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I'd really like to know..

Out of the people who read the confessions how many of you have had situations of important people, key people in your life (best friends, family) let you down, like really not been there for you, or broke a promise that was REALLY important to you, and they were aware of it, but still let you down? Besides ONE person in my life, EVERY SINGLE PERSON has let me down. How is this even possible? I'm not a young soul and I have to say that I feel so much resentment that I truly need to step away from ALL people in general for a while. I can't be let down anymore, my soul, my whole being is loosing the will to go on.

This frozen weather

Makes me wanna spend time with a lover, get naked together, warm up with a hot bath and sweet, passionate lovemaking.

Can’t sleep

I had a terrible nightmare yesterday about some crazies from the past. I wonder if it’s a sign?

Winter Wonderland

Its so beautiful but really getting in the way of my plans to leave. I feel its much to cold to live in the streets with the -5 temp going on. I hope next week is warmer. Looking for a insulated box.

Rotting meat

My downstairs neighbor seems normal but I swear to god this person's cooks a pot of feces and rotting meat every couple weeks. I get home and it's like a atrocity occured in my home. Sometimes I wake up and they've been doing this at like 4 am Wtf What are you doing

Baby Critic

Whenever I listen to Beck the toddler next door starts whooping and yelling.

What I enjoyed the most...

About our one night together, wasn't the fooling around, although that was pretty hot, it was the cuddling and falling asleep and waking up next to someone. It's too bad we didn't get the chance to do that again.

Found Poem

I found this poem in a book I'm reading. They say mine is a ravaged land, Scarred and broken by hate On a path to self- extermination. Yet no other place. So resembles my dream of heaven. The lotus fields that cradle my home Each flower a recarnated spirit Or perhaps, like me, A child who wishes to be reborn Should dreams become possible again. Its true mine is a life of poverty My home a half- built thatched hut Its walls the wind and rains. Amazing Poem :)

Someone please tell me

If I’m expecting too much if a “good friend” I haven’t seen for 10 years doesn’t offer to buy me a single drink or cover dinner... when I let them stay 3 nights at my place for free while they visit? This happened to my boyfriend and he doesn’t seem to be angered about it. I feel mortified that his friend showed no courtesy imo. Sometimes I forget how selfish this world is. Are people really that cheap? I appreciate my friends that much more when I see shit like this.


Festival Express Toronto Gathering 6/70

If your nickname was Arlo as a teen and u are 65 or so now we might know each other.

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