we can all benefit from his/hers/thier wisdom

Its True

If you are not trying to live outside of your comfort zone everyday. Then you are not really living life to its full potential. Try It. Its fun and just a bit scary :) But your out there.

My heart’s desire

Socrates said that life contains but two tragedies: one is not to get your heart’s desire, the other is to get it. I’m living this right now, and it’s tearing me apart. I literally feel torn. I can’t sleep, I can barely function, all because I’m so torn about this decision I feel I have to make. Falling in and out of love over and over again with the same person. This has gone on for so long. I feel like I’m in the fallen out of love phase right now. I’m just not feeling the same way anymore. I’m not even sure that I love them at all, other than just basic affection and caring for someone I’ve known for so long. Everything changed about a week ago, after a conversation we had that left me feeling hopeless for anything to ever change in our relationship in a way that I need it to. Since then I have just wanted them to leave. The thing is though, that I know in a while I’ll be missing them again when they’re gone. The definition of insanity and all that; we’ve done this so many times. I thought we’d finally figured out the trick to making it work, but now I’m feeling disappointed and sad. It’s such a brutal decision to face, right at Christmas, knowing that I’m going to hurt them and myself as well. I’m facing the likelihood of being alone for the rest of my life (we’re not young) and that in itself is daunting. I keep hoping that the feeling will come back, but at the same time I feel that I’d just be deluding myself if I keep doing this. Oh well, back to the pondering....thanks for listening.

Theory About Lattes

Okay, so I had an idea recently. Coffee is one of The drinks for adults drink, but where did this idea of steamed milk come from? Is it reminiscent of breastfeeding? A combination of trying to adult and be soothed like an infant. I heart lattes.


Portside Pub Rum n Coke and Strippers

Hi! You are an engineer in Gastown and we had a great chat about strippers, old dudes who watch...

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