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that two people upon first sight could look into each others eyes and easily fall deep in love forever within seconds without saying 1 single word

I confess, I hate drunks

I don't drink. I can drink but I really don't like drunks. Most that drink, drink too much and then they start believing their own bullshit. Drunks usually reveal their true motivations, sometimes you find out in a night, sometimes it takes years. I knew a guy for a long time, he was the inspiration for me not wanting to drink. His drinking became a round the clock thing awhile ago so now there is no time if day I want to be around him. Last time I saw him he definitely slipped something into my drink when I was in the can. After tasting the additive I immediately told him I was tired and was going to walk home. He insisted that I finish the drink. I didn't and split for good. Drunks... They're the worst.

Worried about her

I’m worried about a very close family member who is heading towards heartbreak. She’s in her 60’s and has a male friend who she’s known since high school, that she’s falling in love with. Her husband died several years ago and she’s been alone ever since. This friend knows the whole family and her husband, and I know he’s not in love with her. He only sees her when he’s single (he’s one of those old bachelor guys who’s a serial dater), and other than that she rarely heard from him . But lately he’s been hanging around at her place all the time ever since his most recent relationship ended. It’s what he does with every woman he dates. She cooks for him. She drives him places. He doesn’t seem to do anything for her except hang out at her place acting like he lives there. He’s nice enough but I think he’s using her and I don’t want to see her get hurt. I want to say something but I also know that it’s her business, but I care about her so much and she’s already had enough hurt in her life. I was thinking of saying something to him but it’s very awkward since he’s kind of like an uncle and I’m sure he’s just going to get angry and deny it, even if I’m right. So I’m just biting my tongue but it’s so hard to watch.


It's been decades and decades since things opened up on Sundays. Yes, almost everything but essential services and entertainment venues used to be closed. There was a societal sense that the one day was meant for relaxing, family time, home time or whatever. All these years later, even after working Sunday shifts all through my career, it still feels inappropriate somehow when I get a phone call or email about business on a Sunday. (Retired, but still working PT from home). I kindly reply as needed, but hey...

Sick of The Apps

The pandemic has forced people to stay apart. Not gather. So like everyone else, I went online. Been doing it for 18 months now. And I’m sick of it. I have logged out of The Apps. Don’t care about the Likes. Don’t get anything out of looking at people’s uploads anymore. I’ve spent more time in the forest, by the water, cooking, at the farms. Sunrises and sunsets give me bliss amd peace. Crickets chirping in the night. While I feel uncertain about what the fall and winter may bring, I will do my best to not hold my phone through another round of the pandemic. It was a good crutch but it has been ultimately unsatisfying.

The best wife ever

My wife and I have been having a relationship problem for some time. Don't want to go into the roots and causes of these problems but recently she said that I had the best wife ever and I didn't appreciate this. Well, the truth is that she was a great organizer of life at home, cooking and taking good care of everybody around and that was true. What I was missing was a sex life. For the past 5 years or so, our marriage has become sexless. Whatever one cal call "having sex" was my initiative only with no support from her side and still we experienced this physical sensation of relief when the sexual act was over. But bodily sensation of ejaculation is not really sex, is it? Of course no! Should I have agreed for that situation going on, live sexless life, and treated all the things the way they were and still to call our marriage a good one?

Hang Ups

I know this is ironic (writing this from a phone), but I would love to ditch mine for less tech. I just feel so disheartened these days with everyone ripping into everyone, Ontario saying more locjdowns on top of vax passports etc. Is it possible? Can one de-tech?

Duck Hunter

Oh, I wanted it ever since I first saw it. Like I really WANTED it. I needed it. But growing up in a conservative christian family I wasn't allowed a Nintendo or any video game system. So I dreamed about it for years. Now 30 or so years later I could buy a Nintendo I guess. I could get the toy guns, plug it all in and play. But it wouldn't be the same, would it? That time is lost. Maybe it didn't change, but everything else did. Those ducks are pretty pixelated looking now. And I've changed a bit too. Can a 38 year old vegan enjoy duck hunter? I think I'll leave the truth unexplored.


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