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Car Shares

Make sure if you're using a car share vehicle to clean the wheel and any area you are using. I am not an expert but you don't know who else was in that vehicle before you. COVID-19 can hide in plain sight so be prepared.

Didn't Take Long

I've only had a smartphone for 3 months and now I'm one of those idiots who sits around staring at it wasting time.

Healthy baking

After being stuck at home with the time to bake, I make everything that I would buy elsewhere except it tastes better, it is cheaper, and doesn’t give me horrible Starbucks tim hortons McDonald’s gas.

Worst. Idea. Ever.

I support our healthcare workers and am very grateful for what they are doing. I also have no intentions of banging on pots and pans every day at 7 pm. If you want to, that's cool, I guess. But in truth I hope this idea disappears as quickly as it came.

Sorry Greta

I have stopped composting because of the virus situation. That is just one less thing around my building I need to touch.

PLEASE stay 2 metres away !

Having to go to the grocery store has been a stressful event I have to do once a week. I go earlier mornings when it isn’t so crowded. Getting sick and tired of having to dodge and quickly walk away when I see other’s coming into my 2 metres of space, not seeing someone from behind brushing past me, and those standing near me in line. Stop being so Selfish, haven’t you seen the news or been on social media?


I live in an apartment with two women. It just ended up that way because another tenant left and one of the girls moved in one of her friends. We're essentially trapped in this apartment for 23 hours a day. Leave once a day for a walk around the neighborhood. So yesterday one of the girls said due to lack of options she wants a FWB relationship with me. She said she isn't really attracted to me. I had limited to no options before this crisis so obviously I said yes. Life is full of surprises.

I'm not sure

This morning I watched a guy park the car share vehicle in a no parking zone. He and his girlfriend got out. They were dressed in running gear and shorts and they jogged away, down the sidewalk, side by side. I'm not sure if I should condemn them for potentially spreading the virus during the health emergency. Or should I commend them for getting on with their lives. I'm not sure.


I’m just going to let myself feel lost, upset and angry then I’ll let these emotions pass because I know this pandemic won’t last forever. But jeez. My 6 year old daughter lives in Bellingham with her mom, and I can’t cross the border to visit her or have her spend the weekends with me. This is rough. Looks like the next time my daughter sees me she will have a new (rescued) pup.

Home schooling myself

Even as an adult, I am staying home and studying online. I'm 33.... school still sucks.


Hey, my eyes are down

I’ve seen you, and I feel you’ve seen me.. ...

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